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Obsidian Bear Funding - Business Credit Course Review

Whether you’re learning how to start a business, how to start an LLC, discovering how to establish, set up, and build business credit, or you’re looking for unique ways to optimize your business, using the help of a professional services firm that specializes in these sorts of things can be a great addition to your business plan.

In this review, we’ll review the details of Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System Course and explain how they compare to other similar services on the market. Read on to find out if Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System Course is the right choice for your business.


Established in 2008, Obsidian Bear Funding is a leading business services firm; specializing in helping businesses obtain and build business credit. They offer a wide range of custom business credit products and services designed to help small businesses grow.

Obsidian Bear Funding understands what a small business needs to do to get the funding they must have to compete and grow in their respective industry. They offer a complete program (Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System) that not only serves as a guide map for how to build business credit (like some of the other more high-end courses available), but also offers something completely unique. They offer clients a Corporate Credit Advisor that takes a business owner step-by-step through the whole business credit building process. 

No other business we reviewed comes close to Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System Course concerning overall value. The affordable cost for such immeasurable value and the fact they provide you with a real live corporate credit advisor to help you succeed, make this company stand out high above the competition.


  • Obsidian Bear Funding offers excellent prices on their Business Success System course.

  • They give you a corporate credit advisor to work with one-on-one, which means it's virtually a failproof method for acquiring business credit.

  • If you have poor business credit, they help you repair it and get back on track.

  • Customer service support is available through email and over the phone—you can even book an appointment on their website.

  • Obsidian Bear Funding offers a 12-step course covering absolutely everything necessary to help you establish and build business credit, which leaves nothing to chance in our opinion.

  • Packed with resources, you won’t find anywhere else. We couldn’t believe the number of starter company vendors they provided that gave us instant net-30 vendor accounts, which put new trade lines on our Dun & Bradstreet business credit report, which increased our PAYDEX score almost overnight.


  • One price fits all - Obsidian Bear is not a piece milled solution. They understand the importance of doing everything 100% correctly because they know what happens when businesses don’t. Their price is great for all you get; however, expect to pay around $2,500 out the door for their complete solution.

  • Work involved - Their credit repair instructions are very simple, but you have to commit to doing the work to be able to reap the rewards. Additionally, the work is not hard, but you must make time and follow their instructions completely.

  • Underpromised - Obsidian Bear underpromised us on what we could expect (~$70,000 in business credit in six months) and over delivered, helping us to establish, acquire, and build strong business credit. Their insider knowledge and know-how expertise is far beyond the bar they set in their advertisements. 
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Business credit building services like Obsidian Bear Funding offer a fun course to help businesses acquire the best types of business funding. Here are a few of Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course features:

Base Features

  • While their course is a full 12-step business credit building program that will take you time to go through, it is packed with user-friendly tools and more resources than you can imagine.

  • If you’re looking for additional help or guidance, you can contact your personal corporate credit advisor, and they will gladly help you through each of the 12 steps. The corporate credit advisor assigned to us (Madelin) had a wealth of information and was a huge help to us.

  • Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course was engineered meticulously in such a way that learning was effortless and fun. It’s loaded up with videos, online tools, and additional resources.

  • When it comes to price, Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course comes out on top. While they are priced higher than some competing courses, they give you everything, which is a far cry short of what you’ll get with other courses. The price was more than worth the effort and business credit we received from going through the 12 steps. They are the clear choice for any business owner looking to do things right the first time and not get screwed up with all the likely mistakes most make. No wonder they’ve helped over 20,000 clients generate over $2 billion business credit to date.


  • Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course is $2,500. However, this includes everything, including your own personal corporate credit advisor.


Value - 5/5

Obsidian Bear is an experienced small business service company that offers businesses a complete all-in-one solution at a very reasonable price. They have a fantastic and extremely knowledgeable team of corporate credit advisors that hold your hand through it all. The $2,500 price tag was nothing compared to the value and results we received.

Customer Service - 4.5/5

Customer service is responsive and helpful. They are available by appointment, which can be made online through their website, or through email anytime. They are completely responsive to customer needs. Sometimes we had to wait a day before our corporate credit adviser got back to us. However, it was well worth the wait.

Ease of Use - 4/5

Both their website and course features are satisfyingly user-friendly. Their site didn’t exactly go into much detail about the course. The design of the course was great; however, the navigation could have been more intuitive. It seemed like as we clicked out way down the 12-steps that we were sometimes routed back to a page we’d already experienced. It took a little trial and error to figure it out.

Included Features - 5/5

Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course offers solid instruction and makes building business credit an easy process. Business owners can expect to be experts after completing the course. What’s more, they can expect to build business credit without the pitfalls and mistakes that would otherwise happen.


Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course offers business owners a way to navigate the murky waters of building business credit. This makes them a great choice for businesses looking for a one-stop-solution to building business credit.

Because Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course has so many resources we couldn’t find online, this may not be the best option for businesses looking for a quick solution (assuming one exists). While Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course does offer a one-on-one corporate credit advisor, you may consider an alternative option if you’re looking for less personalized assistance with building your business credit.

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Visit Obsidian Bear to sign up for their business credit course.

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