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People with INTJ personalities often lean toward analytical and technical careers while preferring to work alone or in very small groups. Starting a business can be an exciting opportunity for INTJs, but choosing a business idea can be intimidating.

Luckily, a range of businesses can suit INTJ personalities well, as outlined in this list of 24 business ideas. Grouped into five categories, each of these business ideas includes an assessment of the associated startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential.


Tech businesses offer a great fit for INTJ personalities because they require excellent analytical and decision-making skills as well as a strong work ethic. From blockchain services to software development, a wide range of tech-based businesses makes ideal opportunities for INTJ personalities.


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INTJs with excellent programming and development skills might consider opening an app development company. Successful app developers have a combination of problem-solving, analytical, and time-management skills — all typical traits of INTJs. The app development field boasts strong growth, giving business owners the potential to scale their business as they see fit.

Startup costs for this line of work can be less than $10,000, and business owners can choose to add staff and purchase or rent a physical location as their business grows. App developers tend to make six-figure incomes, but that will depend on your development, programming, and business skills.

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INTJs who already possess an appreciation for (and deep understanding of) blockchain technology may consider starting their own blockchain services business. This line of work requires a high level of business and programming knowledge, and this field currently offers unlimited growth potential.

Successful business owners usually have a background in business, programming, and project management. Startup costs typically run less than $3,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

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INTJ entrepreneurs who appreciate cloud-based solutions might think about starting a cloud consulting business. Business owners in this field need to completely understand how various cloud platforms operate as well as the security risks associated with those platforms. They also need the knowledge and skills to properly convey that information to their clients. While you can keep a cloud consulting business fairly small, they have the potential to grow into large firms.

Cloud consultants need a decent background in IT and a thorough understanding of at least one of the major cloud providers. Startup costs are typically under $5,000, and business owners can earn an average of $70,000 annually.

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Internet Security Company Image

INTJ entrepreneurs with a solid background in cybersecurity, computer programming, and systems administration are well-positioned to start an internet security company. Demand for good security consultants will continue to grow in coming years, giving your business high growth potential.

As an internet security company owner, you’ll need excellent IT skills to succeed in this growing industry. While you’ll face very high startup costs (around $500,000), large firms can earn more than $1 million dollars in annual profits.

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Software Development Business Image

If you’re an INTJ entrepreneur with a knack for all things creative and technical, then you might consider opening a software development business. With demand for this type of work expected to remain strong during the next several years, this field offers a highly sustainable business opportunity.

Software development business owners should be able to code in at least one programming language and possess strong business and management skills. You can limit startup costs to a minimum (around $1,000). While your earning potential will depend heavily on your business plan, successful companies can earn several million dollars per year.

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Similar to the criteria for successful software development businesses, tech support businesses require their owners to have thorough knowledge in their area of specialization. These business owners must enjoy troubleshooting a variety of software, hardware, and networking issues and be able to explain difficult concepts to non-technical customers. Depending on your company’s business model and the quality of your services, you’ll have ample room to grow your business and earn substantial profits.

You can expect somewhat low startup costs for your tech support business (under $30,000) — especially if you start it from your home. In terms of earning potential, part-time software developers can earn more than $150,000 per year before expenses.

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Web Development Company Image

Web developers focus on writing code that brings websites to life. INTJ entrepreneurs with a decent understanding of coding and a talent for problem-solving may be well-equipped to start a web development company. This field offers significant growth potential with a high demand for good web developers.

Business owners in this field should have solid experience in both web development and design. Startup costs typically run less than $10,000, and you can save money by starting your business from your home. Much like the other tech business ideas noted above, web development businesses face an almost unlimited earning potential.

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Marketing and business-related companies can be a great fit for INTJ personalities because they require a high degree of logic, a sharp focus on the "big picture," and strong organization skills. From business consulting firms to energy consulting companies, this category includes a number of ideal opportunities for INTJ personalities.


