Zyro Website Builder Review for Business

If you’re looking to create a website for your small business, you’ve probably heard of Zyro. The Zyro editor offers a user-friendly experience with drag-and-drop functionality. We tested out the Zyro website builder to provide you with an in-depth review.

Our Zyro review will cover pricing, pros and cons, ease of use, online store features, and more. By the end, you’ll know if having a Zyro website is the right choice for your business.

Make sure you find the right fit for your business website. Our Best Website Builder Review has all the information you need to get started.

Zyro Website Builder Review - Summary

Zyro doesn’t feature all of the bells and whistles of some platforms, but Zyro websites are easy to build and customize at a very affordable rate. You can design an attractive, fully functional page on Zyro in a single afternoon, even if you have no experience creating websites.

Here, we will discuss Zyro pros and cons, and compare it to other website builders.

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Get Started With Zyro

In our trial of the Zyro website builder, we were impressed with how easy it was to use. You can have a professional business website up and running in just a few hours. Click the button below to get started with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Zyro


  • The Editor Dashboard is very user-friendly, even for beginners.
  • One of the most affordable platforms on the market.
  • AI tools for generating a logo, writing content text, and importing pages.
  • Easy access to royalty-free images within the Editor Dashboard


  • Template customizability is somewhat limited.
  • No free plan (you can design a page for free but must subscribe to a paid plan to publish your page).
  • AI-written content is very basic.

Compared to Other Website Builders

Zyro is among the easiest of website-building platforms to use. The Editor Dashboard interface is highly intuitive, and Zyro provides a reasonably extensive collection of articles and tutorial videos to help navigate the site.

On the other hand, websites created with Zyro do not offer some of the customization options found on other platforms. Zyro still offers incredible value, considering its features and the low cost of a Zyro plan.

Zyro Pricing

You can construct a Zyro website for free, but you must sign up for a paid plan before you publish the site. It is essential to know all about Zyro prices and the features included with each plan level to ensure that your website meets your budget and offers all the functionalities your business needs.

So how much does Zyro cost? We will break down Zyro’s pricing structure to give you an idea of what it would cost to build the website your small business needs.

The Zyro Website Plan - $2.90/Month

The Zyro Website Plan includes the tools and features to get your business website started.

Zyro website builder.

Core Offerings

  • 3 GB bandwidth - helps your website load quickly for visitors
  • 1 GB storage - provides plenty of space for the images, videos, text, and other elements you want to display on your website
  • Domain connection - if you have your own domain, you can connect it to your website
  • Designer templates - choose the layout you find most attractive and customize it for your business
  • Free web hosting - server space to store your site
  • Custom favicon - create an icon to represent your brand; displays on browser address bars and bookmark lists
  • No Zyro ads - your page will be free from any Zyro ads
  • Money-back guarantee - if you are unsatisfied with Zyro’s services you can receive a full refund

Branding and SEO Offerings

  • Free email - create a professional email branded for your business
  • SSL certificate - security verification that deters hacking and increases search engine optimization (SEO).
  • SEO optimized templates - all Zyro templates are designed to boost SEO
  • AI branding tools - Zyro’s AI can help you create a business name, logo, slogan, and even text for your website
  • Blogging tools - increase your site’s traffic with quality content and create brand awareness

Who is the Website Plan Best For?

The Website Plan is perfect for artists or writers who want an eye-catching website to display their work. It also works well as an online resume or CV.

A small business owner who doesn’t plan to sell products in an online store may want to start with the Website Plan, especially if they have never built a website before. You can upgrade your plan at any time.

Check out the Zyro Website Plan for $2.90 per month.

The Zyro Business Plan - $4.90/Month

The Zyro Business Plan includes all of the features of the Website Plan, upgrades some of them, and adds integrations for analytics and customer support.

Core Offerings

  • Unlimited bandwidth - makes it possible to scale your business and accommodate increasing numbers of visitors to your site
  • Unlimited storage - never worry about having enough space for media on your page
  • Free domain for one year - create a free domain name that reflects your brand
  • Code embedding - you can smoothly integrate code for handy extensions like calendars, music players, and document viewers

Integration Offerings

Zyro website builder.

  • Messenger live chat - allows you to communicate directly with visitors through Facebook Messenger
  • Google Analytics - collects user data, allowing you to analyze your traffic and improve your site accordingly
  • Facebook  pixel - track Facebook ad performance
  • Google Tag Manager - add and manage marketing tags on your website
  • Visitor remarketing - targets people who visited your website but didn’t convert to convince them to re-engage
  • Stripe payment - one of the world’s most popular payment gateways
  • WhatsApp live chat - provides direct communication with visitors through the popular social media chat platform

Who Is the Business Plan Best For?

