Interview with
Yaniv Liron

Yaniv Liron | Founder, CEO


Q: Why did you start your business?

A: Lumina was started in order to help companies build their web presence and excel in the digital age. Many companies had, and still have, unfortunately, a myriad of different digital services, from marketing tools to internal custom software, and integrating all these to work cohesively with each other, and with their website, is not an easy challenge.

By helping various businesses address these needs, originally as a programmer, later as a freelancer, and finally when starting Lumina, I slowly found out the discovery processes that are needed in order to help these businesses become more efficient. For example, I found out that a very strong understanding of each business' inner workings, one that can only be achieved by being present in-person while the business operates, is crucial for a successful project.

Being present in NYC was a big factor in my decision to help local businesses. The physical proximity to many companies' offices was a great asset to the success of projects that we worked on, and on top of it--the personal touch always counts a lot!

Q: What are some key factors or decisions that contributed to the success of your business?

A: First of all, our employees. Having people who believe in the business, work well together, come to work each day full of energy, ready to create amazing things--that's what makes our company excel in what it does. We are blessed to have a great group of people and it's a pleasure to see how everyone works with each other, eliminating obstacles and striving to provide the best service that we can.

It also helped to always think of Lumina as a client. Since we help our clients achieve the best results and use a cohesive, smart and productive solution, we always tried to implement the same way of thinking in our internal processes. Whether we design a website, build a custom mobile app, or help with a company's digital marketing needs, we always follow a strict way of doing things. This is based on experience and we continuously improve, learning from mistakes and thinking "how can we do this better next time?"

Q: What are some challenging aspects of your business?

A: As a digital agency, Lumina has to constantly reshape itself. The digital landscape changes very often: clients expect different results, different types of design, different products. We need to constantly be on the watch to know what cutting edge technology is out there, and how we can help our clients achieve it.

In addition, we also have to remember each client's individual needs. If we have a real estate company as a client, their needs would be very different than an eCommerce website's needs. The implementation of similar features may be totally different, and it should be customized--or these features won't be as effective as they could be.

Q: Do you feel you made any serious mistakes as you were starting or growing your business? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

A: No, we're perfect!

Just kidding. There are a lot of things I would have done differently. One of them being, I would have used some web-based solutions and products which we now know to work very well, earlier than we had. For example, we would have used WordPress as a platform for developing websites earlier. We use it extensively for building websites nowadays, but at the beginning, we spent a lot of time and energy in creating websites from scratch, though there was no need for it. Using a platform like WordPress, and customizing it (we never use templates), became a huge time saver--and therefore, a cost saver (for our clients).

Q: What other advice or words of inspiration would you like to share?

A: I think the most important thing to do is understand what you're good at, and not try to do something just because you think it's the latest trend or because you assume it will sell wildly. If you look inside yourself, decide what your personal strength areas are, and try to apply that to a business and you will succeed--sooner or later. And, of course, the famous cliche--it will take a lot of persistence and stubbornness. If these traits do not define you, either don't start, or work to find something that will trigger these traits in you, before you do!

About Lumina

Lumina is a reputable digital agency in Manhattan providing web design & development, mobile app development, digital marketing and custom software services for businesses of all sizes.

Established in 2004, it has quickly grown to become one of the best reviewed companies in New York City. It is situated in the Flatiron district, and has gained experience developing digital products for the real estate, retail, eCommerce, transportation, arts & fashion, and manufacturing industries, as well as many others.

"The digital landscape changes very often: clients expect different results, different types of design, different products. We need to constantly be on the watch to know what cutting edge technology is out there, and how we can help our clients achieve it."—Yaniv Liron