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How Long Does It Take to Form an LLC in Georgia?

With a growing job market, booming economy, and low cost of living compared to the national average, Georgia is a desirable state to live and work in. This makes it a great environment for starting a business. While starting a business may seem challenging, the process is rather simple. After you fill out your paperwork, you will then have to wait for the approval process to finish.

Starting from the moment you send your documents, the approval process for Georgia LLCs takes 1-2 weeks for online filings and 4-5 weeks for mail filings. The following guide will take you through the timeline and approval process for LLCs in Georgia.

We recommend using a professional LLC formation service to handle your business’s formation paperwork so you can focus on what matters most — running your business. 

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Georgia LLC Approval Time

Filing Options

Approval Time

Filing Delays

Expedited Filing (Fee)


Filing online

1-2 weeks

No known delays

$100 for two-day processing;

$250 for same day processing.

$1,000 for one-hour processing.


Filing by mail

4-5 weeks

No known delays

$100 for two-day processing.

$250 for same-day processing.

$1,000 for one-hour processing.


Your LLC formation documents will go through transit and handling before you are approved. This period of time is considered approval time and refers to the entire time frame from you submitting the documents to them being approved, including any transit time for mail-in filings. If time is of the essence, be sure to file online if possible since it has a faster approval time than mail filing.

Georgia LLC Processing Time

Processing time for your LLC formation documents refers to how long the state of Georgia takes to handle and input the data into its systems. This period of time does not account for any transit time for the documents if sent by mail, purely the handling period. Your paperwork will be handled by the Georgia Corporations Division and can be either submitted online or by mail. Your processing time will vary on the way you file:

  • Online: 7-14 days
  • By mail: 12-15 days

Processing time is part of the approval process, so it does not include transport time for mail-filed documents. Approval time is a much better metric for how long you will have to wait to see your LLC approved.

Expedited Filing for a Georgia LLC

Georgia offers three different options for LLCs filing by mail or online. For an extra $100, your processing time will be dropped down to two days, an extra $250 will get you same-day processing, and an extra $1,000 will get your documents processed an hour from the time they are received.

The last two require documents to arrive by noon that day; otherwise, they will be handled the next business day. A total cost breakdown can be found below.

Filing Options

Standard Filing

Expedited Processing (2 Days)

Expedited Processing (Same Day)

Expedited Processing (1 Hour)

Online Filing





Mail-In Filing





How Much Does it Cost to Start an LLC in Georgia?

The filing fee for Georgia’s LLCs is $100 for online filing or $110 for filing by mail. If you are paying for your Articles of Organization by check, it should be made out to The Georgia Corporations Division.

As mentioned above, you can purchase expedited processing starting at $100 if you need to get the process completed faster.

LLC Formation Service

Professional LLC formation services can handle the paperwork for you if you have some disposable funds and do not want to worry about the hassle of filling out forms. While services like this cannot make the approval process take less time, they can ensure your documents will be completed right the first time. They may even allow you to use their business address in the application should you want to avoid putting out your private address during the formation process.

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Should I Form an LLC in Georgia?

LLCs are formal business structures that provide owners with limited liability protection and pass-through taxation. Those looking to start a business in Georgia may find forming an LLC beneficial, and Georgia itself has a lot to offer LLCs.

Low Taxes and Cost of Living

Georgia may be a cost-effective state for your LLC due to its low taxes and cost of living compared to the rest of the nation. On average, Georgians pay around 7% less on their taxes annually than the rest of the country. Furthermore, the general cost of living is about 10% lower than the national average. These lower costs can add up to savings for you and your business over the years.

Growing Urban Areas

While the state’s population has dropped slightly since 2020, major cities like Atlanta, Savannah, and Athens have seen significant growth and development over the years. These three cities specifically have bustling economies with small businesses popping up all over, encouraging and taking pride in their large network of small businesses. If you are starting an LLC in Georgia, consider one of these cities to set up shop in.

Quality Education

Though it does not have any Ivy League universities, Georgia has an excellent selection of universities and colleges. Georgia has a notable selection of well-regarded higher education institutions like the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Emory University. Not only will this offer you a more educated selection of clientele, but it will also offer you easy access to local qualified candidates if you are looking for new employees.