The Indoor Trampoline Park Purchasing Guide

Make smart decisions when purchasing equipment for your Indoor Trampoline Park. Learn about the equipment you will need, typical costs, and where are the best places to buy it.

Required Equipment and Materials

Most trampoline park owners will need the following equipment and materials to get started:


  •  Trampoline flooring - sold in either:
    • Units by square foot ($60-$100 per sq. ft.)
    • Pre-built trampoline floor ($10,000-$50,000)
  • Basketball hoops ($20-$50 each)
  • Assorted toys - soft footballs, basketballs, etc. ($100 - $500)
  • Concessions - water, sodas, energy drinks, chips, candy, etc. ($1,000 - $2,000)
  • Trampoline socks ($40 - $100)

You should budget approximately $100,000 to $750,000 for initial purchasing costs.

The first decision you will need to make is whether you want to purchase a pre-designed trampoline park, or buy trampoline by the square foot and construct and design it yourself. Keep in mind that the larger your park, the larger your space will need to be. The average size of the total space for trampoline parks (including concessions, lobby, etc.) is about 30,000 square feet.

This budget includes plans for a small, simple concession stand. As your business grows, consider purchasing additional features for your concession stand- for example, a popcorn or cotton candy machine.

Sample List of Purchases


A typical person looking to purchase equipment for a trampoline park might make the following purchases:

  • Chips - (x20)      

Key Decisions

Picking the right trampoline flooring is arguably the most important buying decision you’ll make when starting a trampoline park. We outline the key considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when making this purchase and provide some popular options.

Trampoline Flooring

Trampoline flooring can be purchased by the square foot, but you can also purchase a pre-designed trampoline park layout. Both of these options are fairly expensive, though a smaller park would likely do better purchasing trampoline flooring by the foot. Popular franchise Sky Zone offers parks around 12,000 square feet, but your startup will likely be smaller than this.

Flooring by square footage

Pre-designed park

Best Places to Buy

Both models of trampoline parks must be purchased online. Before you make any purchases, it is important to carefully plan out your entire park (not just the trampolines) and make the best possible use of your space.


Alibaba offers trampolines by the square foot or as entire units. This site offers many different models and styles, some geared only towards kids and some that are more friendly to all age groups. Many of its models include fun extra features such as ball pits or slides.

Best American Trampolines

This site allows you more creative control in designing your trampoline park; for example, you can select the color of different units. The company will assist you in planning and designing, so this is a great option for those who aren’t sure where to begin in planning their own unique park. However, this site does not offer cost estimates, so it is necessary to contact the company and explain what you are looking for in order to begin planning financially.

Fun Spot Trampolines

This company builds customs parks for each customer, and will handle the installation process. You can hire their workers to install the park, or have the company take charge of your own workers for the process. They also offer the equipment to turn your trampoline park into a ninja course. Since each park is custom, you will have to work with the company for a bit before getting a price estimate.

Trampolines Unlimited

This company will assist you not only in building your park, but also in other business aspects such as marketing, financial modeling, and branding. Like the other custom park companies, you will need to design your park before receiving a price estimate. They also sell equipment to make your park into an adventure park (by adding features like rope climbing, rock climbing, and foam pits to the trampoline park).