Introverts have the ability to be powerful entrepreneurs and business leaders. If you are a budding entrepreneur and enjoy working by yourself or with a very small group, you may consider starting your own business.

In this guide, we discuss the best business ideas for introverts and assess each one based on startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential.

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We’ve broken down our favorite business ideas for introverts into seven categories to help you decide which business idea is right for you.

Business ideas for introverts subcategories



Blogging Business Image

A blogging business could be a great idea for an introverted entrepreneur who wants to share their passions with others. Bloggers should be very knowledgeable about their subject and have the ability to effectively convey their thoughts and opinions. There is decent growth potential, but it does take time and a lot of work.

Since bloggers typically operate out of their home, startup costs are usually under $100. Most blogs don’t generate a high income (a few hundred dollars per year), though depending on your site’s niche and the monthly traffic it receives, it is possible to increase your profits to several thousand dollars per month.

Learn how to start a blogging business.


Ghostwriting Business Image

Introverted entrepreneurs who have top-notch writing skills should consider starting a ghostwriting business. These business owners should be comfortable working in the background, not mind writing pieces for other people, and possess excellent time-management skills. This line of work is highly sustainable, as more and more people are using ghostwriters to deliver their message.

Ghostwriters should definitely be excellent writers, but they should also have solid research, interpersonal, and marketing skills. Startup costs are usually under $1,000, and the majority of your income will be pure profit since these businesses can be run out of your home.

Learn how to start a ghostwriting business.


Transcription Business Image

A transcription business could be perfect for an introverted entrepreneur who has excellent listening skills and can type quickly and accurately. There are a number of different fields you can provide your services to, and the potential to grow your business will depend on your goals, marketing skills, and business plan.

Startup costs for transcription businesses are usually under $1,000. Transcription professionals typically bring in around $30/hr, though the faster you type the greater your income will be. Also, different types of transcription services will be more profitable than others.

Learn how to start a transcribing business.



Cartoon Service Image

Creative entrepreneurs might consider opening a cartoon service if they have a knack for cartooning and possess good marketing skills. Cartoonists can potentially sell their services to a variety of clients, including those in the publishing, entertainment, and blogging industries. Though cartooning is a very tough market, there is potential to grow your business.

Startup costs for this line of work are usually around $2,000, and your earning potential will typically be between $30,000 to $60,000. Many cartoonists will use their business as supplemental income until they expand their client-base and decide if they want to pursue this line of work full time.

Learn how to start a cartoon service.


Photo Editing Business Image

If you are a photographer, have excellent Photoshop skills, and are good at leveraging social media, you might consider opening a photo editing business. Although more and more consumers are starting to edit their own photos with basic photo editing apps, there is still a high demand for professional-level photo editors and modest growth potential in this field.

Formal education in photography or work experience in this field will be very beneficial. In addition, successful business owners should have good marketing skills and a solid mind for business. Startup costs are under $5,000, and you can potentially bring in a high five-figure to low-six-figure income.

Learn how to start a photo editing business.


Graphic Design Business Image

Introverted and artistic entrepreneurs might consider starting a graphic design business. Successful entrepreneurs in this field usually have significant work experience or a degree in graphic design and know how to meet their customers’ needs. There is decent growth potential if you decide to add additional designers to your team.

Startup costs are typically less than $2,000 for graphic design businesses, as many of them can be run out of the home. Graphic designers need to be highly skilled, but they can see profit margins between 15% and 50%.

Learn how to start a graphic design studio.

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Candle Making Business Image

A candle making business could be a fit for introverted entrepreneurs who have a love for candles and candle-making as well as good sales and marketing skills. If the business proves successful, business owners can grow their company by selling to major resellers or by franchising.

Startup costs for candle-making businesses are typically under $2,000, and many candle-making business owners often start making candles as a hobby. This line of work does not have huge earning potential, although owners routinely achieve a 50% profit margin.

Learn how to start candle making business.


Etsy Entrepreneur Business Image

If you are an introvert who enjoys finding vintage goods or making handmade items, you might consider starting your own Etsy business. Etsy business owners can choose to work alone or hire staff to support their business. Your business’ growth potential will depend on the popularity of your products and your business model.

