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Oregon Business License

You can obtain most Oregon business licenses online or by mail.

We provide the information and resources you'll need to get federal, state, and local licenses and permits for your small business, including the seller’s permit.

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How to Get a Business License in OR

You can get a business license by applying with the correct licensing or regulatory agency for your business.

Business licensing requirements generally depend on your business’s activity and location (zoning requirements).

There are three main licensing jurisdictions:

  • State
  • Local
  • Federal

State of Oregon Business Licensing

Oregon does not have a standard state business license, and because there is no state sales tax, there is also no Oregon seller’s permit.

Businesses in certain professions may be required to have specific licenses or permits. The Oregon Business Xpress License Directory provides more information about which businesses need licenses as well as contact information for the relevant state government offices.

Local Oregon Business Licensing

In Oregon, you may need other licenses or permits from your local government depending on your business activity or location.

For example, in the City of Portland and Multnomah County, every business must register.

Check with your local Oregon town or county government for more information.

Steps for Obtaining and Renewing a Business License in Oregon

The processes for getting and renewing a business license in Oregon vary depending on the license. Check with the relevant state, town, or county government office for more information.

Federal Business Licenses and Permits

You can get a business license by applying with the correct licensing and regulatory agency for your business. Business licensing requirements depend on your business’s activity and location (zoning requirements).

If your business conducts activities that are regulated by the federal government, you will need to apply for the appropriate business license or permit.

Choose a business activity below to learn how to apply:

Alcoholic beverages
Firearms, ammunition, and explosives
Fish and wildlife
Commercial fisheries
Maritime transportation
Nuclear energy
Radio and television broadcasting
Transportation and logistics

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OR Business License FAQ

Who needs an Oregon business license?

There is no statewide, standard business license in Oregon. Only businesses in certain professions or locations need a license.

What licenses do I need to open a business in Oregon?

It depends on your business’ location and profession. Not all businesses need a license.

How much does an Oregon business license cost?

The cost of different business licenses in Oregon varies.

How do I get an Oregon business license?

The processes for obtaining different Oregon business licenses vary.

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