The Business Plan is ideal for small businesses like agencies and restaurants with no need for an online store. 

It is also a good solution for any small business that predicts many daily visitors on its website.

Check out the Zyro Business Plan for $4.90 per month.

The Zyro Online Store Plan - $8.90/Month

The Zyro Online Store Plan is designed for businesses that need an online store to sell a limited number of products. 

Core Offerings

The Online Store Plan offers all of the core features of the Business Plan.

Ecommerce Offerings

Zyro website builder.

  • Sell up to 100 products - your online store can offer a variety of products on one of Zyro’s eye-catching online store template options
  • Accept payments online - makes checkout easy for your customers
  • Commission-free - Zyro charges no sales fees
  • Email notifications - send out order status emails featuring your company’s branding
  • Discount coupons - you can send coupons to customers through email or post discount codes on your site
  • Gift cards - your customers can purchase gift cards for your business through your site
  • Order management - a user-friendly dashboard for keeping track of orders
  • Shipping and tax management - keep track of all shipping and automatically attach invoices to confirmation emails
  • Multiple payment options - your customers can pay through all of the most popular avenues, including major credit cards, PayPal, iDeal, PayU, and more.

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Online Store Plan is ideal for businesses that are just beginning to sell items online or have a limited number of products to offer.

Check out the Zyro Online Store Plan for $8.90 per month.

The Zyro Advanced Store Plan - $15.90/Month

The Zyro Advanced Store Plan upgrades specific features of the Online Store Plan and offers extra features.

Core Offerings

The Advanced Store Plan offers all of the core features of the Online Store Plan.

Premium Ecommerce Offerings

  • 2500 products - sell hundreds of individual items in your online store
  • Abandoned cart recovery - users who abandon a cart can return to a pre-loaded cart
  • Multiple languages - your store can be viewed in virtually any language
  • Product filters - allows customers to search products according to specifications like price, size, availability, and more
  • Facebook Shop - integration to sell your wares on Facebook
  • Instagram  Store - integration to sell your products on Instagram
  • Amazon integration - manage your Amazon sales through your Zyro site (USA only)

Ideal Users of This Plan

The Zyro Advanced Store Plan is ideal for established online sellers who need to feature many products in their Zyro online store.

Check out the Zyro Advanced Store Plan for $15.90 per month.

How Simple Is the Zyro Website Builder?

The Zyro Website Builder is one of the most accessible platforms to use. Its drag-and-drop Editor Dashboard is highly intuitive, and most customization takes place with self-explanatory menus that open when you click on the section you want to alter.

The simplicity of building a website on Zyro is a point in its favor for those who find technology overwhelming. The tradeoff for that simplicity is a lack of customization options that other platforms offer, but this is a trade most first-time website designers will probably find fair.

Getting Started and Customization

Go to Zyro.com and click on the blue “Get Started” button. Enter your email address, then press the “Continue” button. Create a password, then press the “Create Account” button.

Zyro website builder.

After you create your Zyro account, the following screen will give you three options: “Use a template,” “Use our AI website generator,” or “Import an existing website.” Note that the third option is still in beta testing.

Zyro website builder.

The first option is traditional for website creation platforms. You choose a  pre-made template, then adjust it according to your specific needs.

The second option is unique to Zyro. For an AI-generated template, you enter specific information about the kind of website you need, and the AI Generator creates a few templates for you to choose from.

For the first option, click the “Choose a Template” button.  This will take you to a page presenting various template options.

Zyro website builder.

You can search templates with the search bar at the top of the page or by industry in the tabs above the template still photos. You can also choose to “Start from scratch” with a blank template.

When you hover over a template photo, two buttons appear: “Start Building” and “Preview.” To view the entire template, click “Preview.”

Once you have chosen the template you want to use, click “Start Building.”

To use the second, AI-generated option, click “Generate Website.” The next page will ask, “What type of website are you building?” then invite you to “Enter a website category” in the search field.

Find the category that best matches your business, then click on it.

The next page will ask, “Which features should your website have?” and invite you to “Select all the functions you need.”

Zyro website builder.

You can choose to add the following:

  • Online Store
  • Blog
  • Contact Form
  • Subscription Form
  • Instagram Feed
  • Maps
  • Video

Don’t worry if this list doesn’t include some of the features you want on your site; you can add more features at any time.

Once you have clicked the checkbox at the top left corner of each feature you want to be included, click the black “Continue” button in the bottom right corner.

The next page will present you with three AI-generated layouts. To select the one you like best, hover over the design and click the blue “Choose this design” link that appears above it.

Zyro website builder.

