Best Website Builder 2021

Choosing a website builder is the first step in creating a website for your business. If you’re not an experienced website developer or just don’t want to spend the time to build a website from scratch, then a drag-and-drop website builder is absolutely the best option for you.

Read on to see our rankings of the best website builder of 2021, comparisons, pricing, and recommendations that will help you make the best choice for your small business.

Looking for the TL;DR?

The GoDaddy Website Builder comes out on top as our #1 best website builder for small businesses.

Best Website Builder

GoDaddy: Best Overall Experience

GoDaddy’s website builder is about as simple and straightforward as you can get. Just answer a few questions and in about five minutes you’ll have a full website for your business.

While you may not get some of the bells and whistles offered by the other website builders, you won’t miss them if you’re a small business owner who doesn’t want to fuss around with your website all day long.

Starting at $6.99 per month (30% discount), GoDaddy is our top-rated website builder for small businesses.

Read our full GoDaddy Website Builder Review or try GoDaddy.

Wix: Great for Creatives

With an intuitive user interface and tons of customization options, Wix makes an excellent choice for anyone who wants a clean, professional website without the fuss of coding or using expensive, imported themes.

All small businesses can benefit from Wix’s market analysis and metrics tools to track their sales data and inventory. Larger companies can work with Wix to develop an Enterprise plan with metrics tailored to their website and specific business needs.

Wix plans start at $14 per month.

Read our full Wix Website Builder Review or try Wix.

Shopify: Best for Ecommerce

Shopify is a favored choice among small business owners not only for its ease of use and affordability, but also because it has lots of room for personalization and offers thoughtful features and metrics. Moreover, Shopify primarily focuses on providing a dedicated ecommerce platform. That means you can trust its customer service team to have extensive experience helping online business owners reach their full potential.

Shopify plans start at $29 per month.

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WordPress: Great for Blogs

While it’s technically a content management system (CMS), WordPress still belongs on our list of best website builders because a number of its themes and plug-ins provide advanced, drag-and-drop capabilities.

Of the website builders on this list, WordPress is the least welcoming to new users. However, those who power through, are rewarded with unparalleled customization capabilities. If you’re a blogger or want complete control over every aspect of your website, then WordPress is the right platform for you.

WordPress plans start at $2.95 per month.

Read our full WordPress Review or try WordPress hosted by Bluehost.

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Recommended Website Builder

For most small businesses that need a simple-to-use, yet attractive website, we recommend the GoDaddy Website Builder.

1. GoDaddy Website Builder

The GoDaddy website builder ranks No. 1 on our list of the best website builders for several reasons. Specifically, GoDaddy excels at simplicity and speed.

When you use the GoDaddy website builder for the first time, it’ll ask you a few simple questions about your business.

Best website builder.

Based on your answers, GoDaddy will automatically generate a complete website with your business’s name. In less than five minutes, you’ll have a beautiful website — complete with the pages you’ll need to get started.

Obviously, you’ll still need to update the information on your website’s pages to accurately reflect your business’s services or products. But, those changes are minimal.

GoDaddy Website Builder Pros

  • Speed: With GoDaddy, you can build a complete website in less than five minutes.
  • Simplicity: You don’t need to know anything about website design to create a professional website tailored to your business.
  • Effective Marketing Tools: GoDaddy websites include a robust back end that gives you access to some basic, yet powerful marketing tools. These features can help you expand your business’s online presence from just a website to social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and a Google My Business™ listing.

GoDaddy Website Builder Cons

  • Limited Flexibility: For most small businesses, the simplicity of the GoDaddy website builder is a pro, not a con. Businesses that need more flexibility and expandability in their website options, however, may miss the mark with this tool.
  • Basic Ecommerce Functionality: While the ecommerce options included may work reasonably well for small online shops, larger stores may want to opt for a dedicated ecommerce platform like Shopify.
  • Limited Customization: In order to make its website builder as simple to use as possible, GoDaddy limits some of the layout customization options. This means you’re probably out of luck if you want to move a button five pixels to the right. GoDaddy isn’t designed for perfectionists.
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GoDaddy Website Builder - 4.6/5

The GoDaddy website builder is an awesome tool for small business owners looking to quickly create a website. It’s also one of the least expensive options, ranging from only $6.99 per month (30% discount) to $24.99 per month.

