Business Overview

Spices are extremely popular, especially as the gourmet food trend continues to expand across the nation. The spice market is predicted to reach $16 billion by 2019, so the demand for quality and freshness will only continue to go up.

Who is this business right for?

People who understand how spices flavor food will do well in this business. Each spice has its own characteristics, and reacts differently to storage and the passage of time. Without fully understanding the details, it's easy to make mistakes. But it’s equally important to understand how to work with different types of people. The spice business is largely built on relationships with the growers, distributors, and customers, so entrepreneurs should have a grasp on the art of compromise and negotiation.

What happens during a typical day at a spice business?

Spice business owners may do the following tasks in a day:

  • Spice blending/grinding
  • Network with distributors
  • Grow spices
  • Schedule sales
  • Product optimization

What is the target market?

If you’re planning to sell to customers directly, you’re looking for home cooks or even local restaurants who need a regular supplier. People with good palates will recognize the value of quality spices, and they’ll be willing to pay for freshness.

How does a spice business make money?

Spice businesses make money by charging customers a premium for each bottle or weight of spices sold.

What is the growth potential for a spice business?

A spice business can have unlimited growth potential by finding the right clientele. There is definitely a need for those who thoroughly know and understand the nature of spices. Customers are always looking for the next great blend for the grilling season, and creating a popular flavor can get customers hooked quickly.

This is also a smart business idea in terms of longevity. If the economy takes a turn, people will start to cook more at home. In fact, home cooks and chefs may start to rely more on quality spices when they're looking to cut back on their budget. Spices can transform cheaper vegetables and meats into delicious and cohesive meals.