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An obscured suited man stands before very neatly set tables

Catering Service

With Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve approaching, some people look to a catering business to provide food for the festivities. Catering businesses cook large amounts of food and typically deliver it, or serve it on location for events.

A wintry house is decorated with hundreds of bright, colorful lights

Christmas Lights Installation Business

Christmas lights add a sense of holiday cheer and wonder to houses, commercial buildings, and city streets. Christmas light installation is also fairly lucrative, as customers are willing to pay a premium to decorate their spaces.

An assortment of wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows sits on a wooden table

Gift Wrapping Business

As it gets closer to December, gift-wrapping businesses are popping up in mall kiosks, department stores, and online with custom wrapping services. With exceptional gift wrapping skills, you can make gift giving beautiful and special for your customers.

A snow plow clears feet of snow, leaving tire tracks behind

Snow Plow Business

Depending on where you live, winter might bring lots of snow. Starting a snow plow business is a great way to help neighbors and businesses clear their properties. Having the necessary equipment for a residential area will get you started, but you’ll need more equipment as your business grows.

A gift basket containing champagne, pinecones, and a gift on a blank background

Gift Basket Service

Gift giving at this time of year can be a bit difficult, but gift basket services make the process much easier. Gift basket services either create custom baskets or hand-select items for a unique gift. Starting online is a great way to quickly enter this business.

A boat is shrink wrapped as it stands on a snowy field

Boat Winterization Business

As the weather gets colder, boats are more exposed to the elements. Cold water, snow, and more can wear away at a boat’s finish. Boat winterization businesses get boats ready before putting them away for the winter.

Popular Categories

A woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer talking on a cell phone

Home Business Ideas

Looking for a flexible work environment? Want to be your own boss? Starting a home-based business can be a great way to launch your new company.

Hands holding a cell phone and mouse in front of a laptop

Online Business Ideas

An online business is one that is primarily web-based. This type of business is a great option for someone looking for a business idea that will be easy and fast to setup and have low startup costs.

A knob with the word costs written on it being turned toward the min setting

Low-cost Business Ideas

Do you always need to "spend money to make money," as the saying goes? We don't think so. Often a good idea and hard work can get your business up and running with little to no startup costs.

A woman sitting using a tablet while holding a cell phone

Side Business

Starting a side business while working a full-time job can be a great way to test out a new business idea and gain invaluable experience as an entrepreneur.

A field of yellow tulips stretching towards the horizon with a single red tulip in the foreground

Unique Business Ideas

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is the sense of adventure in taking a risk for the sake of a great idea. But don't think you'll make it big without working hard to achieve your goals.

Three children lying in the grass on a sunny day with one raising his legs in the air

Summer Business Ideas

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting your own business can be fun, profitable, and a great learning experience. Being your own boss sure beats working at the local community pool or fast-food joint.

A young man sitting in a button down shirt and tie smiling and pumping his fists behind a laptop

Teen Business Ideas

Being an entrepreneur can be an incredibly valuable experience, in more ways then one. For teens who have an inclination for it, starting a business might be a great way to spend their time.

Business Interviews

Wondering what it actually takes to run a business? Learn what these seasoned entrepreneurs have to share after years of experience in their industry.