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Simvoly Website Builder Review For Business

If you are looking to build a website for your small business, you might have come across the Simvoly website builder. This Simvoly review will help you decide whether the Simvoly website builder is the right platform for your company. 

This article will cover Simvoly pricing, pros and cons, ease of use, flexibility and expandability, search engine optimization (SEO), and support. By the end, you’ll know if having a Simvoly website is right for your business.

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Simvoly Website Builder Review

Simvoly Website Builder Review - Summary

Simvoly is a user-friendly and affordable website creation platform that provides marketing funnel capabilities along with webpage, blog, and ecommerce creation. Below, we'll dig into some pros and cons of this builder, and compare it to the competition.

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Get Started With Simvoly

If you're ready to get started on your new website, you can try the Simvoly Website Builder for free.


  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Variety of page templates
  • Comparatively affordable plans
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Impressive uptime


  • No email marketing tool
  • No photo editing
  • No shipping service integrations
  • Some users report slow response times from customer service

Simvoly vs. Other Website Builders

While Simvoly does not offer the complete freedom and expandability, it is easy to use, especially for beginners. It also offers market funneling creation, which many popular website platforms lack.

Simvoly White Label packages are designed to allow you to create landing pages, online stores, and other sites for clients, a feature lacking on some popular website platforms.

Simvoly Website Builder Pricing

Simvoly offers four pricing levels: Personal, Business, Growth, and Pro. Each plan is designed with a different type of user in mind. Here, we will provide a brief overview of each plan and recommend what type of business it might be best for.

Simvoly Personal Plan

The Simvoly Personal Plan includes all of the core features to build a website, plus email marketing and sales funnel functionality. This plan is comparable to the basic plans on most website-building platforms.

Core Offerings

The Simvoly Personal Plan includes all the features necessary to create an attractive website with most of the functions a small business needs for a simple yet professional website.

  • Page Builder: Simvoly drag-and-drop dashboard makes it easy to add, remove, and rearrange website sections, pages, text, media, and other standard website elements.
  • One Website: Create a single site to meet all of your business’s needs.
  • One Domain Connection: Connect a unique, customized website address to your page.
  • 20 pages: Include up to 20 different pages on your website.
  • 10 GB Traffic/Bandwidth: Accommodates approximately 10,000 visitors per month.
  • Free SSL Certificate: Ensures the safety of your website and increases SEO.
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM): Manage all your leads, form submissions, members, orders, and customers from one place with this tool.
  • One Operator: This person can be assigned to a Booking Event.
  • Live Chat Support: Get instant answers to questions and help with any website issues.
  • Two Admins: Give two team members access to your project and set access levels for each team member.
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee: Try Simvoly and, if you are unsatisfied with the platform, you can cancel and receive a full refund (only available with annual pay).


In addition to a primary webpage, you can add an online store with the Personal Plan. Sell your products and services directly from your website.

  • Online Store: Sell any type of product, membership, or service.
  • Customizable Cart: Set up the checkout cart however you want.
  • Discount Codes: Offer special deals for your visitors and members.
  • Five Products: Sell up to five items in your online store.
  • 25 Membership Accounts: Offer subscription memberships that include exclusive content, discounts, and other perks.
  • 0% Transaction Fee: Simvoly takes no surcharge per transaction.

Email Marketing and Funnels

In addition to standard web pages and an online store, the Personal Plan offers email marketing and sales funnel services.

  • 100 Subscribers: Up to 100 visitors can sign up for your email newsletters.
  • 1200 Emails Per Month: Send up to 1200 individual messages per month.
  • One Funnel: Link your pages with multi-step calls to action (CTAs) to promote sales, lead generation, or promotional campaigns.
  • A/B Funnel Testing: Determine which CTAs are most effective.
  • Funnel Analytics: Detailed data analyzing how your visitors are progressing through the steps of your funnel.