Try the GoDaddy Website Builder.

2. Website Builder offers an ultra-user-friendly, drag-and-drop Site Editor dashboard that makes it easy to build a website in a matter of hours without writing a single line of code. 

With dozens of highly attractive website templates and outstanding customer service, is an excellent choice for any small business owner with no previous experience building a website. Website Builder Pros

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop Site Editor
  • Thousands of photos through Unsplash available within the Site Editor
  • Dozens of attractive customizable templates
  • Excellent customer service Website Builder Cons

  • Images can be tricky to edit
  • Loading times can be slow
  • No free trial

While is a bit more expensive than some website builders, its intuitive interface, access to thousands of eye-catching royalty-free photos, and impressive SEO offerings make it ideal for beginners who have no website-building experience. does not offer a free trial, but plans start at $1.95 for the first thirty days, making it possible to try this website builder out without spending a lot of cash. Plans can be canceled at any time if you are unsatisfied with the service.

The Truic Flame Logo Website Builder - 4.4/5 is the best choice for first-time website creators who need a simple, easy-to-use interface and automatic access to thousands of attractive photos.


3. Wix Website Builder

Wix offers a popular, versatile website builder that can meet the needs of just about any small business. With drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of unique themes, Wix makes it easy to create a website that showcases your talents, services, and products.

Wix Website Builder Pros

  • Generous Storage Space: Each Wix plan includes plenty of storage capacity to house your website’s images, blog posts, documents, audio and video files, and other data. If you buy a Wix Business & Ecommerce plan, there’s no limit to how many products you can offer in your online store.
  • Secure Online Transactions: Every Wix website comes with a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, a secure online payment platform, and the ability to add third-party integrations for selling tickets, accepting reservations, and booking classes and events.
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support: Wix has a massive library of help topics, a dedicated customer service team, and priority support for VIP plans. You can rest assured that your website is in the hands of trained staff who want you to succeed.

Wix Website Builder Cons

  • Slow Loading Speeds: Many Wix users report losing web traffic due to slow page-loading speeds. Wix continues to work on improving its speed, but this template-heavy platform still lags a bit behind its hypertext markup language (HTML)-based competitors.
  • Easy Entrance, Difficult Exit: Wix makes it easy to get a domain and build your website, but Wix sites don’t migrate well to other web hosting providers. If you choose to leave, you may need to use a third-party app to avoid losing valuable information during the data transfer.
  • More Basic Metrics: Wix’s business and ecommerce analytics aren’t as robust as those offered by some of its competitors. If you need the most detailed metrics, you’ll have to install and connect Google Analytics™ to your website.

Wix offers plans for websites with and without ecommerce stores, making it a good fit for a wide variety of service and retail-based businesses as well as freelancers, artists, and other solo professionals. It provides an intuitive website-building interface and lots of customization options, but choose carefully because not all Wix templates are compatible with each other.

Wix is affordable and feature-rich with plans starting at $14 per month, making it the website builder of choice for a broad range of industries.  If you’re not satisfied, Wix offers a 14-day, money-back guarantee on your first plan purchase.

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Wix Website Builder - 4.3/5

Wix is the most popular drag-and-drop website builder on the market. It's not quite as simple as GoDaddy, but it gives you a bit more flexibility if your business needs a more complex website.

Try Wix.

4. Shopify Website Builder

Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce website builders for small businesses. It offers hundreds of professional themes, a store full of apps for true customization, and a reliable, SSL-protected online storefront. Shopify plans cover several tiers of service so you can choose one that fits your business and your budget.

