Business Overview

Rage room ownership involves renting space in which you’ll invite customers to therapeutically destroy the content within. Rage rooms are also known as anger rooms. Business owners generate revenue by buying objects of glass, ceramic and other destructible materials at as low a price as possible, arranging the content in the rage room space and being paid by customers to commit pleasurable havoc.

Who is this business right for?

The ideal rage room business owner will be able to obtain breakable content on a regular basis at as low a price as possible and keep the space filled and arranged so customers can book time to let off steam. She or he must see opportunity in the novelty and the humor of the business and know how to get the word out.

This business demands creative thinkers who can find ways to bring customers in the door and provide an experience that will encourage repeat business and positive word of mouth.

What happens during a typical day at a rage room?

  • Acquiring an always changing inventory of breakable objects at low or no cost
  • Setting up the breakable objects in tableaus what resemble real-life environments, then quickly removing the destruction from one booking to quickly set up another tableau for the next
  • Promoting business in local and social media through both paid advertising and free publicity
  • Providing an overall customer experience that will be gratifying and enjoyable, encourage return visits and generate positive word of mouth

What is the target market?

Most customers will be able to see the humor in the mock violence. They will take their swings to let off steam and have a good time without causing any meaningful destruction. This could include customers booking the space for birthday celebrations, bachelor or bachelorette parties or stressed workers on lunch break.

However, it may be beneficial to attract customers with a more critical need to vent. This might include individuals or groups who’ve become recently unemployed or who are involuntarily out of a relationship or otherwise filled with unreleased anger.

How does a rage room make money?

A Rage Room makes money by charging more for the experience than the cost of acquiring the breakable objects that will be arranged for destruction. Overhead costs must also be covered. These include:

  • Rental of the room or rooms
  • Energy costs, if not included in the rent
  • Paid advertising and other expenses incurred in promoting your business
  • Employee costs, which can include staff to arrange the tableaus, obtain costumers, host bookings, provide security and cleanup after one booking and prepare the room for the next—though these tasks may be carried out by the owner himself

What is the growth potential for a rage room?

A Rage Room business is limited by the number of rooms it can provide and fill, the customers it can draw and the rates it can charge for bookings.

After achieving success with a single room or location, it is possible to expand through additional rooms or locations, mobile rooms or even by eventually franchising.