Business Overview

Pressure washing is more effective in removing dirt and grime than other methods of cleaning. This service is highly valued by customers who want to improve the appearance of the exterior of their home or building. Pressure washing helps extend the life of a building and its finishes.

Who is this business right for?

Those who are comfortable using high-pressure washing equipment and enjoy helping their clients make things look sparkling clean and new are best suited to this type of business. Ideal owners are those who enjoy cleaning things for people and who have a nice personality that is friendly and attracts more clientele after a job is done well.

What happens during a typical day at a pressure washing business?

First and foremost, owners of this type of business pressure wash clients’ property. A business owner for a pressure washing company needs to maintain good relations with existing clients and constantly look for new ones. The goal of the business owner is to keep the appointments for the cleaning teams with a full calendar. The idea is to use the equipment and the teams as much as possible.

What is the target market?

Depending on the target market, the customers might be homeowners, vehicle owners, government agencies (which need pressure washing services for roads and other government buildings/structures), and/or commercial property owners. Most pressure washing businesses do better by offering their services to all types of customers and have workers that are experts in doing certain kinds of pressure washing. Besides seeking customers from the general public, it is advisable to get long-term contracts from commercial operations. Examples of these contracts would include maintaining the exteriors of multiple commercial properties owned by the same person or organization or cleaning a fleet of vehicles on a regular basis.

How does a pressure washing business make money?

Some of the most successful businesses in this sector have many repeat clients. For simple jobs like pressure washing a car, pressure washing businesses charge a flat rate of around $50 to $100, which includes “detailing.” Detailing is the finish work after the pressure cleaning is done. It includes waxing the vehicle and making the vehicle look like it is brand new.

Another mainstay in this business is the cleaning of the exterior surfaces of real estate. Power washing homes and commercial properties is very lucrative. You can charge by the square footage of the exterior surfaces that are cleaned.

What is the growth potential for a pressure washing business?

The exciting thing about this business is that a person can start in one local area and then expand to offer similar services in other areas. There are franchise opportunities and a business can expand from a local market to a regional market and then go national.