Business Consulting Firm Image

INTJs with a strong background in business might consider starting their own business consulting firm. Successful consultants have a deep knowledge of business, marketing, management, and team-building along with the ability to successfully convey their advice to high-level executives. Your business most likely will remain small, with you serving as the primary consultant. However, if you wish to grow your business, you can always create a consulting firm and hire additional consultants.

As previously stated, these business owners should have top-notch business and management skills as well as the credentials to provide legitimacy to their company. You can easily start your consulting firm for less than $5,000, and you can charge a minimum of $250 per hour for your services.

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INTJ entrepreneurs could also enjoy starting a local business consulting firm, which focuses on providing consulting services to smaller, local businesses. If you already have deep ties in your local business community and can effectively bridge the gaps in their business knowledge, then you may find this work deeply fulfilling. Depending on their location, this type of company can provide a highly sustainable business with serious growth potential.

You can easily start a local business consultancy for less than $50,000, and established consultants can charge nearly $300 per hour. Much like larger business consultants, you’ll need strong business, marketing, and communication skills — along with several years of experience — to succeed in this field.

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Customer Service Consulting Business Image

INTJ entrepreneurs with a background in, or a deep understanding of, customer service may want to start their own customer service consulting business. These consultants help businesses understand the nature of good customer service and can perform needs assessments and associate training, as needed. Much like business consultants, you’ll most likely remain a small operation.

Successful business owners in this field have excellent customer service and management skills as well as experience working for other consulting firms. You can start your business for less than $1,000, and you can typically charge between $100 and $300 per hour.

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Energy Consulting Company Image

Starting an energy consulting company can be a great business idea for environmentally conscious INTJ entrepreneurs with a passion for combating climate change. The target market for these businesses usually includes residential customers, commercial businesses, and consultants seeking to increase their energy efficiency. Energy consultants typically need a very high level of education, such as a degree in electrical engineering or attendance at a trade school to learn about energy systems, installation, and maintenance.

As a consultant, your earning potential will depend on the knowledge, education, and training you possess. You can start your energy auditing business from home for less than $5,000, and it’s possible for you to earn a six-figure income with a small setup. This highly sustainable business also offers strong growth potential.

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Market Research Firm Image

The analytical nature of INTJs makes them ideal candidates to start their own market research firm. While this line of work does require business owners to have an interest in applying their analytical skills to people, INTJs can take a rational vs. social approach. Given the ongoing need for good market researchers, these businesses offer long-term sustainability.

Successful business owners typically possess outstanding leadership and communication skills, a background in marketing, and a detail-oriented mindset. If you want to start your business small, you can easily do so for less than $5,000 from your home. If you prefer a dedicated office space, you’ll need to budget at least $25,000 for startup costs. The average annual salary for a solo entrepreneur in this field is around $50,000.

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Project Management Consulting Business Image

INTJs with a solid background in project and business management may consider opening a project management consulting firm. These consultants usually work with established businesses that need help planning, organizing, and completing large-scale projects. Project management consultants typically possess a high degree of skill and a background in IT, finance, or business.

Your startup costs can run less than $1,000 in many cases, and your earning potential will vary greatly. Most consultants can expect to earn at least $50,000 per year. Because this line of work isn’t highly scalable, most businesses will remain small.

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The analytical nature of INTJs can be an excellent asset in the financial sector. Whether they start a financial consulting firm or microlending company, INTJs can find a wide variety of attractive business opportunities in this category.


Financial Consulting Firm Image

If you’re thinking of starting a financial consulting firm, you should already have a thorough understanding of finance and possess the people skills necessary to convey financial-related information to your clients. You also should have some experience working for a financial consulting firm or a background in wealth management. In addition, formal education in finance and a Certified Financial Planner™ certification can prove helpful.

If you already possess the necessary skills and education, you can start your business for less than $5,000. However, if you lack any related formal education or training, you can spend nearly $90,000 to get started. You can offset these startup costs with your high earning potential, which can easily reach six figures. The financial sector boasts a huge growth potential, making this type of business highly sustainable.