Creating and Changing Content

Once you have chosen a template for your Zyro business website, the Editor Dashboard will automatically open. From here, you can change the current elements of your website and add new ones.

Adding a Section

To add a section to your page, hover your cursor near the border between the two existing sections where you would like to place the new section. When the blue “+Add Section” button appears, click on it.

A menu of section types will open. You can click the kind of section you want to add, then browse the pre-made layouts Zyro offers.

You can also add a blank section and customize it as you see fit.

Zyro website builder.

Adding New Pages

To add a new page to your site, click the “Pages and Navigation” icon, the top icon on the toolbar on the left side of the Editor Dashboard, then click the “Add Page” button at the bottom of the menu.

A new window will appear, which will allow you to add a blank page or import one from another URL.

Zyro website builder.

Zyro Flexibility & Expandability

We define flexibility and expandability as the answer to this question: Can this website builder effectively grow alongside your business’s and website’s needs over time?

Included Tools

The following tools are included with any Zyro plan unless otherwise noted.

  • Drag-and-drop Editor Dashboard
  • Free domain name for one year (not included with the Basic Plan)
  • No Zyro ads on your website
  • Custom favicon
  • Ability to expand bandwidth and storage by upgrading your plan
  • Analytics tools
  • SSL certificate
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Access to designer templates
  • AI branding tools for creating a logo, importing pages, and writing text box content
  • Blogging tools
  • SEO-optimized templates
  • Free email

While you cannot directly change the template for your Zyro website, you can create a new page with the template you want to use.  Then you must import your website one page at a time with the AI Page Importer.

Add-Ons and Plugins

You can expand the functionality of your website with integrations known as add-ons or plugins.

Zyro website builder.

Zyro is compatible with several popular integrations. This compatibility is available with any paid plan level.

Flexibility & Expandability Summary

Zyro offers a reasonable number of core features and integrations with the most popular plug-ins. 

Your website’s storage and bandwidth can be upgraded at any time by moving to a higher pricing level. 

Although changing Zyro templates is not as simple as it could be, it is possible without too much hassle.

However, Zyro does not offer compatibility with the sheer volume of plugins and add-ons that other platforms provide.

Zyro Website Builder SEO

Zyro offers several SEO-boosting features, as well as SEO-optimized templates.

Zyro website builder.

Basic SEO Features

Zyro provides a few basic features that boost SEO to improve your website’s ranking on popular search engines.

  • Speedy loading - popular search engines favor pages that load quickly
  • Cloud hosting - because your website is stored in the cloud, it is much less likely to experience downtime
  • Mobile optimization - because ever-increasing numbers of users access websites through mobile devices, your website needs to render well on smaller screens
  • Meta tags - adding these labels to the media on your site increases your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Analytics - access to Google Analytics tools allows you to keep track of your traffic and find ways to improve it
  • SSL Security - a secured site is more trustworthy and will be favored by popular search engines

Zyro Website Builder SEO Summary

All of Zyro’s templates are designed with SEO-boosting in mind. Zyro also offers a selection of features to increase traffic.

Zyro Support

In its infancy, Zyro received several negative reviews for its customer support. Reviewers and users were especially disappointed with slow responses from the customer support team.

More recent reviews have acknowledged that Zyro has improved in this area.

The Editor Dashboard does offer several articles and tutorial videos that can help navigate the website-building process, as well as a chat function to connect with customer service.

Zyro website builder.

Zyro Alternatives

If you’re still unsure whether Zyro is the right website builder for your small business’s needs, check out our Best Website Builder Review. We provide an in-depth comparison of these other platforms to help you find if one seems to fit the bill for your company.

Zyro Review - Conclusion

Zyro is a simple, user-friendly website creator. You can create a site with this platform in a matter of hours. It also offers some of the lowest pricing on the market.

Zyro websites are not as customizable as those made with some other platforms. Still, Zyro offers the ability to easily create an attractive, straightforward website at a competitive price, even with little to no experience in website design.

Who Should Use This Tool?

  • Small, local businesses
  • Business owners with little online experience
  • Businesses on a tight budget

Who Shouldn’t Use This Tool?

  • Businesses that need advanced plug-ins and high customizability in a website
  • Website designers looking to add pages that move beyond the basics
  • Companies that need to change website templates often to feature different layouts

Try Zyro Website Builder

If you’ve read this far and still aren’t sure whether Zyro is the best website builder for your small business, we suggest giving the site a try. You can create a complete small business website for free and you don’t have to sign up for a paid plan until you’re ready to publish the site.

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Try Zyro

Zyro has quite a bit to offer most any business owner. Should you want to add ecommerce functionality to your site, Zyro makes this option easy and affordable.


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