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Alaska Business License

Alaska requires all businesses to obtain a general Alaska business license. A business license is needed for businesses to conduct activity within the state and is separate from any specialized licensing a business may need. Then, depending on your business activity, you may be required to obtain additional federal, state, or local business licenses.

In this guide, we'll provide the information and resources you'll need to get federal, state, and local licenses and permits for your small business.

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State of Alaska Business Licensing

All Alaska business entities are required to obtain a business license in order to operate within the state.

Alaska Business License

The Alaska business license is a document issued by the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development's Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing that businesses in the state of Alaska must obtain before they can legally do business in the region, including buying, selling, renting, or leasing goods and services. Though a business may not have a physical presence in the state, a business license is still required.

Not having an Alaska business license is a misdemeanor offense, punishable by jail time and/or a fine of up to $2,000.

How to Apply for a New Alaska Business License

If you're engaging in business activity in Alaska, you'll need to apply for a new business license. Before completing your business license application, make sure you have the following available:

  • Business Name and Alaska Entity Number: You receive this number when you register your LLC or corporation, or nonprofit with the Alaska Department of Commerce. Sole proprietors do not need this number.
  • Professional License Number (If Applicable): If your business requires any professional licensing (e.g., doctors, hairdressers, etc.), you will need the applicable state professional license number. Visit Alaska’s Professional Licensing page to learn more.
  • Primary and/or Secondary NAICS Code: An NAICS code is a six-digit number that classifies business activities into groups. This is required when you register your business.

Once you have all the applicable information, you can apply for an Alaska business license online or by submitting Form 08-4181 by mail, fax, or in person.

Apply for an Alaska Business License

OPTION 1: Apply Online With the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Apply Online

- OR -

OPTION 2: File by Mail, by Fax, or In Person

Download Form

Fee: $50 for one year, $100 for two years

Mailing Address:
State of Alaska Corporations Section
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811

Physical Address:
333 Willoughby Ave., 9th Floor
State Office Building
Juneau, AK 99801-1770

Fax: 907-465-2974

How to Renew an Alaska Business License

You can choose whether to renew the Alaska business license annually or biennially, depending on which option you choose. The required information is similar to what you need for a new application, only this time, you will need to list your business license number.

Renewal can also be done online or by submitting a hard copy renewal form by mail, fax, or in person. The filing fee is $50 for one year and $100 for two years.

If your business license has been expired for more than two years, you must reapply for a new license.

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Other Alaska Business Licenses

Alaska Professional Business Licenses

Businesses in certain industries will also need to obtain a professional license with the state. Visit the Department of Commerce website to see which professions require an additional license.

Some examples include:

Local Alaska Business Licensing

In Alaska, you may need other licenses or permits from your local government depending on your business activity or location.

You should check with your local county government office to determine if your business will need a local business license.

For example, pawn shops in the Municipality of Anchorage must get a state-level pawnbroker license as well as a local-level pawnbroker license.

How to Apply for a Professional or Local Business License

There are varying procedures for applying for different state and local business licenses. Consult the Department of Commerce’s professional licensing page and your local government office for more information.

Federal Business Licenses and Permits

You can get a business license by applying with the correct licensing and regulatory agency for your business. Business licensing requirements depend on your business’s activity and location (zoning requirements).

If your business conducts activities that are regulated by the federal government, you will need to apply for the appropriate business license or permit.

Choose a business activity below to learn how to apply:

Visit our review of the best licensing service providers to learn more about the different professional services that can help you research and apply for business licenses and permits.

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AK Business License FAQ

What is a business license?

A business license is a permit issued to businesses by a government office that allows the business to operate in a particular area. They can be issued by federal, state, or local governments. There are typically different licensing requirements for different businesses and different locations.

What are the types of business licenses?

There are many types of business licenses. These include licenses at the local, state, and federal levels, licenses related to sales tax and other taxes, and specific licenses for various professions. There are also environmental licenses, zoning permits, and more.

Is an EIN the same as a business license?

No. An employer identification number (EIN) is issued by the IRS to identify and keep track of businesses, but it does not license them to operate.

Is an LLC considered a business license?

No. An LLC is a type of business structure. While you are required to register as an LLC, it is not a business license.

What licenses do I need to open a business in Alaska?

You must obtain an Alaska business license to engage in business in Alaska. Certain businesses will also need to obtain a professional license.

Visit the Department of Commerce website to see which professions require an additional state license and also check with your local county or city government office.

Is an EIN the same as a business license?

No. An employer identification number (EIN) is issued by the IRS to identify and keep track of businesses, but it does not license them to operate.

Why do I need an Alaska business license?

While most states only require an LLC to file the Articles of Organization and have a registered agent to start a business, Alaska requires businesses to have a business license. This is in addition to any other business licenses required by federal, state, and local licensing boards.

The purpose of the Alaska business license is to ensure that all businesses comply with certain regulations set forth by local and state government entities. This includes things like taxes, permits, fees, and other legal requirements related to doing business in the area. Additionally, it helps protect consumers from unethical or fraudulent practices associated with certain businesses operating in Alaska.

How much is it to get a business license in Alaska?

The Alaska business license cost is $50 per year, with the option of paying $100 for up to two years. This fee is currently waived indefinitely. If your business needs any professional licenses, the price will vary.

How long is an Alaska business license good for?

The Alaska business license expires in December and is renewable online starting in October. You can choose to renew the license for either one year or two years.

How do I find an Alaska business license number?

The State of Alaska Business License Lookup allows anyone to search for license numbers, types of licenses, names of business owners, and other pertinent information on business entities registered with the state.

Once users input their desired search criteria into the system, they will be presented with a comprehensive list of all matching results, including license details and contact information. This allows potential customers or partners to easily verify that any company they plan on doing business with is properly registered and licensed within the state.

How do I get an Alaska Entity Number?

After starting an entity (e.g., LLC, LLP, LP, etc.) in the State of Alaska, you will receive an Alaska Entity Number. This is required to file for your Alaska business license unless you are a sole proprietor.

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