Business Overview

Art lessons may target one demographic (such as children, teens, or adults) or be offered to all demographics. Similarly, your lessons may focus on a single specialty (such as painting or ceramics), though it is in the artist's best interest to teach in as many disciplines as they can.

Who is this business right for?

Obviously, this business is ideal for veteran, practicing artists. It is also educational in nature, so it is good for those who have formal or informal experience with being a teacher or teacher's assistant. Finally, it's a job that is best for a “people person,” as your entire business model revolves around prolonged contact with strangers, so being able to engage and connect with them immediately is crucial.

What happens during a typical day at an art lessons business?

In no particular order, your daily activities will involve correspondence with current and prospective clients, organizing and cleaning your studio space, and conducting the lessons themselves. Spare time is typically spent finding new ways to advertise your business and otherwise grow your customer base, all while honing your own artistic abilities when you can.

What is the target market?

In some ways, younger children will be your best clients. Their minds are simultaneously open new ideas but receptive to direct instruction, and they are less likely to be overly critical of their own work. This is not always true of teenagers and adults, which can sometimes disrupt your lessons.

How does an art lessons business make money?

Obviously, a business focusing on art lessons makes money by charging clients for the art lessons. The exact amount you charge will vary based on subject, lesson time, venue, and whether it is a completely private lesson or not.

What is the growth potential for an art lessons business?

There is modest growth potential for your business. Art as a field is projected to grow slowly but steadily over the next decade, and communities will always have new would-be artists of varying ages for you to instruct. This is one business where the increasing popularity of both visual social media such as Instagram and the market created by things like Kickstarter and Etsy may lead more clients to your door who one day hope to achieve popularity and profit from their artistic skills.