A passion for technology can open up a whole world of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. That said, passion alone isn't enough -- it's also essential for tech-savvy entrepreneurs to stay on top of current technology and be adept at adjusting to the ever-changing tech landscape.

Best Tech Business Ideas

In this guide, we've put together a list of trending tech business ideas and evaluated each one based on startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential to help you find the perfect tech business idea for you.


3D Printing Design Business Image

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a flair for art and design may find that starting a 3D printing design business is a great option for them. With a varied client base and a sizeable growth potential, starting a 3D printing design business could be a great investment.

Business owners in this field will need to be skilled in 3D design and the accompanying computer software. In addition, if your business model includes printing the objects yourself, you’ll need to know how to use, maintain, and troubleshoot your 3D printer. Startup costs for this business are low, less than $10,000, and earning potential averages around $53,000, though it largely depends on how you set up your business and who your target market is.

Learn how to start a 3D printing business.


App Development Company Image

If you have an interest in and a knack for programming and development, you may consider starting an app development company. To be successful in this line of work, you need a combination of development, problem-solving, and time management skills. This field is growing, and successful business owners will find that they have the potential to scale their business to any size they desire.

Startup costs for this line of work can be minimal (less than $10,000), and you can add more computers and a physical location as your business grows. App developers tend to make 6-figure incomes, but that will depend on your programming, development, and business management skills.

Learn how to start an app development company.


Bitcoin Mining Business Image

A bitcoin mining business may be a good venture for a wide variety of technical and non-technical entrepreneurs who don’t mind a degree of risk and have the capital to invest in the necessary equipment and software. There is potential for success for business owners who want a small side-job or for those who want to build a bitcoin mining empire.

Startup costs can be extremely low, depending on your preferred method of mining, and the earning potential is high. If you mine bitcoin via the cloud, you can purchase a plan for around $200, however, you can spend up to $12,000 for an ASIC setup. Keep in mind that since this industry is still highly volatile and unregulated, profits are not guaranteed, and you will need to accept a degree of risk with this business venture.

Learn how to start a bitcoin mining business.


Contender eSports Franchise Image

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs who have an affinity for gaming may find that starting a Contender eSports franchise is a great opportunity. Although this is a niche market, there is room for considerable growth, and this business idea appears to be sustainable in the long run.

Contender eSports franchise owners need to have an understanding of gaming and some general business and marketing knowledge. Startup costs are high, as you will need to pay for the franchise fee ($150,000-$237,000) and have a certain amount of liquid assets ($50,000) and net worth ($300,000). Although Contender eSports doesn’t publish profit estimates, entrepreneurs can speak with them directly about estimated profits, which are dependent on location and marketing.

Learn how to start a contender eSports franchise.


Cryptocurrency Business Image

Starting a cryptocurrency business may be perfect for tech-savvy entrepreneurs who enjoy cutting-edge technology and are comfortable with a high level of risk. Many cryptocurrencies currently exist, and there are new ones created every year. If you have programming knowledge and an understanding of blockchain technology, then you may be able to start a successful cryptocurrency business.

At this point, there is good growth potential in this industry. Cryptocurrency businesses usually require low startup costs (under $10,000), since you’ll mainly be investing your time. In addition, these businesses have a very high potential for earnings.

Learn how to start a cryptocurrency business.


Data Entry Business Image

Data entry businesses are well-suited for entrepreneurs with solid managerial and business skills. Business owners can choose to remain small and employ only one or two people, or they can work towards opening a data entry shop with numerous employees fulfilling client orders.

Depending on your business model, startup costs will vary, but, generally speaking, they are under $10,000 since the majority of this work can be done from home. Business owners and any employees will need basic typing, scanning, and spreadsheet skills, and owners should have good sales, managerial, and business skills. Profit margins can be high (over 20%), but earning potential will also be based on how quickly (and accurately) you and your employees can complete jobs.

Learn how to start a data entry business.

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Domain Registration Business Image

If you enjoy the administrative side of tech businesses, then a domain registration business may be perfect for you. With more and more businesses (and entrepreneurs) developing websites, this service will remain in demand for quite some time.