The Simvoly Personal Plan costs $12 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $144. If billed monthly, the rate is $18 per month for a yearly total of $216.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Personal Plan is ideal for writers or artists who want an attractive page to display their work. It also works well as an online resume or CV. 

While the Personal Plan does include an ecommerce element (something the basic plans from most platforms don’t offer), this plan isn’t the best choice for most online sellers, considering the limited number of products and memberships.

Check out the Simvoly Personal Plan starting at $12 per month.

Simvoly Business Plan

The Simvoly Business Plan includes all of the features of the Personal Plan while upgrading some features and adding several features to the funnel functionality.

Core Offerings

In addition to the Personal Plan’s core offerings, the Business Plan makes the following additions and upgrades.

  • Six Domain Connections
  • Unlimited Pages
  • 60 GB Traffic/Bandwidth: Accommodates approximately 60,000 visitors per month.
  • Quizzes and Surveys: Create multi-step quizzes and surveys with score collection and custom thank you pages based on score.
  • Four Services: These are the services that can be assigned to a Booking Event as an optional step. Each service can have its own image, description, and duration.
  • Five Admins


The Business Plan offers several upgrades to the Personal Plan’s ecommerce solution.

  • 100 Products
  • 200 Membership Accounts
  • Recurring Payments: Create subscriptions or accept payments in installments for any type of product. Each customer has a profile to manage their subscriptions and order history.

Email Marketing and Funnels

This is where the Business Plan really distinguishes itself from the Personal Plan. The funnel offerings of the Business Plan take it to new heights.

  • Five Funnels
  • Funnel Checkouts: With Custom Checkouts, you can create sales funnels. This allows you to have a fully personalized checkout with all the sales analytics, upsells, downsells, and more.
  • Bump Offers: Offer additional perks in your checkout just before your visitors complete their order. Perfect for upsells of any kind to increase order value.
  • One-Click Upsells and Downsells: Offer additional products right after checkout— customers can upgrade their order with a single click.


The Simvoly Personal Plan costs $24 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $288. If billed monthly, the rate is $32 per month for a yearly total of $384.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Business Plan is ideal for small businesses that rely heavily on sales funnel marketing. The ecommerce offerings in this plan also make it more affordable than many ecommerce plans with other platforms, assuming your company sells under 100 products.

Check out the Simvoly Business Plan starting at $24 per month.

Simvoly Growth Plan

The Simvoly Growth Plan offers all of the features of the Business Plan while drastically expanding its ecommerce volume.

Core Offerings

In addition to the Business Plan’s core offerings, the Growth Plan makes the following additions and upgrades.

  • Three Websites
  • 33 Domain Connections
  • 120 GB Traffic/Bandwidth: Accommodates approximately 120,000 visitors per month.
  • Five Operators
  • Ten Services
  • 33 Admins
  • White Label Option: Offer your own branded version of the platform under your domain.


The Growth Plan offers all of the ecommerce features of the Business Plan. In addition, it includes unlimited products and unlimited membership accounts.

Email Marketing and Funnels

The Growth Plan offers all of the email marketing and sales funnel features of the Business Plan. In addition, it includes 500 subscribers and 6,000 individual emails per month. 


The Simvoly Growth Plan costs $79 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $948. If billed monthly, the rate is $99 per month for a yearly total of $1,188.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Growth Plan is best for established businesses with robust online sales, memberships, and monthly visitors. The multiple websites and administrator slots make this plan ideal for companies with multiple branches, each needing its own online presence.

With its comparatively hefty price tag, this is probably not the plan for new businesses.

Check out the Simvoly Growth Plan starting at $79 per month.

Simvoly Pro Plan

The Simvoly Pro Plan offers all of the features of the Growth Plan while drastically expanding the volume of core and funnel features.

Core Offerings

In addition to the Growth Plan’s core features, the Pro Plan makes the following upgrades.

