How to Start an LLC

Learn how to form a limited liability company in 5 simple steps using our free guide. By making the process easy to understand, we'll get you on the path to forming your LLC, launching your business, and ultimately achieving your dreams. You'll also learn about LLC taxes, business banking and credit card options, and more.

If you'd rather not do it yourself, you can avoid expensive attorney fees by having a reliable LLC service handle everything on your behalf.

Five Easy Steps to Start an LLC

Five Basic Steps to Start an LLC:

  • Step 1. Select a State
  • Step 2. Name your LLC
  • Step 3. Choose a Registered Agent
  • Step 4. File the Articles of Organization
  • Step 5. Create an Operating Agreement

Form Your LLC

Learn the Basics of LLC Formation

Before jumping into the LLC formation process, you should familiarize yourself with key terms. Visit our learning page before you get started. There you can find helpful information and also access free legal documents for your business.

What is a Registered Agent?

You can't form an LLC without a registered agent. Learn what it is, and whether you should get a registered agent service.

What is an LLC?

Find out what an LLC is and why you should form one instead of a corporation.

What is an Operating Agreement?

Find out whether or not your state requires this document, why you may need one, and where to get it!

What is an EIN?

An EIN is like a social security number for your business. Find out if your business needs an EIN and learn how to get one for free.

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All our guides, tools, and legal templates are completely free of charge. Our goal is to make the process of starting and growing a business as easy as possible.

Thank you for watching, and good luck starting your own business.

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Start a Business in your State

Start your business today with our simple step-by-step guide. In case you want help, we also include contact information for free business resources in every metro region in the United States.

Local Resources

Get Help Starting a Business Near You

We understand that creating an LLC and getting your business up and running comes with many challenges. To help you succeed, we compiled the best local resources in every major metro area in your state. You can get free assistance in the following areas:

  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Business Planning
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Research Assistance
  • Financial Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Legal Assistance
  • Coworking
  • Product Development

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LLC Legal Forms

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