President of Solar Company Job Description

Finding qualified, reliable individuals to join your staff is an essential step in growing your business. We’re here to make the hiring process as easy as possible for you. In this guide, we’ll cover all of the following:


A good job description should include a company overview and job overview, as well as an explanation of the associated responsibilities, skills & qualifications, and work environment. Below are some general guidelines for writing each of these sections effectively.


Providing an accurate, concise description of your business is a great way to attract the right employees. Think of this section as an advertisement for your company -- why should prospective employees want to join your team?

Some useful things to include here are:

  • Core company values
  • Mission statement
  • Brief history of your organization
  • Anticipated growth
  • Business goals



In a few sentences, describe the purpose, importance, and fundamental qualities of the position being offered. No need to be too specific or comprehensive here -- the idea is to provide a zoomed-out image of the role the applicant would be filling in your company.


This is where you’ll outline the specific day-to-day responsibilities of the job. Bullet-point format is typically the most practical way to present this information.


List in bulleted format the skills & qualifications that are absolutely essential to this position. Consider as many specific conditions of the job as possible in order to create a complete list of qualifications an applicant must have in order to succeed.


List in bulleted format the skills & qualifications that are not essential, but would make an applicant more eligible for the position being offered.


Describe the environment in which the applicant would be spending most of their time. In this description, include information about:

  • Company culture
  • Pace of work
  • Amount of collaborative vs. independent activity
  • Who the employee will report to (or vice versa)

President of Solar Company Job Description

Below is our president of solar company job description. You can post it as-is to an online job board like ZipRecruiter, or download and customize it to match the unique aspects of your business. Keep in mind that adding a custom company overview and description of the work environment (outlined above) will help you draw in the right applicants.

President of Solar Company Job Description

Job Overview:

Our president plays a big role in helping our company bring solar power to the masses. Solar power has been gaining traction all over the country as its prices fall and technology improves. Both commercial and residential property owners stand to profit from having sustainable energy that they can store and use all year long. No longer do property owners have to live in extremely sunny areas to reap the benefits of solar panels. Our president will work with high-level clients and department heads to implement solid strategies that can grow our business to the next level. We expect our president to understand what our clients need to hear before they choose to reduce their carbon footprint.


  • Run daily company operations
  • Work with department heads to determine the direction of the company
  • Negotiate contracts with vendors
  • Research competitors and adjust procedures as necessary
  • Develop new strategies according to legal and environmental regulations
  • Motivate staff to hit sales goals
  • Stay abreast of new trends in solar energy to ensure relevancy in new markets
  • Solicit feedback from workers to boost morale
  • Communicate with clients to ensure the company is satisfying their requirements
  • Allocate resources according to company needs

Necessary Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering or a related energy/development field from an accredited college or university.
  • Minimum of five years of leadership experience within a large utility or renewable energy provider
  • Minimum of one year of experience in the solar industry
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to influence, build rapport, and connect with people at all levels of the organization.
  • Ability to instill trust and confidence in those you are speaking to and persuasively pitch concepts and promote company values to both internal and external customers.
  • Strong understanding of the solar industry’s regulatory environment
  • Experience drafting budgets and designing business models
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Passion for solar power and reversing the effects of climate change

Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

  • MBA or Master’s degree in engineering
  • At least 3 years experience as a CEO in the solar industry
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