7 Amazing HubSpot Website Examples - 2022 HubSpot Inspiration

Creating a functional, beautiful website for your small business is very important. Luckily, HubSpot’s suite of customer relationship management (CRM) tools includes a powerful, drag-and-drop website builder called CMS Hub. The CMS Hub website builder can help you create a website quickly and easily so you can focus on building and maintaining a strong customer base.

With all of HubSpot’s tools at your disposal, deciding what your business website should look like can seem overwhelming. The following examples of HubSpot business websites will help provide some web design inspiration for the kind of website you can build with Hubspot’s CMS Hub platform. 

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YouCanBook.me (Scheduling App Provider)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

YouCanBook.me is a service that integrates with calendar apps to allow companies to offer online appointment booking. Its HubSpot website explains the app’s features using text, images, and embedded videos. The site also showcases some reviews of the service by popular tech websites and prominent clients. In addition, frequent call-to-action (CTA) buttons invite potential users to register for a free trial. 

The YouCanBook.me website also takes advantage of some of HubSpot’s CRM features, such as page-specific support chat bots. In the below screenshot, you can see how the chat feature allows users to get more information without even having to type a question:

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

The clean, clear design of YouCanBook.me’s website allows its navigation menu to provide links to lots of information while remaining easy to read. Meanwhile, unobtrusive design elements in the background, such as the small geometric patterns in the screenshot above, keep the homepage looking fresh and friendly. There’s even a fun, animated counter that shows — in real time — how many appointments YouCanBook.me users have set with its scheduling app. 

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

To see how easy it is to build a website like this with HubSpot, check out our How To Make a HubSpot Website guide.

Peachjar (Digital Communications Service)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

Peachjar allows school districts and family-focused community organizations to distribute digital flyers to parents and students. The Peachjar Hubspot website features large, bright photos of kids, teachers, and parents alongside links to information specific to each of its target audiences. 

A fixed navigation menu remains at the top of the site while visitors scroll down each page, making it easy for them to find more information about Peachjar. Moreover, a big “Sign Up” button in a black banner at the very top of each page serves as a direct call to action for potential clients. 

Peachjar also repeatedly invites visitors to schedule a demo of its product while a chat box in the lower-right corner of its website allows them to chat with Peachjar support and sales staff.

Workable (Recruiting Software Firm)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

In this Hubspot website example, Workable uses animated elements and embedded videos to convey its lively, friendly brand to potential customers. A slideshow of customer testimonials appears on the homepage, and visitors can find additional customer quotes about the product on nearly every page of the site.

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

A chat feature allows site visitors to easily get specific information about Workable. As you can see in the screenshot above, the pricing page contains dynamic content that changes with input from site visitors (i.e., updating the price displayed as potential customers define their needs).

Trello Blog (Productivity App Company)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

Trello, a popular task management service for teams, uses HubSpot to host its company blog. This is a good example of how a HubSpot blog can provide users with a powerful marketing and/or support tool. 

Trello attracts new customers and engages current ones by blogging about issues related to its services. Blog posts about how Trello’s clients use the service to increase productivity, for example, may interest both current and potential clients. Meanwhile, current users can find posts about new ways to use Trello’s features.

ClearCompany (Human Resources Software)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

ClearCompany provides human resources (HR) software that helps businesses more efficiently hire, onboard, and manage their employees. Visitors to this website can read about the software’s key features, watch videos about various HR industry issues and best practices, and learn about successful clients using ClearCompany software applications.

The main navigation menu includes an “Industries” link with a drop-down menu visitors can use to quickly find information relevant to their specific industry. Animated elements and videos throughout the site also catch and focus visitors’ attention. In addition, frequent CTA buttons invite users to sign up for a demo with ClearCompany’s sales team.

Realestate.Nextdoor.com (Landing Page for Social Media Marketing)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

Here’s an example of a company that uses a Hubspot landing page for a specific service related to its main business. Notably, the HubSpot CMS Hub’s tools allow site administrators to use “A/B” testing and adaptive testing to judge the effectiveness of multiple landing pages. 

Nextdoor is a popular social media network designed to help people connect with others in their neighborhood. Nextdoor uses this landing page to invite real estate agents to advertise on the Nextdoor app. This landing page is very simple and straightforward, outlining the benefits of advertising on Nextdoor and quoting satisfied clients. In addition, at the very top and bottom of the page, a CTA invites real estate agents to check the availability of Nextdoor’s advertising service in their area.

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Cleveland Clinic Magazine (Nonprofit Academic Medical Center’s Online Publication)

Examples of sites made with Hubspot.

The Cleveland Clinic is a large, nonprofit corporation in Ohio that operates a medical research center and multiple hospitals and health centers across the state. Like many medical nonprofits, the Cleveland Clinic relies on donations from the public in order to support its operations. To that end, the clinic publishes the digital Cleveland Clinic Magazine in order to attract new donors and update current donors on the effectiveness of their donations.

This Hubspot site enables visitors to read the current issue of the magazine, separated into different sections, as well as access an archive of previous issues. A brightly colored “Donate” button appears at all times on the right side of the site as well as in the footer. 

Next Steps

These Hubspot examples demonstrate how diverse companies — from a local medical nonprofit to a multinational productivity app provider — can create engaging websites, blogs, and landing pages using the HubSpot CMS Hub website builder. 

Building a website with HubSpot’s CMS Hub platform makes it easy to leverage the best of HubSpot’s CRM tools to grow your business — directly through your website. The CMS Hub website builder simplifies the process with its custom templates and drag-and-drop editor.

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