How to Write a Press Release for Your LLC

Starting and maintaining a new limited liability company (LLC) can be daunting; writing a press release for an LLC can cause you to scratch your head even more. How do you get your target excited about your announcement, product, or event when they don’t know much about your LLC?

This guide shows you why press releases are important and how you can write an effective press release for your LLC.

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Why Press Releases Work

Press releases are a form of formal contact between your company and the media. 44% of journalists consider press releases to be the most reliable source of brand-related content.

That being said, you want to be sure you get your point across efficiently within the first paragraph of your press release. You don’t want to make whoever you are pitching to have to work for the information; you should provide it in one fell swoop.

Why press releases are important:

  • It’s a direct line of communication between you and the media
  • Releases get information to the media in a quick and clean fashion
  • It’s a way to cultivate a relationship with journalists

Why Writing Press Releases for an LLC Is Important

LLC press releases are important because they position the LLC in front of the public at large. Most businesses work with the public, and so companies want to be noticed by the public it serves. This helps with branding, marketing, public relations, and even sales. The more familiar a company is, the more perceived trust it carries with the public.

Business Releases vs. Press Releases

LLCs use both business releases and press releases to convey information. A business release is a simple announcement by a company on any platform, whereas a press release is a formal news release directed at the public via news outlets. It is important to understand that press releases are generally taken more seriously and have far greater reach potential.

The main differences between business releases and press releases include:

  • Business releases are short and sweet, while press releases, a more dated term, are lengthier and send “news.”
  • Press releases are directed at the media, while business releases are released through multiple different platforms.

There are many different forms of release writing; from a media release to a business press release, there are different approaches you need to take based on your announcement, product, or event.

Business releases are concise and informative; in other words, they have less “fluff.”
Because these releases are short and sweet, journalists can pull information straight from the release without editing the text. These provide your brand with more exposure and can help you build relationships with the media.

This means that your company is more likely to get an article published to promote your product, announcement, or event. There is also less chance of your information getting misconstrued, saving yourself the time it may take to correct this information.

What to Include in a Press Release

LLC press releases have set items that you need to include. These include contact information, location information, and body copy. While there are a few items that you may be able to skip over, like links or even a quote, it is recommended that you add these if you have access to them.

Links and a quote from a noteworthy person involved with your announcement, product, or event may make your release more newsworthy. For example, a news station may not air a story about an ordinary woman falling down a flight of stairs. However, they may air the story if the individual is a politician or celebrity. Think about the framing of your information and why it would be important to the reader.

What to include in your LLC press release:

  • Newsworthy information, or information that seems newsworthy
  • Context, which gives you the opportunity to frame and tell your story in the tone you set forth
  • A quote from a noteworthy individual that is relevant to your story or an approved ghost quote.
  • Easy-to-read sentences that aren’t overcrowded with fluff.

Make sure you don’t bury important information in walls of text or too many paragraphs. This can be a turn-off for readers and journalists alike, as it may take too long to read and comprehend.

How to Write a Press Release

When writing a press release, you need to be conscious of the information you are trying to provide the media and the tone in which you provide this information. For instance, you may want to be careful not to make light of important events or announcements and vice versa, as this could look bad on your company.

Steps to writing a press release for your LLC:

  1. Compile a list of all the information and links you’ll need to write this release, along with creating a folder for the .doc or .docx file and whatever photographs or graphics you need to send along with it.
  2. Write an eye-catching title.
  3. Create a first paragraph that gets your point across. For example, “Cathy Marie, head of the school board, wants you to attend the school board’s annual Chaos for a Cause fundraising event! With a live DJ, principal for a day drawings, and raffles, this will be the best Chaos for a Cause yet.” You’ll want to state your most important fact first.
  4. Copy and paste your quote; this will be your second paragraph. Make sure you use the person's name in the first line of the paragraph.
  5. Write your body paragraphs. Use your bullet points to develop your next one-two paragraphs. Make sure you add your links!
  6. Add in your boilerplate. This section gives the reader context when looking into your company.
  7. Add your contact information (or your point of contact’s information) at the bottom.

How to Improve Your LLC Press Release

Just like any other activity, writing LLC press releases takes time and practice. Over time, you will continually get better at writing releases. Finding prompts online or reading through other press release examples may help you improve these skills.

Developing your writing style and maintaining positive relationships with those in the media may help get your articles published as well.

Press release writing tips:

  • Thoroughly check your release for errors.
  • Write your most important fact at the top and allow your information to trickle down to the least important.
  • Provide your reader with value. Make it clear that this information will drive readers to their article or viewers to their show.

Final Thoughts

Writing press releases for LLCs may seem difficult, but as long as you follow our simple steps, you’ll have the writing process down in no time.

Remember that business releases are used for many different announcements. You want your release to get to the point in the most efficient way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I not include in my press release for an LLC?

There are many things that you should include in press releases for an LLC. However, you may want to stay away from unwanted context. For instance, a reader doesn’t always need to or want to know where a person is from. You will also want to avoid begging journalists to publish something for you. If it’s worth their readers’ time, they will publish something for you.

What should be included in an LLC press release?

Your LLC press release should include the following parts:

  • Headline
  • Time and place
  • A quote, if possible
  • Body text that is arranged from most important to least important
  • A boilerplate section
  • Your business’s contact info

What do I write press releases about?

Write press releases about anything that is newsworthy to your business. Whether it be a product, announcement, or event if you need to get information out to your consumers, write a release. You may need to get creative and frame something to be newsworthy, but if you need to communicate something larger to your audience, you should write a press release.

How do I make something sound newsworthy?

To make something sound newsworthy, you may need to get creative with your words. For example, replace descriptive words with a word that has a more exciting connotation. This could mean switching something simple like “new” with “state of the art.”

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