Business Overview

The most basic service for a pet grooming business is, of course, basic grooming and cleaning services. However, there is a growing market for services such as facials and other pampering services for the animals as well. Some grooming businesses focus on a certain kind of animal, such as only working with dogs, while others offer more diverse services for a more diverse range of animals.

Who is this business right for?

First and foremost, this is a job for animal lovers. Both cleaning and grooming the animals require that the animals be relatively calm, so someone who is good with pets will have an easier time completing these tasks. On the flip side, this job is also good for those who are good with people, as you must be able to convince pet owners who highly value their pets that you will take care of their beloved animal without hurting it.

What happens during a typical day at a pet grooming business?

The exact nature of your daily activities will vary somewhat depending on where you conduct business. Some groomers work in their own homes, some work in the homes of pet owners, and still others work in places like kennels or coordinate with local pet stores. Regardless of location, daily activities including returning calls and emails, cleaning and grooming animals (including cutting and brushing fur, cleaning animals' ears, clipping their nails, and styling their fur), sanitizing your equipment, and providing detailed follow-up reports to pet owners.

What is the target market?

Arguably, the best clients for a pet grooming business are those who have had their pets for several years. This is because those whose pets are younger (and the owners themselves may also be younger) tend to be overprotective and nervous about leaving their animal in the care of others. Veteran pet owners are more experienced in the process of bringing their pet to the groomer, so they will often have fewer concerns about leaving their pet in your care. 

How does a pet grooming business make money?

At the most basic level, a pet grooming business makes money by charging different charges for its various services. In this way, it is not too dissimilar from a regular salon. So, you would charge customers a fixed amount for a haircut on their pet, and another amount for things like baths, facials, and so on. This means that becoming more proficient at completing these services will translate to more money each month for your business.

What is the growth potential for a pet grooming business?

The growth potential for a pet grooming business is relatively steady. Some research estimates that the jobs in this market will grow by over 20 percent through 2018. This is a direct indicator of the market for such a business, so your own business could very well corner this niche market of a community.