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Entrepreneur Quiz - Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers to our entrepreneur quiz. This quick assessment will determine not only what stage of entrepreneurship you’re currently ready for, but also give you detailed feedback about your results. Then we’ll guide you through the next steps to get you where you need to be. You don’t want to jump into a business venture before you’re ready! If you have any questions about this quiz. check out our FAQ section to get more insight on your results and what they mean.

Entrepreneur Quiz FAQ

There are a lot of quizzes out there. But our thorough evaluation of your current headspace for entrepreneurship will help you determine what steps to take after the quiz. Most quizzes are only concerned with whether or not you’re ready to become a successful entrepreneur, but our quiz wants to give you honest, specific feedback about how you can get to a place where you’re prepared to become a successful business owner.

Why should I take this entrepreneur quiz?

We want you to consider what mindset and skills you have at this stage in your life. There are no wrong answers on our entrepreneur quiz and we won’t make you feel bad for answering honestly. You need to be honest with yourself in order to make a responsible decision before pursuing your entrepreneurship. And it only takes a few minutes to have a productive review of your skills and preparedness.

What will this entrepreneur quiz ask me about?

Our questions are based around what time commitments you currently have, what kind of support is in your life, why you want to pursue entrepreneurship, your financial reality, and what your true personality is.

Why is this entrepreneur quiz different than the rest?

We give reasoning behind your results so you understand what impacts the decision on our end to tell you what kind of entrepreneur you are. No matter what your results are, we have actionable resources for you!

What skills do I need to become a successful entrepreneur?

You need excellent time management and dedication to your business in order to get it off the ground. Experience in the industry you want to pursue is essential. You need to realize that promoting your business won’t fall on anyone but you. It is also critical to have supportive friends or family to help you through whatever achievements or obstacles you will face. Read more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

What if I’m not ready to start my business right away?

That’s okay! This entrepreneur quiz was made to figure this out early on so you don’t get in over your head too soon. In any case, it’s clear that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and that’s the first step in a series of efforts to become a successful entrepreneur.

Our entrepreneur quiz may tell you that a business partner would be helpful for your first business venture. Or maybe that you should start a side-hustle for your first dip into entrepreneurship. Whatever you’re ready for, we’re ready with free, actionable resources to help you learn more about the skills you need for success.

The quiz gave me an answer other than entrepreneur - does that mean I failed the quiz?

Absolutely not! There’s more than one way to run a business, and they’re all valid ways to operate. If our quiz tells you to hold off on being a sole proprietor, just interpret that as us having your best interests at heart. We know firsthand that running things by yourself full-time isn’t easy. We want you to succeed in any way that best fits your lifestyle. Instead of running yourself ragged, we can help you find an alternative path to making your entrepreneurial plans come together.

What’s the catch? Am I going to have to pay to access my customized action plan?

We are not that kind of website. You don’t have to enter an email, you don’t have to wait to get results, and we won’t make you sit through a video or anything. Your results are displayed immediately. Take a screenshot and save your personality analysis so that you can refer back to it as you continue on your entrepreneurial journey.

What do I do if the quiz tells me I need to study business more?

You can start by exploring all the guides and articles on our site. Our information is completely free. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with legal requirements, state-specific pitfalls, ways to start and operate specific businesses, and much more. Our knowledge base spans many different topics that you can brush up on.

Basically, we want to help you at whatever stage you’re at. Whether you are fully ready to jump right into entrepreneurship or whether you may want to find a business partner to team up with, we’re here to offer free assistance so you can finally get your dream job.

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