The Radio Station Purchasing Guide

Make smart decisions when purchasing equipment for your Radio Station. Learn about the equipment you will need, typical costs, and where are the best places to buy it.

Required Equipment and Materials

Most radio station owners will need the following equipment to get started:

  • Mixing Console ($100-$5,000)
  • Broadcasting Software ($0-$500)
  • Microphone ($100-$3,000)
  • Microphone Shock Mount ($10-$100)
  • Microphone Boom Arm ($15-$100)
  • Microphone Preprocessor ($80-$250)
  • Headphones ($50-$1,000)
  • Computer ($400-$2,000)
  • Cables ($50-$100)
  • Modem and Router ($100-$200)

You should plan to budget approximately $5,000 for initial purchasing costs.

Sample List of Purchases

A typical person looking to purchase equipment for an aromatherapy business might make the following purchases:

  Grand Total: $2,423


Key Decisions


With a technology based society, most successful radio stations are converting to online broadcasts, rather than FM broadcasts. Consequently, this article provides recommendations that are relevant to an online radio businesses.

Here are some of the most important buying decisions that your radio station business will have to make. We outline the key considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when making these purchases and provide some popular options.

Mixing Board

The mixing board is the heart of every radio station. This hub connects all microphones, processors, computers, and equipment. A good mixing board has multiple inputs and faders to allow precise audio control.

Broadcasting Software

Broadcasting software is essential in order for a radio to run. The software takes the audio from the computer and transfers it to the online radio station. There is a variety of broadcasting software ranging from basic online audio streams to advanced software with mixing capabilities. It is important to notice whether the software runs through a Mac or Windows system.


A good microphone is essential for a successful radio station. However, there are hundreds of microphones to choose from. Below is a list of recommended, durable, and quality microphones that would be perfect for your online radio station.






Best Places to Buy

This equipment can be found all over. Your local Best Buy and Radio City will carry certain pieces of equipment; however, most high-quality equipment will be cheaper and easier to access online. Also, this equipment can usually be acquired used. As long as it is fully functional, it should be sufficient for your online radio station.

Every radio station owner has different preferences and price ranges, so you may wish to shop around a bit before settling on the items that you want. There are often reviews and other resources available to help you learn more about the equipment and make an educated purchase. is a great resource with unlimited articles about radio equipment, broadcasting effectively, and more. After searching through you will be able to identify the correct equipment within your budget for your new online radio station.

Broadcast Supply Worldwide

This online webstore is another great resource with an abundance of radio station equipment. Although a lot of the equipment provided is not necessary for a start-up radio station, as your business grows you can purchase more advanced equipment to boost your broadcast to the next level.

Best Buy

A lot of the equipment you need can be found at your local Best Buy. This is a good option for beginners in the radio business, as you can go into the store and get help picking out equipment from specialists. Best Buy also offers price matching with major online retailers.