Business Overview

Personal trainers work with individuals to help facilitate diet and fitness goals. Personal trainers help a variety of individuals to achieve diverse goals regarding their health. This may involve creating custom workouts and diets as well as helping to establish specific goals for clients who aren't sure what they need to do next.

Who is this business right for?

Obviously, this business is great for those who are already fit and have worked hard to create an exercise and health regimen that works, as they can use their personal experience to help educate others. It's good for someone who is a “people person,” as the entire job revolves around regular interaction with a diverse clientele. It is also good for someone who is a natural leader—just as a good manager or coach helps people to visualize and then actualize success, a good personal trainer helps clients visualize a healthier self and provides a pathway to achieving that goal.

What happens during a typical day at a personal training business?

The daily activities of a personal trainer are very straightforward, though they may vary based on the client’s needs. The vast majority of any given day involves traveling to where clients are and then conducting sessions (typically one hour sessions). This means, potentially, a lot of driving and using phone calls or text messages to coordinate with the different clients. The actual sessions can have very diverse content—some sessions may involve helping elderly clients recover from surgery using pool exercises. Other sessions may involve helping younger clients achieve their coveted beach body through a variety of cardio- and strength-training exercises.

What is the target market?

This job involves a more diverse clientele than almost any other job out there. Generally, though, the best clients are younger clients. The main reason for this is that they are likely to schedule more sessions (leading to more money for you) and, if they like you and stay in the area, may be a regular source of income for you and your business for years to come. Such loyal clients can also help recruit more clients for you in the form of inviting their family and friends to contact you.

How does a personal training business make money?

Personal trainers make money by charging their clients for sessions. This is typically an hourly charge and the sessions are usually an hour. You may consider charging extra for travel to the client or offering specials where a client can pay a certain amount up front for a number of sessions.

What is the growth potential for a personal training business?

The growth potential for a personal trainer business is very good, as the field is expected to grow at a steady rate for most of the next decade. It helps that more businesses and governmental institutions are encouraging healthier lifestyles and offering additional benefits to employees who work towards this goal.