  • Ten Websites
  • Unlimited Domain Connections
  • 400 GB Traffic/Bandwith: Accommodates approximately 400,000 visitors per month.
  • Ten Operators
  • 20 Services
  • 100 Admins


The ecommerce offerings of the Pro Plan are identical to those of the Growth Plan.

Email Marketing and Funnels

The Pro Plan makes the following upgrades to the Growth Plan’s email and funnel marketing offerings.

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • 1,000 Subscribers
  • 12,000 Emails Per Month


The Simvoly Pro Plan costs $199 per month when billed annually for a yearly total of $2,388. If billed monthly, the rate is $249 per month for a yearly total of $2,988.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Pro Plan is ideal for larger companies with complex funnel marketing strategies and a large number of subscribers. 

The expanded core offerings of the Pro Plan provide plenty of opportunities to develop a company’s online presence through multiple websites with plenty of team members granted admin status.

Check out the Simvoly Pro Plan starting at $199 per month.

Simvoly Emails and Automation Add-Ons

In addition to the offerings included with each plan, Simvoly offers email and automation add-ons. These add-ons increase the number of subscribers and individual monthly emails.

Review of Simvoly website builder.

How Simple Is the Simvoly Website Builder?

Working with the Simvoly Website Builder is fairly straightforward. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add sections, pages, and elements to any part of your site.

Getting Started and Customization

To sign up for Simvoly, go to and click on the red Get Started button in the top right corner. 

On the next screen, create your Simvoly login: enter your name and email address, then create a password. Check the box next to I am not a robot, then the box next to I agree with the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Then, press the blue Get Started button at the bottom.

Review of Simvoly website builder.

Once you have created your Simvoly membership, you are ready to set up your website.

When you finish setting up your account, the next page will present you with a selection of Simvoly templates.

The Simvoly website templates are divided into four categories: Website, Online Store, Landing Page, and Funnels. Within each of these categories, templates are further divided into subcategories by industry or purpose.

Review of Simvoly website builder.

To take a closer look at a template, hover over it and press the View button that appears. This will open a preview of the template.

Browse through the templates and choose one that you feel will work best for your business. When you have chosen one, open the preview and click the blue Start With This Theme button at the center top.

Simvoly will prompt you to come up with a name for your site. This is for your use and will not be visible to visitors.

Simvoly will then bring up a five-minute YouTube tutorial video you can watch to get some instruction on how to get your website started. Once you are finished with the video, close it out, and you will see the Simvoly content management system (CMS), known as the Builder.

From this dashboard, you can adjust and rearrange your website to fit your needs.

Creating and Changing Content

Simvoly Builder dashboard makes it quick and easy to change the appearance and contents of your site.

Adding a Block

Simvoly refers to the sections of your page as Blocks. To add a block to your site, hover over the border between the two existing blocks where you want to insert the new block. Click the blue Add Block button that appears. A window will open to allow you to choose the type of block you want to add. You can choose from the following:

  • Hero
  • Services
  • Call to Action
  • Image and Text
  • Texts
  • Video
  • Galleries
  • Checkouts
  • Teams and Testimonials
  • Menu/Pricing
  • Contacts
  • Footers
  • Empty Block

Choose the layout you want to use and click on it. The new block will appear on your page.

Review of Simvoly website builder.

Adding New Pages

You can add as many pages as you want to any Simvoly site. Simvoly offers pre-made page layouts, or you can design one yourself from scratch.

To add a page on Simvoly, click Pages, the top button in the vertical series of buttons on the left side of the Builder. Click the blue + Add New button at the top of the Pages and Popups window that opens. An Add New window will pop up. Click Page.

Review of Simvoly website builder.

A window will open, presenting you with a selection of pre-made page layouts. You can create a blank page or choose from the following types of pages:

  • Lead generation
  • Webinars
  • Checkout
  • Product
  • Thank you
  • Home
  • About/Team
  • Contact
  • Landing page
  • Events
  • Coming soon
  • Pricing
  • Membership/Course
  • Coupon

Review of Simvoly website builder.

