3 Free Press Release Examples

Use these top three press release examples along with our free press release template and how-to-write a press release guide to quickly and easily write a newsworthy press release any journalist will want to publish.

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The Purpose of a Press Release

In the business world, press releases, also called news releases, are used for a variety of purposes. You can write a press release to submit to newspapers, magazines, radio, TV stations, and other media sources. However, just because you submit a press release, it does not mean these media outlets will publish it.

Follow these best practices to make sure your press release gets published and reported on by journalists who cover your industry:

  • Write a powerful, eye-catching headline.
  • Use primacy and write the most important parts first.
  • Use press release examples to stay on point with your writing
  • Use a press release template to keep the proper format
  • Keep your release relevant to your industry
  • Include quotes from people closely connected to the press being presented
  • Provide written contact information
  • Include your name
  • Include your address
  • Include company details and company contact information
  • Include a brief description of the company’s products or services
  • Write to the audience you’re targeting (know your public)
  • Post to your website and social media channels to help with SEO

How to Effectively Use a Press Release Example

Now that you understand the importance of structuring your press release message, it is time to create a successful press release.

Follow these steps to create a successful press release:

  1. Use our free press release template and how-to-write a press release guide to help you correctly format and write your press releases fast.
  2. Research Successful Press Releases. Find press releases in your field that were successful and have already been published. Assemble a few different examples that were successful and find common strategies employed by these examples.
  3. Use A Sample Press Release to Create Your Own Press Releases. Use these successful examples as a rough guide to inform your own press releases. In addition to following the structure of these examples, be sure to maintain high-quality content while crafting your press release.

IMPORTANT: Remember, these examples are only meant to be rough guides. When you start submitting actual news releases to the press, you should think carefully about what information you want to give to the public and the kind of information that you think they will find interesting and informative.

Additional Ways to Use a Press Release Example

Another good idea, before you use the press release examples in this article, is to talk to a reporter who works for a major newspaper who has examples of press releases. Have him or her help you write a brief story based on your company's press release example. You may have to pay for this service.

Benefits of asking for professional help include:

  • Potential to get an interview on a national TV or radio network.
  • Highlight your company's professionalism and good reputation.
  • Save money — no need to hire a press release distribution company.
  • Learn how to write a successful press release.

Top 3 Free Press Release Examples

The following top three press release examples are easy to use. Fill in the blanks and replace the placeholder content with your content, modifying where it makes sense, and your press release will virtually write itself. These press release examples can be used with our free press release template to ensure major media outlets take notice of your press releases.

These are the preferred press release templates used by journalists to give journalists an edge over less experienced press release writers. So you know they're the best!

The great thing about these press release examples is they can be applied to any newsworthy announcement, event, or new product. They can be recycled, so you can write an event press release, new hire press release, product launch release, and practically any other newsworthy press release you can think of.

PRO TIP: Use your press releases to help search engines and journalists find your company website and social media channels when you put out product launch press releases. You can add or take away a paragraph or bullet points depending on your product or service to conform to press release best practices.

Press Release Example #1: The Simple Press Release

___ Announces ___ for ___
May 01, 2021 02:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
LOCATION--(COMPANY)--___ declared ___.
This can also be a formatted table you cut and paste into the body.

Name Contact: 1-800-555-5555

Press Release Example #2: The Company News Press Release

Company __ for ___
--(PRESS OUTLET/COMPANY)--May 01, 2021--
___ is a ___ that provides ___ and ___ for easy, ___, and ___ ___. Currently focused on ___ and other ___, (Company) provides ___ for ___ from ___. With ___ and ___, ___ is (company)s’ ___ in the effort to help ___.

First Name Last Name
Phone: 555 555 5555
Email: name@company.com

Press Release Example #3: The Event Press Release

Don’t Miss the ___ of ___
from (company).
City, State, May 01, 2021 (Press Network) -- The ___ is pleased to announce that the ___ will be broadcast over ___ at (Time) Eastern on May 1st. Registration is now open for ___.
More than (number) ___ took part in ___, which ___. ___ have been selected to receive ___. The much sought-after ___ will be chosen from ___.
“Relevant quote,” said ___ President and CEO ___ went on to add, “Relevant quote.”
The ___ will be ___ed by ___ and will be ___ed on ___ offering ___ the opportunity to ___. Registration for the ___ and more information can be found online here.
To ___, click here.
Click here to ___.
About (Company/Event):
The ___ is the ___. Founded in (Founding Date), (Company/Event) is a ___ of ___ representing more than (Number) ___. (Company/Event) drive the ___ of ___’s ___.

