How to Find and Use Your WordPress Admin Login

To access the backend of your WordPress site, you will need your admin login details. If you are just getting started with WordPress, you might not know where to find those details or how to enter them.

In this guide, we’ll address these questions so you can find and use the WordPress login admin and get your WordPress site up and running as quickly as possible.

Finding Your WordPress Admin Login

There are few things as frustrating as getting started with your new site only to find that you don’t know how to log in and start working. You know the site has been created and that the WordPress installation is in place, but how do you log in?

You’ll need to go to the right web address to enter your credentials and access the site. Usually, the WordPress login page will be automatically created when you install WordPress and will be located at “” Alternatively, you might find it by adding “/login” or “/admin” to the end of your domain.

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Steps to Login to Your WordPress Admin

Once you know where to go, it’s quick and easy to log in to your WordPress site. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Point your browser toward the WordPress login page
  2. Enter your credentials 
  3. If you would like, you can select the “Remember Me” button to keep yourself logged in on that computer for a period of time
  4. Select “Log In” or hit enter

As long as you have entered the proper credentials, you should now be presented with your WordPress dashboard, and you can get to work.

Tips and Tricks to Make Admin Login Easier

We have a couple of quick tips and tricks to take some of the friction out of the WordPress admin login process. After all, the easier it is to access your site, the more likely you will be to visit the dashboard and keep things up to date. 

Our first piece of advice is to use a bookmark to quickly access your admin page. Rather than needing to remember what the address is or having to type it into the address bar of your browser each time, you can just click on the bookmark and go right where you need to go. This simple setup alone will save you plenty of time and frustration. 

Also, be sure to make use of the “Remember Me” feature we mentioned above, as long as you are on a private computer that only you (or trusted family members) use. This will take away the need to type in your credentials each and every visit.

How to Keep Your Login Information Safe

You don’t want anyone without permission to access your WordPress admin login information. To keep that info safe, consider storing it “the old-fashioned way” — on a piece of paper, in other words. Write your credentials down and keep them somewhere close to your computer. Also, take the time to create a long, unique password, rather than going with something easy to guess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the WordPress admin login page located?An orange arrow pointing down

The WordPress admin login can be located at any URL you decide to designate, but there are a few places to start your search. Most likely, your WordPress login page will be found by adding “/wp-admin” to the end of your domain. So, you could enter “” into a web browser, and you should land on your WordPress login page. While that’s the common default, you could find that your WordPress admin login is slightly different and uses a route like “/admin” or “/login” after your domain.

How can I prevent hacking attempts?An orange arrow pointing down

While you can’t completely eliminate the possibility of your site being hacked, you can take steps to make that event less likely. One step you should consider is to change the URL of your WordPress login page to something less common than /admin or /wp-login. You are free to change that address to anything you like, and creating a unique URL for your own page will make it harder for a would-be hacker to find the WordPress login page.

Can I grant access to other users?An orange arrow pointing down

Yes — once you’re inside your WordPress dashboard, you can create other users and assign them their credentials to access the back end of the site. These users can be given varying levels of permission so you can easily control who can do what on the site.

Does the WordPress login page always look the same?An orange arrow pointing down

By default, the page has a plain design with a login box in the middle. However, there are plugins available that make it quick and easy to adjust the look of that page to something more attractive.

Can I access WordPress through my hosting company?An orange arrow pointing down

You may be able to get direct access to your WordPress dashboard by going through your hosting platform. Since WordPress is so popular, some hosts create a specific pathway to access the dashboard with just a single click. Check with your host to see if this feature is available.

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