Choose the page you want to add and click Select. Enter the name of the page. Click Add.

Simvoly Flexibility & Expandability

It is essential to create a website that can grow alongside your business. As your business expands, you need a website flexible enough to accommodate that expansion. 

Before you commit to a website platform, you need to ensure that you can change your site whenever necessary. This may involve building new pages, increasing your bandwidth, offering more items in your online store, or adding a blog.

You also may need to incorporate add-ons or plug-ins as your business offers new services.

Below is a look at Simvoly’s flexibility and expandability to help you decide whether Simvoly is the right platform for your company’s website.

Included Tools

  • Drag-and-drop interface - The Simvoly Builder is easy to use, even for beginners with no website creation experience.
  • Funnel builder - Create a marketing funnel in one dashboard. Simvoly offers funnel templates, or you can create your own from scratch.
  • White Label website builder - Create your own brand to create websites, marketing funnels, landing pages, and more for your clients.
  • Online store - Sell products or services directly from your website.
  • Blog - Publish relevant content to engage visitors, create brand awareness, and increase traffic to your website.
  • Analytics - View live statistics on visitors and customer engagement.
  • SSL certificate - Ensure that your site is safe for your visitors.
  • One-click upsells - Make it easy for customers to upgrade their purchases.
  • Subscriptions - Get visitors to sign up for email newsletters, exclusive content, and other perks.
  • Dozens of attractive website templates - Choose the layout that best fits your brand.

  • Customer Support - Get help with any issues you run into while creating or maintaining your site.

Simvoly Add-Ons and Plugins

Add-ons and plugins are third-party programs you can add to your site to create additional functionality.

Simvoly is compatible with the following popular add-ons:

  • Mailchimp
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Google Analytics

Flexibility & Expandability Summary

With its core features and add-ons, a website created with Simvoly can perform virtually all of the functions most small businesses will require.

In addition, users can change their Simvoly plan at any time. While a website cannot be directly imported into a new template, you can create a new site using the template you want to use and copy all of your content over, one page at a time.

In all, you should be able to alter your website as your business grows.

Simvoly Website Builder SEO

SEO is a crucial element of any website. SEO practices can allow your website to rank high on search engine results pages (SERP).

Most users only look at the first page of results on a search engine, so your site needs to rank as high as possible.

Simvoly offers several features to boost SEO and increase your website’s traffic.

Basic Simvoly SEO Features

Simvoly offers the following SEO-boosting features:

  • SSL protection
  • Flexible page URLs
  • Meta descriptions/titles
  • Alt tags
  • Header tags
  • Responsive design
  • Rapid page loading
  • Unique domain (free for one year with a paid plan)

Simvoly Website Builder SEO Summary

Simvoly offers the same basic SEO-boosting features that most of its competitors provide.

Simvoly Support

User reviews on Simvoly’s customer support are a mixed bag. Some users rave about how knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive Simvoly customer support agents have been in their interactions.

Other users complain about huge lags in response time from customer support, sometimes weeks long.

Simvoly offers a limited number of tutorials and trouble-shooting videos and articles. These are helpful for some issues but don’t effectively replace human response to website creation or maintenance problems.

Simvoly Alternatives

If you’re still unsure whether or not the Simvoly website builder is right for your small business, check out some of our other reviews to see if there’s a tool that will better suit your needs.

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Simvoly Website Builder Review - Conclusion

Simvoly offers a highly user-friendly interface and an impressive market funneling tool. Its ecommerce features are acceptable for small online stores, although not ideal for more extensive inventories. Its SEO tools are standard, and websites created on this platform are reasonably flexible.

Who Shouldn’t Use This Tool

  • Companies with a large ecommerce inventory
  • Businesses that largely depend on SEO for customer acquisition
  • Large companies

Who Should Use This Tool

  • Small or local businesses
  • Small marketing firms
  • Businesses that rely on marketing funnels
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