Linked Attachment
Linked Attachment

(Contact) (Company) (Phone Number) (Email)

SIDE NOTE: These are examples of press releases meant to help you when writing your own press release. Press release writing uses an inverted pyramid approach, meaning the most important content comes first. You don't need a table of contents for a news release, because the headline and first paragraph tell the story to where the audience and journalist can understand at a glance what the written press release news is about. You want to put immediate release above your article body and headline so it gets reported right away and gets the best press and media coverage.

Practical Advice for Producing High-Quality Press Releases

If you cannot afford to pay a journalist to write a story based on your press releases, you could always hire a freelance journalist. There are plenty of freelancers who would be willing to do this kind of work for a lesser amount of money.

Follow these steps to find a freelance journalist:

  • Determine if the freelance journalist has done good work for other companies.
  • Ask for a press release example they have written which has been published.
  • Evaluate if their experience, expertise, and cost is worth having them write your press release.

Finally, you can try to contact several journalists who are based in your local area. Tell them about your company's press release. Ask if they would like to produce a story based on it. Some journalists are happy to create a press release based on your press release example, while others want to brainstorm and come up with some original content. You will probably receive a lot of responses, and this will help improve your relationship with your local news and media outlets.

Press Release Example FAQs

How do I write a press release?

Press releases are an effective way to generate free media coverage for your business. The best way to write a press release is to have a professional write one for you. However, writing a press release isn't impossible to do yourself.

Your first steps should be deciding what your objectives are, creating your specific objectives for your press release, and establishing your metrics.

Follow these basic tips on how to write a press release:

  1. Select one of the free press release examples above.
  2. Get a press release template.
  3. Brainstorm a powerful, attention-grabbing headline.
  4. Begin press release writing.
  5. Format your paragraphs in order of importance (inverted pyramid), keeping the most important content within the first paragraph.
  6. Keep in mind your audience, industry, and customers, presenting your news in a relevant and newsworthy way to help journalists and media services publish your story.
  7. Add powerful and credible quotes to your press release to make it easy for journalists to use in their reporting.
  8. Make sure to add your company information.
  9. Finish by adding your press release contact inform

What is a press release?

A press release, also called a news release, is an officially published statement issued to the media.

Submitting a press release is the best way to get your marketing message out in front of the public. This is because the internet is a vast array of information that is constantly updated. A press release is easily amplified and shared. Since the internet is vast, be sure that your press release’s content is well researched and relevant.

How do I send a press release?

If you're just starting out with your new online marketing campaign, you probably have a lot to learn about how to send a press release. This powerful marketing tool enables you to give more information about your product or service in an informative way, often in the form of a news article rather than a sales pitch.

As a result, it can be very time-consuming to learn how to send a press release, but if you follow these key strategies, you'll be well on your way to learning how to write a great press release. Also, you'll learn why it's important to submit original press releases — submitting boring, templated articles to traditional media outlets can be a huge mistake. Finally, you'll learn about the specific guidelines that make good press releases stand out from the rest.

Steps to send a press release:

  1. Partner with a proven and reliable press release distribution service provider (preferably one that offers press release writing services).
  2. Check the press release before signing off on it.
  3. Let the press release distribution company send your press release to targeted media and news outlets.

Make sure to submit original press releases as they need to be company-specific in order to fit your brand and overall marketing strategy. Copying other press releases can detract from the brand, and you run the risk of losing your brand authority.

To stand out from the crowd, consider writing a powerful press release headline that instantly grabs the attention of readers. If readers aren’t interested in the headline, they won’t stick around to read the news.

Can I use these press release examples to author a client's press release?

You have our permission to use these top three press release examples and our free press release template to author a new hire press release, a press release for product launches, general business releases, or any other need of your client. You may not claim these press release examples as your own, nor resell them for profit. The news content produced using our templates and fill-in-the-blank examples should be used to help brand your client's companies and appeal to their audience to help them build their business and marketing silos.

What is the difference between a press release example and press release templates?

The fill-in-the-blank press release examples we have provided are examples of well-written press release content. The free press release template adheres to the best press release formatting standards. Combined the sample press releases and press release template make writing a press release much easier. If you want the best press and don't want to hassle with a boilerplate writing approach we recommend using a press release distribution service like SiteTrail or eReleases. Not only will they draft your announcement in a newsworthy fashion, but they will style your story with your brand using these templates.

How do I format a press release?

There are a lot of advantages to knowing how to format a press release. In addition to making your content look more professional, a well-formatted press release will allow the media to pick up your story faster and give you an opportunity to provide details about the new product or service you're offering.

In short, good formatting makes it easier for the press release to be read by readers. It can even make the difference between landing on the front page or not making the cut. Be sure to use industry examples to help create a template that will work for you.

Here are some basic tips on how to format a press release to get you started:

  1. Use a press release template to write your press release.
  2. Create a press release headline that draws attention and explains what your news is about in a concise manner.
  3. Write the most important aspects of your press release first.
  4. Use a boilerplate template to list your company information at the bottom of the press release.

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