Business Overview

A landscape supply business offers landscaping materials, tools, and plants for commercial and residential applications.

Who is this business right for?

Individuals with experience in residential or commercial landscaping may find this a logical career move. Backgrounds in horticulture or business management will also prove beneficial. This type of business requires you to also be able to work physical labor, sometimes in less than favorable outside conditions.

What happens during a typical day at a landscape supply business?

Day to day operations for landscape supply businesses revolve around servicing the customers, both residential and commercial, as well as restocking store supplies. Landscape supply companies are typically open six to seven days a week. Some of the daily operations include:

  • Managing customer orders and accounts
  • Checking and reordering stock in the store and supplies yard
  • Service and maintenance of company tools
  • Supply deliveries and seasonal services, such as winterizing lawns and customer tool repairs

What is the target market?

You will be considering two main target markets: the commercial and residential customer. The bulk of your sales will likely be generated from the commercial landscapers. They are looking for a reliable and cost-effective supply company who can handle daily medium-sized orders, as well as the large jobs requiring multiple deliveries or pick-ups.

At the same time, the residential customers’ orders may be smaller and less frequent, but their patronage will be key to building a strong customer base and reputation. Keep your overhead low by offering wholesale prices and uncomplicated services.

How does a landscape supply business make money?

Landscape supply companies make their money from the sales of landscaping supplies, such as mulch, gravel, pavers, and plants, as well as sales and service of commercial and residential lawn and garden tools.

What is the growth potential for a landscape supply business?

Landscape supply companies mirror the interest the general public shows for maintaining their home, office, and business exteriors. With the right location and regional competition, landscape supply companies have proven to be quite profitable.