Free LLC Legal Forms

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Sample Operating Agreements

An operating agreement is a legal document outlining the ownership and operating procedures of your LLC. We provide the three most common operating agreements you need.

Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement (Member Managed)

Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement (Manager Managed)

Common Questions

Why do I need an Operating Agreement?

An Operating Agreement is sometimes required and always recommended. Read What is an LLC Operating Agreement to learn more.

Which Operating Agreement should I use?

If you are the sole LLC owner, consider using the single member LLC Operating Agreement. If you have multiple members read our Management by Members or Managers for more information

LLC Resolutions

LLC Resolutions are used to authorize and keep track of major company decisions that you and your partner agree upon. We have provided an LLC resolution template and a banking resolution form.

LLC Banking Resolution

LLC Resolution Template

Common Questions

Why do I need a banking resolution?

A banking resolution is required to authorize a member of the LLC to open a bank account.

How do I use a LLC resolution template?

For more information about when to use a resolution and how to fill out the LLC resolution template, read our Understanding LLC Resolutions

Hiring Documents

Depending on your business needs, you may wish to hire employees shortly after forming your LLC. Here we provide you with the basic forms you might need to get your company up and running. Additionally, if your company does not already have one, you should apply for an Employer Identification Number, or EIN, at the website.

Employment Contract

Independent Contractor Service Agreement (ICSA)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Common Questions

What is the difference between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?

When hiring workers for your business, it is important to observe the IRS' laws related to worker classification. For an overview of the topic, read our article, Contractors vs. Employees: What You Need to Know.

Are there Tax Obligations Associated with Hiring Employees?

Yes. To learn more about how employee taxes will impact your business, read our guide: Employee Taxes for Small Businesses.