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12 Best Business Website Examples Built With Zyro

With its intuitive interface, attractive templates, and artificial intelligence (AI) content creator, the Zyro website builder offers plenty of innovative features. 

But can you use it to build a small business website that’ll accurately reflect your brand and boost its visibility? To see what’s possible with Zyro, check out these 12 best business website examples created with the Zyro website builder

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12 Best Business Website Examples Built With Zyro

Zyro is known for being user-friendly and intuitive. Through extensive research, we've found the top 12 best Zyro websites to use as inspiration for making your own.

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Monika Rimienė (Interior Designer)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

This website for designer Monika Rimiene features plenty of white space interspersed with stylish, black-and-white and color photos. It’s elegant in its simplicity, alternating white and gray backgrounds with two colorful photo galleries.

There's also several gallery layouts, and the designer has made sure to connect their Instagram feed, a great way to instantly connect visitors to other ways to engage with this content. Plus, having social icons for both Instagram and Pinterest allows readers to stay inspired and want to continue to follow along with what Monika has in store next.

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Video Camp (Videographer)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

As you might expect, professional videographer Vitalis Mika’s website, Video Camp, makes excellent use of video clips. It pairs videos shot in various styles with simple text that highlights the benefits of well-constructed video for effective marketing.

Making good use of Zyro's ability to connect to YouTube, Mika is able to show off several moving pictures throughout the site. Plus, there's a handy chat bot feature that allows new site visitors to instantly connect with the team behind Video Camp.

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Stoicshirt (Clothing Retailer)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Stoicshirt's simple, three-page website features a clean, easy-to-navigate online store. It also uses attractive photos, video, and minimal text to allow the clothes to speak for themselves. A fixed header with the company’s distinctive logo uses a black-on-white color scheme that ties the site’s three pages together.

Stoicshirt has also found ways to connect reviews and have made good use of direct and easy to find call to action (CTA) buttons, encouraging visitors to peruse and purchase.

LetiqueDK (Cosmetics Company)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Cosmetic comapny LetiqueDK's website uses splashes of coordinated color to create an eye-catching effect. The footer and all of the buttons on the site match the signature shade of green found on the brand’s product packaging. A solid white background supports information-rich text and an Instagram feed gallery. 

This website also includes an online store divided into sections by product type along with a “Featured Products” section.

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gud.renders (Architect)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Ugnė Gudiškė, a freelance architectural visualization renderer, used Zyro to create a highly optical website. The gud.renders homepage features a gallery of gorgeous, wall-to-wall images of Gudiškė’s designs.

Each image includes a subtle “View” button that opens a gallery of photos related to the project. Minimalistic “About” and “Contact” pages with earth-toned backgrounds round out this visually stunning site.

Jared McCormack (Author and Teacher)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Jared McCormack’s minimalist website, which primarily promotes his MFA Writers podcast, makes excellent use of text and media. The “Writing” page offers links to McCormack’s written work while the “Media” and “Podcast” pages offer subscription forms and a gallery of photos, each linking to a specific podcast episode.

As you’d expect from a writer’s website, it features compelling text throughout — all set against a simple, earth-toned background.

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OBGG (Condiments Company)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

The Open Bar Ranch Ghetto Gourmets (OBGG) website combines mouth-watering photos with glowing testimonials to tantalize visitors with its culinary offerings. 

Its online shop features product photos that enlarge slightly when visitors scroll over them. Each section on the “OBGG Recipes” page alternates between white lettering on a black background and the reverse, creating an eye-catching effect enhanced with even more appetizing photos. A contact form and events calendar complete this site’s user experience.

Stounson (Artist and Musician)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Stounson is painter, rapper, and designer Steven Mollett’s stage name. His website functions as a virtual gallery of his artwork. 

The online shop displays “Featured Products” plus links to “Art Pieces,” “Clothing,” and “Art Prints” paired with images that enlarge slightly when visitors scroll over them. The site’s “Selected Works” page features a gallery of Stounson’s artwork while the “About” page includes a single photo of the artist along with a block of text and social media icons.

Kornelija Salnaite (Translator)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Freelance translator Kornelija Salnaite’s professional-looking website uses a consistent color scheme, plentiful contact buttons, and carefully chosen visual elements. The same soothing shade of green appears throughout the site paired with plentiful white space and soft-focus, largely white photos.

A series of stylized icons adorns items on the “Services” page, and an “English” item in the navigation menu links to duplicates of each of the site’s pages with the text in English.

In-house.It (Legal Services Firm)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Legal services startup In-house.It has a website that relies heavily on text to highlight the outsourced services it provides. Other than the black-and-white cover photo on its homepage, the site consists entirely of text blocks and buttons that link to more information about In-house. It’s areas of expertise.

A silver and navy blue color scheme creates a sense of continuity across the site’s pages while a contact form and map of the firm’s location help it connect with online visitors.

Lauren Bowden (Freelance Writer)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

Freelance writer Lauren Bowden combines humorous text, attractive images, and straightforward layouts to create an engaging website. A solid blue, unfixed header features white-lettered links to each page of the site that disappear when visitors open a page. 

A simple photo grid links to Bowden’s writing portfolio while a contact form, social media icons, and “Contact me” and ”Get in Touch” buttons give visitors plenty of ways to connect with Bowden. The site’s colorful images stand out against solid backgrounds that alternate between white and blue.

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The Daily Doodle Art (Independent Artist Collective)

Example of a website built with Zyro.

The website for The Daily Doodle Art makes excellent use of a black-and-white color scheme. The only splashes of color on the entire site appear in its online store where most of the prints for sale feature bright hues that really pop against the monochromatic surroundings. 

Buttons linking to various artists’ galleries appear throughout the site, providing plenty of visual stimulation. A subscription button and a contact form also make it easy for visitors to connect with members of The Daily Doodle Art collective.

Final Thoughts

As these examples demonstrate, the Zyro website builder enables you to create an enticing online presence for your small business — in any industry.

To learn more, be sure to check out our How To Make a Zyro Website and How to Use Zyro guides.

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