Web.com Cyber Security Review - Keep Your Business Website Safe

For business websites seeking cybersecurity features, Web.com has the essentials to keep your site safe. Offering a variety of website-building and maintenance solutions for businesses of any size, Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution is an affordable, comprehensive choice to help safeguard your website from cyber threats. Web.com makes it easy to secure your website, protecting both you and your customers.

Choosing a website security option can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. In this article, we take a closer look at the Web.com Cyber Security Solution’s security features, customer support, and pricing options. Read on to learn if Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution is right for your business. 

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What Is Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution?

Web.com cyber security services.

Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution is a comprehensive set of services designed to help you protect your business website from cybersecurity threats. 

While cybersecurity best practices like secure passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) are important, they’re not enough on their own. With an annual or monthly subscription, Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution helps to mitigate hacking risks, prevent theft, and promptly repair damages. 

Remote access features mean you can check in on your website’s security from your mobile device — anywhere and anytime. If you ever have questions or concerns, Web.com’s customer support and security experts are available 24/7.

Web.com cyber security services.

In addition to its Cyber Security Solution, Web.com offers secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates for your website. 

Appearing as a little lock to the left of your site’s URL in an internet browser, an SSL certificate lets your customers know their personal information — including credit card numbers and customer account details — will be kept safe while they browse your website. 

Together, Web.com’s SSL certificates and Cyber Security Solution work to ensure your website is secure for both you and your customers.

Web.com Cyber Security Solution Review: Pros and Cons

Overall, Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution does a great job of providing mobile online security for small business websites. The option to separately purchase one of four SSL certificates allows you to customize your website’s security features to meet your particular needs. Here’s more good news: Web.com’s customer support rates highly across most reviews.  


  • An affordable, comprehensive option
  • Customer support available 24/7 
  • Remote access across devices


  • No free plan or free trial offers

How Much Does Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution Cost?

Web.com offers two payment options for its Cyber Security Solution: $49.90 if you opt to pay annually or $4.99 per month if you instead choose monthly billing. 

Web.com cyber security services.

Your Cyber Security Solution subscription will automatically renew, and you’re welcome to cancel at any time. 

In addition to its Cyber Security Solution, Web.com offers four pricing tiers for SSL certificate packages based on your business website’s specific needs. Check out our How to Get a Web.com SSL Certificate guide to learn more.

What Features Are Included With Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution?

With Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution, you have 24/7 access to security experts, device monitoring, and identity protection — all from your mobile device. In addition, personalized reports will keep you fully up to date on all security threats and breach alerts.    

Web.com cyber security services.

Other features include:

  • Safe Browsing thanks to a built-in, mobile, virtual private network (VPN) client
  • Privacy Scans that inspect all apps and emails sent to your mobile device
  • Remote Access to allow you to lock your phone and wipe data remotely
  • Contact Backup that saves a copy of your contacts in the cloud
  • Wi-Fi Scanning to warn of any unsafe Wi-Fi connections
  • Photo and Call Log that stores your site’s photos and call history online
  • Ongoing Updates for product upgrades and training

Web.com Cyber Security Review: Conclusion

Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution is a great option for small businesses looking to protect their online retail offerings. 

Comprehensive security tools and access to customer support and security experts 24/7 make it easy to fix, investigate, and prevent potential security issues. Paired with Web.com’s SSL certificate offerings, Web.com has everything a small business needs to secure its website. 

Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution lets you rest easier knowing your website security is always alert.

Who Shouldn’t Use This Tool?

Larger businesses with lots of online retail offerings

Who Should Use This Tool?

  • Small businesses 
  • Small online stores
  • Service-oriented businesses
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Get Web.com’s Cyber Security Solution

All business websites need strong security features so make sure yours comes prepared for anything. Get started by signing up for Web.com and be sure to add its Cyber Security Solution to your plan.


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