Interview with
Sandra and Aaron McNeil

Sandra and Aaron McNeil | Co-Owners
Midnite Confections


Q: Why did you start your business?

A: I have always loved baking. Aaron and I both enjoyed the happiness it brought others. My son, Aaron, started baking in college and enjoyed experimenting with more complex recipes. I was looking for my "next career" and he was looking for a job he enjoyed so we partnered up to create Midnite Confections.

Q: What are some key factors or decisions that contributed to the success of your business?

A: Along with quality, small batch products, we are committed to quality customer service. Those factors combined, are the biggest factors in our success.

Q: What are some challenging aspects of your business?

A: One has been trying to keep the price of the product competitive while buying quality ingredients and dealing with the cost fluctuations of those ingredients. Another has been finding people with similar passion and commitment in order to grow the business.

Q: Do you feel you made any serious mistakes as you were starting or growing your business? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

A: We would have created a business plan that included a couple more people that had specific expertise in areas beyond baking. It is difficult to grow the business if you are wearing all the hats. You can't work 24/7 and you don't know everything.

Q: What other advice or words of inspiration would you like to share?

A: We began with a pretty well thought-out business plan and even though you can only guess or project certain things, sticking with that plan and knowing your target market helps a lot. The support of family and friends has been crucial--we were not alone on our journey.

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About Midnite Confections

We are a small batch bakery. On a daily basis we bake a variety of custom flavored cupcakes and cookies. Upon order, we bake small custom cakes. We have a retail shop, a food truck and provide custom orders for business, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. We have been in business for 6 1/2 years and are currently expanding into the wholesale market. Starbucks is our first wholesale partner and we distribute to 12 Baltimore City Stores as their local bakery partner.

"Aaron and I both enjoyed the happiness [baking] brought others… I was looking for my ‘next career’ and he was looking for a job he enjoyed so we partnered up to create Midnite Confections."—Sandra and Aaron McNeil