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A picture of many pumpkins aligned in a row

Pumpkin Farm

A pumpkin farm, or pumpkin patch, grows pumpkins and invites customers to come and pick and purchase them. Pumpkin farms may also offer a number of other fall-themed activities, like hayrides and corn mazes, and products like apples and Halloween decorations.

A field of trees growing ripe oranges


An orchard grows and sells fruit and vegetables in the fall. Orchards are known for their various apples and ciders and fall-themed activities. Orchards may also sell their yield in bulk to local food distributors like grocery stores and restaurants.

Close up of a person using a weed whacker on lawn

Lawn Care Business

Lawn care businesses are always in demand. Whether it’s keeping unruly weeds in check or dealing with a yard covered in leaves, lawn care professionals keep lawns looking beautiful year-round.

A child stands wearing a Halloween costume while clutching a pumpkin bucket

Halloween Costume Shop

Halloween costume shops usually operates seasonally and sells costumes. Typically a Halloween costume shop sells a range of costumes from funny to scary and any accessories someone might need to go along with them

A dilapidated mansion looms in the background on a cloudy night

Haunted House

Haunted attractions are venues that lead customers through a route filled with creeps and scares. These attractions are a fun way to get scared and raise adrenaline without any fear of getting hurt. Haunted attractions may also sell merchandise to increase revenue.

A camera’s viewfinder shows a bride and groom

Photography Business

Photography businesses capture beautiful scenes and important moments in people’s lives. Fall is the tail end of wedding season, so the demand for photographers is high, meaning they can make a nice profit this time of year.

Popular Categories

A woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer talking on a cell phone

Home Business Ideas

Looking for a flexible work environment? Want to be your own boss? Starting a home-based business can be a great way to launch your new company.

Hands holding a cell phone and mouse in front of a laptop

Online Business Ideas

An online business is one that is primarily web-based. This type of business is a great option for someone looking for a business idea that will be easy and fast to setup and have low startup costs.

A knob with the word costs written on it being turned toward the min setting

Low-cost Business Ideas

Do you always need to "spend money to make money," as the saying goes? We don't think so. Often a good idea and hard work can get your business up and running with little to no startup costs.

A woman sitting using a tablet while holding a cell phone

Side Business

Starting a side business while working a full-time job can be a great way to test out a new business idea and gain invaluable experience as an entrepreneur.

A field of yellow tulips stretching towards the horizon with a single red tulip in the foreground

Unique Business Ideas

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is the sense of adventure in taking a risk for the sake of a great idea. But don't think you'll make it big without working hard to achieve your goals.

Three children lying in the grass on a sunny day with one raising his legs in the air

Summer Business Ideas

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting your own business can be fun, profitable, and a great learning experience. Being your own boss sure beats working at the local community pool or fast-food joint.

A young man sitting in a button down shirt and tie smiling and pumping his fists behind a laptop

Teen Business Ideas

Being an entrepreneur can be an incredibly valuable experience, in more ways then one. For teens who have an inclination for it, starting a business might be a great way to spend their time.

Business Interviews

Wondering what it actually takes to run a business? Learn what these seasoned entrepreneurs have to share after years of experience in their industry.