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How Long Does It Take to Form an LLC in Colorado?

Colorado continues to be a popular place within the United States to live in and visit, but it is also an incredibly popular place to start a business. Starting an LLC may feel overwhelming, but looks can be deceiving. The formation process is actually quite simple and can be finished in a matter of days. A few forms and a filing fee are all that stand between you and creating an LLC in Colorado.

Since filing for an LLC can only be done online in Colorado, the approval process takes 1-2 days. The following guide takes you through the approval process timeline for getting your LLC formed.

We recommend using a professional LLC formation service to handle your business’s formation paperwork so you can focus on what matters most — running your business.

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Colorado LLC Approval Time

Filing Options

Approval Time

Filing Delays

Expedited Filing (Fee)


Filing online

1-2 business days

3-4 (possible COVID delays)

Not available in Colorado


When trying to get your LLC formed, approval time refers to how long it takes to get your LLC approved after submitting your formation documents. Approval time typically includes the transit time for the documents, but since Colorado only accepts online filing, transit is instantaneous. 

Colorado LLC Processing Time

Processing time details how long it takes for the state to review and input the information from your documents into their systems. Your paperwork will be handled by the Colorado Secretary of State, and since it can only be filed online, you can use the state’s website to start the process.

  • Online: The Secretary of State's processing time is 1-2 business days

Typically, the approval time is a better way to estimate how long the process will take since it factors in transit time for documents. But since Colorado only accepts online filings, approval time and processing time are nearly identical for this state.

Expedited Filing for a Colorado LLC

There is no option for expedited filing in Colorado. Since filing online is the only option for filing in the state, LLC approval should be 1-2 business days from the moment you submit your documents on the Secretary of State website.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in Colorado?

Filing your LLC’s Articles of Organization in Colorado will cost you $50 for the filing fee. Should you be paying by check, it should be made out to The Colorado Secretary of State.

LLC Formation Service

If you have anxiety over the filing process or have a tight timeframe for getting your LLC approved, you may want to consider an LLC formation service. Services like these will file your paperwork for you to ensure it is done correctly the first time, but keep in mind they cannot speed up the approval or processing time. As well, if you are concerned about your privacy, some formation services will let you use their address when filing to keep your private address out of the process.

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Should I Form an LLC in Colorado?

LLCs are formal business structures that provide owners with limited liability protection and pass-through taxation. Forming an LLC may be beneficial if you plan to do business in the state of Colorado. Colorado itself has some benefits that make it worth starting your LLC there.

Strong Job Market

Colorado is home to a healthy job market in 2023, with many opportunities for advancement and entry-level positions. In fact, the state has been consistent since the late 90s in job growth, ranking regularly in the top 15 states moved to for work. If you are setting up your LLC in Colorado, you should have no shortage of qualified candidates to hire and help you.

Desirable Living Location

With many beautiful natural landscapes to visit and growing urban areas, Colorado is considered one of the most desirable places to visit and live in the United States. Denver itself is one of the most visited cities in the country, and Colorado Springs ranks among the most desirable places to live in the western half of the nation. With many people visiting and moving to Colorado, your business is likely to get a boost from all the new faces, regardless of your specialty.

Small Business Haven

Colorado attracts all sorts of people but especially small business owners. Data from December of 2022 shows that over 90% of all businesses in the state are small businesses. This is in part due to the healthy economy but also from the many programs created to help small businesses and startups obtain capital investments and low-interest loans. You may be one of the next powerful small businesses to come out of The Centennial State.