Business Overview

An ice cream truck business involves driving an ice cream truck around different neighborhoods to sell ice cream. An ice cream truck is like a mobile and specialized food truck. You must be able to prepare and store a variety of ice cream in freezers within your truck and then serve them through a window. You must also experiment with different routes so that you can discover the most profitable ones.

Who is this business right for?

An ice cream truck business is good for those who can handle periods of solitude, as you will likely be the only one working this business. You must also be good with children, who are your primary demographic. Finally (if obviously), you should be someone who loves ice cream, as this will help you sell your wares to customers.

What happens during a typical day at an ice cream truck business?

The primary daily activities of an ice cream truck business are exactly what you'd imagine: most of your day will be spent driving different routes and selling ice cream. Other activities include ordering and storing ice cream as well as researching the best routes and delivery times to maximize your business.

What is the target market?

As mentioned previously, your preferred clients will be children. In fact, most of your route research will focus on finding where and when large numbers of children will be.

How does an ice cream truck business make money?

The ice cream truck business model is simple: you sell clients ice cream and receive payment. Due to the nature of the business, most of the payments you receive will be in cash. However, devices such as Square allow you to take debit and credit card payments if you so desire.

What is the growth potential for an ice cream truck business?

While the exact growth potential for ice cream truck businesses has not been quantitatively researched, businesses such as artisanal ice cream and food trucks have experienced slow but steady growth in the last decade. The exact potential for your own business will depend greatly on your local area—for instance, whether there are any/many rival ice cream trucks or standing ice cream vendors in town.