Shopify Website Builder Pros

  • Unlimited Storage: You get all the room you need for your products, photos, data, and other website information. With Shopify, you also won’t face any restrictions on how many items you can sell in your online store.
  • Intuitive Controls: Shopify provides a well-organized, intuitive dashboard for navigating your business’s metrics. It’s also easy to use Shopify’s customization menus for building your website, enabling you to efficiently create and update your site. If you like to work in HTML, you can go beyond Shopify’s available themes by uploading your own or coding new themes directly into your site.
  • Integrated Features: Shopify enables you to connect and manage your business’s social media accounts as well as other alternate sales channels right from your dashboard. In addition, you can manage your blog posts directly from the customization menu and/or the main Shopify dashboard.

Shopify Website Builder Cons

  • No Autosave Function: Shopify lacks autosave functionality so users must regularly save their work to avoid losing their changes.
  • Higher App Costs: Shopify has an app store with thousands of plug-ins to help you create your ideal website, but some have a steep price tag and/or subscription fees.
  • Transaction Fees: Unless your customers use the Shopify Payments online payment gateway, Shopify will charge you a transaction fee every time you accept money for your goods.

Given Shopify’s ecommerce focus, you’ll get 24/7 support from a customer service team trained to help you maximize your online business. You also can integrate the Shopify Point-of-Sale (POS) Lite app or other POS systems into your brick-and-mortar stores so all your transactions run on the same software.

Shopify is a favored choice among small business owners not only for its ease of use and affordability, but also because it has lots of room for personalization and offers thoughtful features and metrics.

If you want to try Shopify before committing to a plan, you can get a 14-day, free trial. Shopify’s plans fit the budgets of most small businesses and start at just $29 per month.

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Shopify Website Builder - 4/5

If you're building an ecommerce website or online shop Shopify is hands down the best website builder for your business.

Try Shopify.

5. WordPress Website Builder

Founded in 2003, WordPress is an open-source CMS. This means it’s infinitely customizable, enabling you to modify your website to meet your business’s evolving needs. WordPress comes with a drag-and-drop web page and blog post builder called Gutenberg, but site owners also can install more advanced builders if desired. In addition, if you have some knowledge of cascading style sheets (CSS) or HTML, you’ll have the ability to edit your website to meet your exact needs.

WordPress Website Builder Pros

  • Nearly Free Price Tag: While the WordPress software is free, website owners must still purchase a domain name and a web hosting package.
  • Moderate Ease of Use: Even though WordPress isn’t as intuitive as some of the other website builders on this list, if you have decent technical skills, you can learn to use this platform.
  • Vast Marketplace: You’ll find tens of thousands of free (and paid) themes and plug-ins available for WordPress. These premade themes and plug-ins can help you enhance your website’s appearance and functionality.
  • Business Platform Integrations: WordPress easily integrates with many popular business platforms, such as Hubspot®, WooCommerce®, ActiveCampaign®, and more.

WordPress Website Builder Cons

  • No WYSIWYG Experience: WordPress isn’t a true drag-and-drop website builder, meaning you won’t get a true “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) experience. If you use WordPress, you’ll need to accept this fact and feel comfortable using a more iterative process when designing your website.
  • More Responsibility: As a WordPress website owner, you’ll have sole responsibility for managing site updates, backups, security, and all maintenance tasks.
  • Target for Hackers: WordPress websites are prime targets for hackers. You’ll need to take extra security measures to protect your website — and its data — from cyberattacks.

WordPress makes an excellent platform for bloggers and small business owners who have some technical skills. WordPress websites can be incredibly fast, mobile-friendly, and you can find hosting plans starting at just $2.95 per month from Bluehost.

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WordPress Website Builder - 4.4/5

WordPress is the best pick for blogs and tech-savvy business owners. It can also be the cheapest solution with web hosting plans starting as little as $2.95 per month.

Try WordPress hosted by Bluehost.

Read our full WordPress Review.

6. Weebly Website Builder

Launched in 2006, the Weebly® website builder is one of the most flexible website builders available. It allows you to drag and drop blocks of content where you want instead of limiting you to using predesigned sections. If you have experience with HTML and CSS, you’ll have the option to edit that code in Weebly for further customization. But, even straight out of the box, Weebly can help you create a professional-looking website.