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Financial Planning Firm Image

Financial planners are one specific type of financial consultants, focusing on the long-term financial goals of their clients. This is another area where the analytical nature of INTJs proves extremely beneficial. These business owners should have a proven track record in financial planning and consulting. They also need to feel comfortable working with businesses and individuals to help plan their financial future. Depending on your goals, you can keep this as a one-person operation or grow your business into a large firm.

Successful financial planners should already possess a formal education, professional certifications, and excellent management and people skills. You can expect startup costs of less than $20,000, and you have the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

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Mortgage Brokerage Business Image

A love of facts and figures — common among INTJ personalities — is an essential quality for successful mortgage brokers. They usually have a background in banking or mortgage industries and strong relationship-building skills. You also can decide if you want your firm to stay small or grow given the highly sustainable nature of this industry.

Beyond a solid background in finance and business, mortgage brokers also must earn and maintain a professional license in their state. You can limit startup costs to less than $2,000, and you usually can achieve a 10 percent to 50 percent profit margin.

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Life Insurance Brokerage Image

INTJs who want to use their analytical skills to help people should consider starting a life insurance brokerage. These entrepreneurs typically have a passion for the products they sell and a desire to help individuals find the best policies to meet their needs. Typically considered recession-proof, this line of work also offers strong growth potential.

Successful business owners have life insurance experience, a professional license, and strong marketing, business, and communication skills. You can start your brokerage for less than $5,000, and you can reach six-figure annual profits.

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Micro Lending Company Image

Microlending companies are great business ventures for INTJ entrepreneurs with a solid mind for finance and an appreciation for helping others. You’ll need a deep understanding of finance and the lending laws in the country in which you operate. For example, U.S. lending laws offer better terms for nonprofit organizations while lending laws in other countries may favor for-profit ventures. You can start your business for less than $5,000, and you can expect a moderate, annual salary of more than $50,000.

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Stock Brokerage Firm Image

If you have a passion for finance and investing, then consider starting your own stock brokerage firm. This line of work requires business owners to work very long hours in the beginning, including weekends. You’ll need to be a Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary as well as possessing strong managerial experience. While starting your own firm can cost nearly $300,000, you can expect to earn a 5 percent to 40 percent profit margin.

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Tax Preparation Business Image

Tax prep businesses provide another ideal opportunity for finance-minded individuals. You’ll need a professional certification to prepare tax returns, excellent marketing and communication skills, and a willingness to work long hours in the first quarter of each year. You can start a tax preparation business for less than $5,000, and you can expect to earn a six-figure income after your first few years in business.

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Whether you want to start a law firm or legal consultancy, a wide variety of legal businesses pair well with INTJ personalities.


Law Firm Image

If you’re currently a lawyer and interested in starting your own business, then consider opening a law firm. You’ll need a license to practice law in your state along with several years of experience. You can start your business for less than $10,000, and you can expect to earn a six-figure income within the first few years.

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Legal Consulting Firm Image

Lawyers thinking about starting their own business might also consider opening a legal consulting firm. This business idea offers INTJ lawyers an opportunity to engage in non-traditional methods of practicing law as well as complete control over all aspects of their practice. You must have a legal degree, a license to practice law in your state, and several years of experience. Your startup costs should not exceed $5,000, and profits for a one-person firm can reach six figures.

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Engineering businesses can be great ventures for INTJ personalities seeking work that allows them to combine their analytical and creative skills.


Prototype Design Business Image

Detail-oriented INTJs with strong creative skills might consider starting a prototype design business. This type of work requires manufacturing and product design knowledge as well as a background in engineering. Depending on the type of machinery with which you start your business, your initial costs could range from $5,000 to $50,000. You can offset these startup costs with a strong earning potential, which can exceed $100,000 per prototype.

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Small Engine Repair Business Image

A small engine repair business can be a great option for INTJ entrepreneurs who enjoy working with their hands, know how to use a wide variety of tools, and have strong problem-solving skills. You can easily start your business for less than $1,000 and, once you secure a steady stream of clients, your profits can reach up to $90,000 annually. Although other repair shops may pose strong competition for your business, this line of work has solid growth potential.

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