Entrepreneurs will need some basic tech skills, administrative skills, and the ability to read and follow domain registration regulations. Startup and maintenance costs are minimal (under $5k). It is difficult to pinpoint your earning potential since it will largely depend on how you structure your company and on your marketing success.

Learn how to start a domain registration business.


Cloud Consulting Business Image

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs who have an affinity for cloud-based solutions may be a good fit to start a cloud consulting business. Business owners need to fully understand how different cloud platforms operate, the security risks associated with the platforms, and the ability to convey that information to their clients. This business can be kept small, but it also has the potential to grow into a large firm.

Consultants need to have a decent background in IT and have deep knowledge of at least one of the cloud providers. Startup costs are typically under $5,000, and you can make around $70,000 per year on average.

Learn how to start a cloud consulting business.


Game Truck Business Image

Game truck businesses are ideal for tech-savvy gamers who also have good business sense and enjoy working with young people. Growth is usually slow, but there is the potential to expand by adding additional trucks.

Game truck business owners must obtain multiple gaming systems, and they need to be knowledgeable about each system and the games offered. Startup costs are high ($50,000 to $75,000 for the game theater plus the equipment to haul it), but so is the earning potential. If you don’t have a truck loan payment, and average about 40 parties per month, your annual profit could be over $100k.

Learn how to start a game truck business.


Graphic Design Business Image

Entrepreneurs who have an artistic mind, a strong eye for design, and basic knowledge of marketing would be well-suited to start a graphic design business. Successful business owners typically have a degree or work experience in graphic design and can effectively realize the vision of their clients. Your growth potential will depend on your business’ goals and talent.

Graphic design business startup costs are low (around $2,000), especially if you opt to start your business at home. Although you need to possess a high level of skill, you have the potential to make a solid profit (a 15%-50% margin).

Learn how to start a graphic design business.

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Home Automation Business Images

Home automation businesses are well-suited for tech-savvy people who have an interest in smart-technology and enjoy working with homeowners. This is a growing field, as many homeowners are showing an increased interest in incorporating smart-technology into their HVAC systems.

Successful home automation business owners should be highly-skilled in engineering or programming, have at least a basic understanding of HVAC systems and home appliances, and possess good interpersonal skills. Startup costs are moderate (around $25,000), and this business can bring in around $150,000 in profits, annually.

Learn how to start a home automation business.


Internet Security Company Image

Entrepreneurs with a solid background in cybersecurity, systems administration, and multiple computer programming languages are well-positioned to start an internet security company. There should be high demand for this service for years to come, and there is a high potential for growth.

Internet security company owners must have top-notch skills in order to be successful in this growing industry. Startup costs are quite high (around $500,000), though large security firms can bring in over a million dollars in profits annually.

Learn how to start an internet security company.


Live Streaming Business Image

Top-level gamers may want to consider starting a live streaming business, as this market is growing steadily. Streamers must be able to play video games very well and have the ability to captivate audiences with their commentary and a knack for social media.

Professional streamers can make sizeable profits. Startup costs are around $2,000 for live streaming businesses, and although it will take time to start reaping the benefits, six-figure incomes are possible.

Learn how to start a live streaming business.


Marketplace Website Business Image

A wide variety of people may enjoy and be capable of starting a marketplace website business. Successful entrepreneurs don’t need to be highly tech-savvy, though they do need to be familiar with the products or services they plan to sell on their site. Depending on your business model and market saturation, there is good potential for your business to grow.

Startup costs for marketplace website businesses can vary greatly, but they are often in the $100,000 range. Earning potential will also depend on the business model and marketing efforts, but some of the largest marketplace sites bring in millions of dollars of monthly revenue.

Learn how to start a marketplace website business.


Robotics Company Image

Entrepreneurs with a strong background in electrical engineering, physics, or product development may be well-equipped to start a robotics company. Business owners have the potential to grow their business as large as they’d like, as consumer demand looks to remain strong for the foreseeable future.

Successful robotics companies are full of highly-educated, mechanically-savvy staff who have a passion for product development in the robotics sphere. Startup costs for a robotics company are very high, but there is virtually no limit to the amount of money you can make.

Learn how to start a robotics company.


