Interview with
Edward Ingram

Edward Ingram | Owner
Tride Pedicab


Q: Why did you start your business?

A: I worked for a large company, saw their problems and challenges, and tried to address those problems by creating a model that eliminated most of them. This allows me to compete with them without the resources they require.

Q: What are some key factors or decisions that contributed to the success of your business?

A: One factor was working in the field before I started the business. In tourism and hospitality, many people jump in thinking about the fun, but fail to work in the field beforehand. Sometimes things that look fun are very different in practice. You also get to address problems in advance, try some new ideas and fail with no risk, and develop important contacts. Even if you don't need the money, you should go get the job first.

Q: What are some challenging aspects of your business?

A: The pedicabbing industry is populated with fiercely independent individuals. It is hard to start a new business and not have it met with distrust. For example, I focus on selling ads, but some riders feel that ads are destroying the integrity of the game. To populate a big ad I require independent riders to carry the ads. If there is no trust there, I lose that ad space. Imagine if you sold highway ads on the tops of barns, but you were selling ads for corporate farms. Some sales are tougher than others.

Q: Do you feel you made any serious mistakes as you were starting or growing your business? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

A: Nothing huge. I was pretty well organized. I took an order for some parts and a build. It wasn't a fortune, but it took some time, and I didn't get a down payment. Needless to say, the order was cancelled the day they were supposed to pick it up. It was a wheel. I still have it hanging on my wall as a reminder.

Q: What other advice or words of inspiration would you like to share?

A: The hardest thing to do is inspire someone to do what they want to do. It is one of life's most tragic ironies. I don't understand it. I try everyday to let people know that it is okay to do what it is you want. Do what you want to do. Damn the consequences. If you are wrong, and it doesn't bring you joy, do the next thing. You should be afraid. You should also lean into the fear.

About Tride Pedicab

Tride Pedicab is a Seattle based pedicab company operating throughout Western Washington dedicated to providing professional services on our expertly maintained trikes. We specialize in connecting tourists, event coordinators, and advertisers to the best pedicabs and riders for private custom tours, unique and exciting events, and effective and powerful advertising. We can set up a nice tour here in Seattle for the whole family, or work party, work with your planner to make your wedding or event more memorable, or launch a city, state, or nationwide advertising campaign.

"The pedicabbing industry is populated with fiercely independent individuals. It is hard to start a new business and not have it met with distrust."—Edward Ingram