How to Start an LLC

Learn how to form an LLC in a few simple steps using TRUiC's free guide. By making the process easy to understand, we hope to get you on the path to forming your limited liability company, and ultimately achieving your dreams. Forming your LLC is as easy as selecting your state!

Five Easy Steps to Start an LLC

Five Basic Steps to Start an LLC:

  • Step 1. Select a State
  • Step 2. Name your LLC
  • Step 3. Choose a Registered Agent
  • Step 4. File the Articles of Organization
  • Step 5. Create an Operating Agreement

Learn the Basics of LLC Formation

Before jumping into the LLC formation process you should familiarize yourself with key terms. Visit our learning page before you incorporate.

What is an LLC?

Find out what an LLC is and why should you form an LLC instead of an S-corp or C-corp?

What Is an Operating Agreement?

Find out whether or not your state requires this document, why you may need one, and where to get it!

What is a registered agent?

You can't form an LLC without a registered agent. Learn what it is, and whether you should get a registered agent service.

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