Zyro Pricing and Plans for Small Businesses

The Zyro™ website builder is a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform for creating a website without writing any code. This Zyro review breaks down Zyro pricing, including the features included with each Zyro price tier and what type of business is best for each of the Zyro plans. 

With the information provided in this guide, you will have a clear idea of Zyro cost and which website plan is best for your small business.

Zyro pricing and plans.

Before You Begin

You can construct a Zyro website for free, but you must sign up for a paid plan before you publish the site. It is essential to know Zyro prices and the features included with each plan level. This will ensure that your website meets your budget and offers all the functionalities your business needs.

Zyro pricing and plans.

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The Zyro Basic Plan

The Zyro Basic Plan includes some great tools and features to get your business website started.


Core Offerings

  • 3 GB bandwidth - helps your website load quickly for visitors
  • 1 GB storage - provides plenty of space for the images, videos, text, and other elements you want to display on your website
  • Domain connection - if you have your own domain, you can connect it to your website
  • Designer templates - choose the layout you find most attractive and customize it for your business
  • Free web hosting - server space to store your site
  • Custom favicon - create an icon to represent your brand; displays on browser address bars and bookmark lists
  • No Zyro ads - your page will not be cluttered with any Zyro ads
  • Money-back guarantee - if you are unsatisfied with Zyro’s services, you can receive a full refund

Branding and SEO Offerings

  • Free email - create a professional email branded for your business
  • SSL certificate - security verification that deters hacking and increases search engine optimization (SEO)
  • SEO optimized templates - all Zyro templates are designed to boost SEO
  • AI branding tools - Zyro’s AI can help you create a business name, logo, slogan, and even text for your website
  • Blogging tools - increase your site’s traffic with quality content and create brand awareness


The Zyro Basic Plan costs $2.90 per month when billed annually for a total of $34.80, making it one of the most affordable starter plans on the market.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Basic Plan is perfect for artists or writers who want an eye-catching website to display their work. It also works well as an online resume or CV.

If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t plan to sell products in an online store, you may want to start with the Basic Plan, especially if you have never built a website before. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

The Zyro Unleashed Plan

The Zyro Unleashed Plan includes all of the features of the Basic Plan, upgrades some of them, and adds integrations for analytics and customer support.

Core Offerings

  • Unlimited bandwidth - makes it possible to scale your business and accommodate increasing numbers of visitors to your site
  • Unlimited storage - never worry about having enough space for media on your page
  • Free domain for one year - create a free domain name that reflects your brand
  • Code embedding - you can smoothly integrate code for handy extensions like calendars, music players, and document viewers

Integration Offerings

Zyro pricing and plans.

  • Messenger live chat - allows you to communicate directly with visitors through Facebook Messenger™
  • Google Analytics™ - collects user data, allowing you to analyze your traffic and improve your site accordingly
  • Facebook Pixel™ - track Facebook ad performance
  • Google Tag Manager™ - add and manage marketing tags on your website
  • Visitor remarketing - targeted re-engagement for people who visited your website but didn’t convert
  • Stripe™ payment - one of the world’s most popular payment gateways
  • WhatsApp™ live chat - provides direct communication with visitors through the popular social media chat platform


The Zyro Unleashed Plan costs $3.90 per month when billed annually for a total of $46.80.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Unleashed Plan is ideal for small businesses like agencies and restaurants with no need for an online store. 

It is also a good solution for any small business that predicts a large number of daily visitors to its website.

The Zyro Ecommerce Plan

The Zyro Ecommerce Plan is designed for businesses that need an online store to sell a limited number of products. 

Core Offerings

The Ecommerce Plan offers all of the core features of the Unleashed Plan, with basic ecommerce functionality.

Ecommerce Offerings

Zyro pricing and plans.

  • Sell up to 100 products - your online store can offer a variety of products on one of Zyro’s eye-catching online store template options
  • Accept payments online - make checkout easy for your customers
  • Commission-free - Zyro charges no sales fee
  • Email notifications - send out order status emails featuring your company’s branding
  • Discount coupons - you can send coupons to customers through email or post discount codes on your site
  • Gift cards - your customers can purchase gift cards for your business through your site
  • Order management - a user-friendly dashboard for keeping track of orders
  • Shipping and tax management - keep track of all shipping and automatically attach invoices to confirmation emails
  • Multiple payment options - your customers can pay through all of the most popular avenues, including major credit cards, PayPalⓇ, iDeal, PayU, and more.


The Zyro Ecommerce Plan costs $9.90 per month when billed annually for a total of $118.80.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Ecommerce Plan is ideal for businesses that are just beginning to sell items online or have a limited number of products to offer.

The Zyro Ecommerce Plus Plan

The Zyro Ecommerce Plus Plan upgrades specific features of the Ecommerce Plan and offers extra features, as well.

Core Offerings

The Ecommerce Plus Plan offers all of the core features of the Ecommerce Plan.

Premium Ecommerce Offerings

  • 2500 products - sell hundreds of individual items in your online store
  • Abandoned cart recovery - users who abandon a cart can return to a pre-loaded cart
  • Multiple languages - your store can be viewed in virtually any language
  • Product filters - allows customers to search products according to specifications like price, size, availability, and more
  • Facebook Shop™ - integration to sell your wares on Facebook
  • Instagram Store™ - integration to sell your products on Instagram
  • Amazon™ integration - manage your Amazon sales through your Zyro site (USA only)


The Zyro Ecommerce Plus Plan costs $14.90 per month when billed annually for a total of $178.80.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Zyro Ecommerce Plus Plan is ideal for established online sellers who need to feature a large number of products in their online store.

Sign Up for Zyro Free Website Builder

While Zyro does not offer a free plan or a free trial period, you can build your website to your specifications before committing to a plan and launching. 

To get a feel for how Zyro works, browse its dozens of beautiful templates, see what’s possible with its editor dashboard, and start building a website on Zyro today.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clear picture of Zyro’s prices and the features included with each plan level, you can decide which plan will work best for your small business.

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