Cost to Form an LLC in Alabama

The cost to start an Alabama limited liability company (LLC) is $100 + county probate judge fee. This fee is paid to the Alabama Secretary of State through your local Judge of Probate Office when filing the LLC's Certificate of Formation and Certificate of Name Reservation.

There are two options for forming your LLC:



four point six out of five ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fees)

Three out of Five Stars LegalZoom ($149 + State Fees)

Required Costs to Start an Alabama LLC

There is a filing fee for all LLCs in Alabama and your business might need licenses and permits.

Alabama LLC Filing Fee: $200 Online, $100 by Mail

In order to form an LLC in Alabama, you’ll be required to file the certificate of formation and certificate of name reservation with the Secretary of State through your local Judge of Probate Office. The state of Alabama charges $100 + county probate judge fee to process and record this document.

Name Reservation Fee: $10-$28

Alabama is the only state that requires you to first reserve the name of your LLC. You must complete a name reservation request online or by mail with the Alabama Secretary of State. The fee is $28 if done online or $10 if done by mail.

Business Permits & Licenses: Varies

Depending on your specific industry and geographical location, your business might need federal, state, and local permits/licenses in order to legally operate in Alabama.

Use the resources below to find out what permits & licenses are required of your business, or have a professional service do the legwork for you:

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Optional Costs to Start an Alabama LLC

The following expenses are recommended but not required for Alabama LLCs. Each of the services below will make the process of setting up your business easier, but they aren't required.

LLC Formation Service: $39 - $79

While it’s possible to form an LLC in Alabama without the help of a professional, many business owners choose to hire a service.

Online services like ZenBusiness ($39 + State Fee) and LegalZoom ($79 + State Fee) will take care of the filing process on your behalf for a fraction of the cost of a business attorney.

Additional services offered:

In addition to filing your certificate of formation, LLC formation providers offer other services that can help you start your new business faster and more efficiently. Two of the most popular add-on services for LLC owners are operating agreements and EIN registration.

Operating Agreement: $40-$99

An operating agreement is a governing document that outlines the ownership and management structure of an LLC. Whether you’re starting a single-member or multi-member LLC in Alabama, it’s important to have an operating agreement in place.

Purchasing a custom operating agreement from an online formation service is an easy way to ensure you’ll have a thorough and legally-binding document governing your new LLC.

EIN Registration: $60-$70

Upon forming an LLC, you’ll need to obtain an EIN (or Employer Identification Number)—essentially a social security number for your business. If you’d prefer not to apply for your EIN directly through the IRS, you can delegate this task to your formation provider for an extra fee.

Registered Agent Service: $0-$125 per year

You'll need to designate a registered agent for your Alabama LLC when you complete the certificate of formation.

A registered agent is the individual or business entity responsible for receiving and processing legal documents on behalf of your business.

While Alabama doesn't prohibit business owners from acting as their own registered agents, many people choose to appoint a professional for the sake of privacy, convenience, and discretion.

Keep in mind that if you assume this role, you’ll be responsible for maintaining normal business hours at the address provided on your formation documents, and receiving service of process notices in the event that your LLC is sued.

If you decide that electing a professional is right for your LLC, we recommend ZenBusiness. Their registered agent services are free for the first year and $119 every following year.

Business License Research Service: $99

If your LLC requires several federal, state, and local permits or licenses in order to legally operate, you might want to consider hiring a professional business license research service.

While not necessary for every business owner, these services can be helpful to busy entrepreneurs looking to save time on the research and paperwork.

If you’re looking to maximize your time in the early phases of your business, we recommend checking out Incfile's $99 business license research package.

Ongoing LLC Maintenance Costs

Some businesses will be required to pay ongoing maintenance costs and taxes.

Below we’ll discuss the ongoing costs involved in maintaining an Alabama LLC.

Alabama Privilege Tax: $100 (Minimum)

Every LLC that conducts business in Alabama is required to submit an annual PPT form, or privilege tax form for pass-through entities, before the third week of April. This tax is between 0.00025% - 0.00175% of the net worth of your LLC.

Alabama Annual Report Fee: $10

Alabama requires LLCs to file an annual report along with their privilege tax form. The annual report costs $10 to file on top of the $100 minimum privilege tax payment.

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