Software Development Business Image

Entrepreneurs who have a knack for both the creative and the technical may be well-suited to open a software development business. There should be strong demand for this business for years to come, though technology is always changing and business owners must be able to adapt to the developing landscape.

Business owners should have both the ability to code in at least one programming language and solid business and management skills. Startup costs can be minimal (around $1,000), as this type of business can be started at home, and earning potential will depend on your business plan; though successful companies can make millions of dollars.

Learn how to start a software development business.


Tech Support Business Image

Much like software development businesses, tech support businesses require their owners to have extensive knowledge in their area of specialization. Successful business owners should enjoy troubleshooting hardware, software, and networking issues and be able to explain difficult content to non-technical customers. Depending on your business model and the quality of your support services, there is plenty of room to grow your business and earn substantial profits.

Startup costs for tech support businesses can be relatively low (under $30,000), especially if you initially start your business out of your home. Our research indicates that part-time software developers can bring in over $150,000 per year, minus any ongoing expenses.

Learn how to start a tech support business.


Video Game Company Image

A visible fixture of the tech industry, a video game company is a great option for entreprenuers that want to bring fun interactive entertainment to their customers using high end technology. With digitial distribution platforms becoming more common, it has never been easier for video game companies to directly connect with customers.

Video game companies are ideal for business owners that are passionate about delivering a high quality player experience through the combination of art and technology. Video games also require skilled workers, with experience in computer programming, electrical engineering, design, and writing.

Learn how to start a video game company.

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Web Design Business Image

A web design business could be a great opportunity for an entrepreneur with strong technical and design skills. With the right business model, quality web design, and solid marketing efforts, a web design company has room to grow significantly.

Successful web design business owners should have some experience in the field, though a specialized degree or certification isn’t essential. They should also possess solid great communication skills and have a good mind for business and marketing. Startup costs can be kept to a minimum if you operate out of your home (less than $5,000), and web design company owners can bring in around $75k per year on average.

Learn how to start a web design business.


Web Development Company Image

Web developers focus on the coding that brings websites to life, and entrepreneurs with a good understanding of coding and a knack for problem solving may be well-suited to start their own web development company. This field has great growth potential, and good web developers are in high demand.

Web development company owners need to be well-versed in both web design and web development. Startup costs can be kept to a minimum (less than $10,000), as these companies can be run from home. Much like other tech-based business ideas, there is almost unlimited earning potential.

Learn how to start a web development company.


Prototype Design Business Image

Prototype design businesses are ideal for entrepreneurs who have a knack for design, the utmost attention to detail, and extensive manufacturing knowledge. Like many of the other tech business ideas in this list, there should be strong demand for prototype design businesses in the years to come, and they have high growth potential.

Business owners in this field typically have a background in manufacturing, product design, or engineering. Prototype design businesses have very high startup costs, but the earning potential is also high.

Learn how to start a prototype design business.


Virtual Tour Business Image

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs with excellent photography, multimedia, and video editing skills may want to consider opening a virtual tour business. Your primary clients will be those in the hospitality and real estate industries, and growth potential is quite high.

Virtual tour business owners need strong technical and design skills, the ability to market their services, and a solid sense for the industries they serve. Initial startup costs can be around $4,000 if you don’t already possess the necessary equipment and software. Depending on the quality of your work and the effectiveness of your marketing plan, you can make a six-figure income.

Learn how to start a virtual tour business.


CNC Machining Business Image

Starting a CNC machining business could be an option for people who love working with their hands and enjoy the manufacturing industry. As this is a highly specialized field, savvy business owners will have no problems finding work and growing their business if they desire.

Startup costs for CNC machining businesses can be high, and many owners choose to save money by first starting their business out of their home garage or workshop. Business owners must also be highly skilled at using CNC machines. With a steady stream of work, owners can turn a profit of $50,000 to $75,000 on top of the owner’s annual salary.

Learn how to start a CNC machining business.


Blockchain Service Business Image

Entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding and appreciation for blockchain technology may be well-suited to start their own blockchain service business. This field requires a high-level of programming or business knowledge, and there is almost unlimited growth potential.

Successful business owners typically have a background in programming, business, project management, or even sales. Startup costs are typically low, and the earning potential can be quite high.

Learn how to start a blockchain service business.

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