Business Overview

Today's busy world means people are responsible for doing more than ever before. This multi-tasking environment requires a high-level of organization which few people have naturally. A professional organizing business helps clients develop these critical organizing skills through training and can jumpstart the process by providing a full range of organizing services.

Who is this business right for?

Starting a professional organizing business is perfect for anyone who is good at creating systems to keep things organized. Successful owners of this type of business love to work directly with a variety of different types of people, and have the ability help others learn new skills. A professional organizing business offers flexible hours, but owners will need to be able to stick to project deadlines without any oversight.

What happens during a typical day at a professional organizing business?

A large portion of the day is spent time working with clients in their home or office. If a professional organizer is hired to organize a business, the work usually revolves around organizing and creating storage solutions for business and financial documents. A professional organizer may also help business clients to find better ways to manage their time and put easy-to-follow systems in place. Meeting with a client at their home can mean organizing just about anything in the home from helping to arrange a functional clothing system to sorting through piles of boxes. When professional organizers are not visiting clients, they are usually promoting their businesses online or communicating with potential clients by email or on the phone.

What is the target market?

The best clients for a professional organizing business are people who lack the skills to get and stay organized, those who don't have the time to stay organized, or individuals who hate to organize on their own. Many clients who employ professional organizers are busy professionals who are used to hiring assistants to take care of everyday tasks and are comfortable with handing over control without micromanaging.

How does a professional organizing business make money?

This business makes money by providing organizing services and training clients how to become better at organizing. Most professional organizers charge clients by the hour or per day. Other professional organizers choose to charge on a per task basis.

What is the growth potential for a professional organizing business?

The growth potential for this type of business is very good due to the increasing demands on people from work. The job of a professional organizer is still quite new, and the market is not yet saturated. There are plenty of potential clients who are not yet aware of this type of service.