Weebly Website Builder Pros

  • Flexible Page Layouts: Most website builders limit you to predesigned sections, but Weebly allows you to drag content blocks — such as text, titles, and images — to the area where you want them to appear on your site and drop them there.
  • Theme Flexibility: You can switch themes if you decide the original one you chose isn’t working the way you want.
  • Huge App Store: You’ve likely heard the saying, “There’s an app for that.” With Weebly, that’s true. The Weebly App Center allows you to easily add functionality to your website.

Weebly Website Builder Cons

  • No H1 Headings: H1 headings are important for search engine optimization (SEO) and they don’t come standard with Weebly. But, you can use a free app to add an H1 heading to each page of your site.
  • Blah Blogging Capabilities: If your business model focuses on blogging as a way to earn money, look elsewhere. Weebly’s blogging capabilities aren’t robust enough for that. They will, however, suffice for websites that want to publish an occasional blog post.
  • No Mobile Editing: Unlike some website builders, Weebly doesn’t have an easy way to change how your website’s content will appear on a smartphone or other mobile device. You’ll have to make edits at the desktop level.

Weebly offers a great platform for small business owners who need a simple website for their business. It’s fast and flexible as well as inexpensive with plans ranging from $6 to $26 per month.

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Weebly Website Builder - 3.9/5

Overall, the Weebly website builder doesn't dazzle us. You can create websites with it and it's fairly simple to use, but other tools like GoDaddy or WIX have all that and more.

Try Weebly.

7. Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace® consistently offers gorgeous templates, making it possible for small businesses to create elegant websites. With the launch of its latest version, Squarespace 7.1, it’s now even easier to create the website of your dreams. By providing multiple features that make it easy to run a local or small business, Squarespace can help you get your brand off the ground.

Squarespace Website Builder Pros

  • Ecommerce Functionality: There’s no limit to the products you can offer on a Squarespace website. From memberships and digital products to physical items and appointments, Squarespace has features to help your business grow and maintain customer loyalty. But, some of these features come with an added cost.
  • Strong Marketing Features: With versatile email marketing campaigns, cross-platform social media features, and access to dynamic analytics, Squarespace excels at providing marketing features designed to help you succeed. Even better, all Squarespace plans include its powerful marketing features and SEO tools.
  • Very Customizable: Truly understanding business owners who seek both flexibility and perfection, Squarespace offers hundreds of templates to help them find the one that exactly meets their needs. With its handy “undo” button, you can always reverse any changes you make to your site. Squarespace also has designers you can hire to do the heavy lifting for you.

Squarespace Website Builder Cons

  • No Free Plan: Squarespace offers a free, 14-day trial, but absolutely no way to host a website for free. This can pressure you to purchase a plan or lose all your work.
  • Multiple Versions: With both Squarespace 7.0 as well as the new and improved Squarespace 7.1 operating at the same time, it can prove challenging to troubleshoot issues. Most online material that appears helpful may address a separate version.
  • Overwhelming Options: The beauty of Squarespace is that it offers a lot of features. But, all those options can sometimes feel overwhelming. Despite streamlining its customization options, Squarespace still manages to throw so much at you that building your site can seem like a never-ending process.

Squarespace does come with some higher costs and features that may feel overwhelming, but, overall, it still provides a great platform for small businesses. Check out Squarespace’s plans, which start at $12 per month.

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Squarespace Website Builder - 3.8/5

Squarespace offers a wide range of website customization options for small businesses, but it may feel overwhelming to use. Unless you have a specific reason to go with Squarespace we would recommend another builder.

Try Squarespace.

Overall, the GoDaddy website builder is best for small businesses looking to easily create a professional website.

The simplicity of the GoDaddy website builder can help any small, local business avoid having to hire developers or feel overwhelmed by the website design process. It may not be the flashiest option out there, but GoDaddy’s ease of use and affordability make it our favorite.


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