Pros & Cons of Rocket Espresso


  • With machines that are typically cheaper than their competition, these machines are definitely budget-friendly.
  • Their well-made design is durable and dependable.
  • Each machine is easy to use, clean and maintain.
  • Ideal for cafes with medium-high volume to get you through those busy morning rushes


  • Less aesthetically pleasing than some competing machines due to their simple design.
  • There are fewer customizable options for this brand than their competition which limits a business owner’s ability to make an espresso machine their own.
  • Additional features for these machines are lower compared to their competition.
  • Automatic features can be a detract from a barista’s day to day operation as they grow more experienced on bar.


Rocket Espresso offers some of the industry’s most affordable machines without sacrificing quality.

Rocket BOXER

The Rocket BOXER is ideal for specialty coffee shops seeking simple, classic functionality. Featuring a cool-touch steam wand as well as automated volumetric controls, it’s built for ease of use and efficient cleanup. For example, this machine’s automatic backflushing feature helps streamline end-of-day maintenance.

  • Price Range: $6,500-$7,000
  • Group Heads: Two
  • Boilers: Oversized double format that enables continuous water heating
  • Body Material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature: Adjustable and sustained based on a Thermosiphon system that maintains proper temperatures in each group head
  • Aesthetic: Simple with no custom colors or other options

Rocket R 9

The Rocket R9 is a good option for cafes whose baristas want complete control over their espresso group heads. Each group head on the R 9 has its own 1.9-liter boiler, variable PID temperature controller, and shot timer. This machine also features a huge steam boiler that allows the temperature to bounce back during peak rush times to maintain optimal temperature and pressure.

  • Price Range: $13,200-$17,000
  • Group Heads: Two or three
  • Boilers: Steam and individual boilers dedicated to each group head
  • Body Material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature: PID temperature controls for each group head
  • Aesthetic: Simple with no custom colors or other options


Value – 4/5

Relatively simple espresso machines, these models are appealing for busier cafes due to their ability to maintain during busier rush times. While Rocket Espresso machines cost slightly less than some competitors, its machines lack many of the appealing features found in other brands.

Ease of Use – 5/5

Known for its easy-to-use machines, Rocket Espresso focuses on giving baristas greater control. The company’s automated features also can help a less-experienced barista pull a perfect shot. Additionally, barista control is enhanced in their ability to control aspects of the grouphead with ease.

Included Features – 3.5/5

Compared to other brands, Rocket Espresso machines offer far fewer features. However, the features the company does include, such as automated volumetric controls and easily adjusted groupheads, can make optimal coffee preparation easier for baristas of varying skill levels.


Rocket Espresso machines are a good fit for coffee shops seeking a low-profile, cost-effective machine to help simplify the coffee preparation process. Built to last for years, these machines work especially well in high-volume cafes with busy morning rush periods.