Etsy business startup costs are low, and most business owners already possess the majority of the skills they need to be successful. Some general business, marketing, and web skills will complement your creative talents. Etsy businesses usually have moderate earning potential, and some Etsy business owners even bring in six-figures.

Learn how to start an Etsy business.


Furniture Upcycling Business Image

Furniture upcycling businesses are a great idea for introverted entrepreneurs who enjoy finding yard sale bargains, who can see the potential in a piece of furniture, and who have the talent to realize their vision. This line of work typically has a modest potential for growth, but depending on your location and marketing skills, you can increase this potential.

Any skills you possess in furniture refurbishment or furniture sales will help you in this business, and a keen eye for finding a bargain will go a long way. Startup costs for this business are around $2,000, and you can potentially earn $100,000 after you’ve been in business for a couple of years.

Learn how to start a furniture upcycling business.


Glass Blowing Business Image

Glass blowing tends to be a solitary line of work, making it ideal for introverts. As a business owner, there is potential to find success running a small, local business, but there is also an opportunity to grow your business if you are highly-skilled and wish to do so.

In this line of work, creativity is absolutely essential. Successful business owners need to be skilled at glass blowing and also able to attract clients. Startup costs are between $25,000 and $30,000, and although profits are typically around $30,000 annually, there is potential to make more depending on your skill level and marketing efforts.

Learn how to start a glass blowing business.


Quilting Business Image

Quilting has been a popular pastime for hundreds of years. If you are an introverted entrepreneur with an affinity for sewing and/or quilting, you may want to consider opening your own quilting business. This business does have growth potential, as it is a popular, although niche, market.

Successful quilters need to have a passion for creative expression, good fine motor skills, and excellent interpersonal skills. Startup costs for this line of work are low, especially if you already have some materials. Depending on your speed, the popularity of your quilts, and your marketing skills, you can potentially make over $50,000 per year.

Learn how to start a quilting business.


Woodworking Business Image

A woodworking business could be a good fit for a woodworking hobbyist who is interested in earning money doing something they enjoy. Business owners can choose to keep their business small, maybe operating out of their home garage or workshop, or expand into a larger business.  

This line of work requires high-level woodworking skills as well as good business sense. Startup costs can be kept under $10,000, assuming you already have much of the needed equipment, and you can potentially earn six-figures, depending on your woodworking and marketing skills.

Learn how to start a woodworking business.



Beekeeping Business Image

Beekeeping usually starts as a hobby for nature lovers, but it can turn into a business as well. Many business owners only sell honey, but you can also choose to market beeswax-related products. Your potential for growth will depend heavily on how much land you have to work with; the more land you have, the more bees you can support.

As this line of work is fairly solitary, introverts are well-suited for beekeeping businesses. You will also need to have a calm personality and the ability to market your products. Startup costs are typically moderate, and beekeepers can make around $90,000 annually, depending on the number of colonies you have and how good the season is.

Learn how to start a beekeping business.


General Gardener Business Image

General gardeners will typically care for lawns, rake leaves, and plant a variety of flowers for their customers. Much of this work can be done alone, making this profession ideal for introverted entrepreneurs. These business owners can choose to keep their operation small or grow it into a larger landscaping and gardening company.

General gardener business owners should have an understanding of different plants, weeds, and approaches to lawn maintenance. Startup costs for this line of work can be kept low, especially if you are the sole employee, but your earning potential will be limited to around $700/week if you work alone. It can be increased if you choose to branch out and venture into landscaping, which brings higher profits.

Learn how to start a general gardener business.


Greenhouse Business Image

Introverted entrepreneurs with a green thumb might be well-suited to start a greenhouse business. These businesses typically sell flowers, seeds, and vegetables to their local communities, and business owners need to be knowledgeable about growing different kind of plants and have a passion for this line of work. Depending on the success of your greenhouse, you may have the opportunity to grow your business and expand into other areas.

Business owners should not only be very knowledgeable about this line of work, but they should also possess solid marketing and business skills. Startup costs can be several hundred thousand dollars, but your business has the potential to make a 6-figure profit as well.

Learn how to start a greenhouse business.



Domain Registration Business Image

Domain registration businesses may be a good idea for introverted entrepreneurs, especially if they enjoy the administrative side of tech businesses. This market will remain sustainable and see continued growth for some time, as many businesses (and individuals) are starting websites.

Business owners should have solid administrative skills, be at least somewhat tech-savvy, and understand how domain registration works. Startup costs are under $4,000, and your earning potential will depend heavily on your marketing success and how you choose to structure your business.

Learn how to start a domain registration business.


Bitcoin Mining Business Image

A bitcoin mining business may be a good venture for a wide variety of technical and non-technical entrepreneurs who don’t mind a degree of risk and have the capital to invest in the necessary equipment and software. There is potential for success for business owners who want a small side-job and for those who want to build a bitcoin mining empire.

Startup costs can be extremely low (around $200), depending on your preferred method of mining, and the earning potential can be high. Keep in mind that this industry is still highly volatile and unregulated, so you will need to accept a degree of risk with this business venture.

Learn how to start a bitcoin mining business.


Data Entry Business Image

Introverted entrepreneurs who have good business and managerial skills might consider starting a data entry business. This business can easily be started out of your home, and it could be a good fit for people who have excellent typing speed and accuracy. There should be a strong demand for this service in the coming years, and there is room for growth if you desire.

Startup costs for this line of work will vary, depending on your business model, and profit margins can be high (over 20%), but earning potential will also be based on how quickly (and accurately) you and your employees can complete jobs. To succeed in this business, you should have top-tier typing speeds and good business and sales skills.

Learn how to start a data entry business.



eCommerce Store Image

eCommerce stores could be a great option for an introverted entrepreneur. These store owners typically have a knack for business and the internet. eCommerce stores are becoming more and more popular, so there is potential for growth, depending on your goals and business model.

eCommerce store owners should have a solid grasp on web design and supply and demand and also possess good marketing skills. Your startup costs will likely be over $10,000, but you have the potential to earn millions, depending on your business model and the popularity of your services.

Learn how to start an eCommerce business.


Online Courses Business Image

An online course business could be ideal for an introverted entrepreneur who is highly-skilled and has the ability to teach others. Business owners can choose to offer real-time video conference courses, pre-recorded video courses, or even courses that don’t contain videos at all. Depending on your niche and the popularity of the courses you offer, there is great potential for growth.

This line of work requires extensive knowledge in the field you wish to teach, good teaching skills, internet and marketing skills, and a solid business sense. Startup costs associated with these businesses are around $21,000, and there is the potential to see six-figure profits.

Learn how to start an online courses business.


Niche Website Business Image

Introverted entrepreneurs who wish to start a tech-based business might consider starting a niche website, especially if they are particularly knowledgeable about a specific area within a broader topic. Should business owners want to grow their business and earn more income, they could consider opening another niche site instead of expanding the scope of their current site.

Startup costs for niche websites are less than $100, and it will take a lot of time to build up a decent profit. Many niche websites bring in a little extra cash and do not turn in to high-profit sites. Business owners will need to have deep knowledge about the topic on their site, have at least basic web-design skills, and know how to market their site.

Learn how to start a niche website.


Online T-Shirt Business Image

Artistically-inclined introverted entrepreneurs may consider starting an online t-shirt business. These business owners should be able to keep up with current trends in fashion and pop culture and understand how to market their products effectively. There is decent growth potential, depending on the popularity of your designs.

Business owners need to have good business, marketing, and math skills, be artistic, and understand the process for printing t-shirts. Startup costs for these businesses can be kept to a minimum, especially if you use an eCommerce platform and utilize a t-shirt printing company. If your products are popular and you employ effective marketing techniques, your annual sales could be substantial.

Learn how to start an online t-shirt business.



House Sitting Business Image

House sitting is well suited for someone who is responsible and good with pets. It also can provide an opportunity for free lodging to someone who enjoys traveling. Although this line of work is mostly solitary, business owners need to have good interpersonal skills to successfully negotiate with customers.

Startup costs for this line of work are under $100. Profits tend to also be low, but this will really depend on your business model, the number of houses you look after at one time, and if you are focused on turning a profit or having a place to stay while you travel.

Learn how to start a house-sitting business.

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