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How to File an Alaska LLC Initial Report

The Alaska LLC initial report is due within six months of forming your LLC. Then, your LLC must file a biennial report every two years thereafter.

This How to File an Alaska LLC Initial Report guide explains what and how to file an Alaska initial report.

If you prefer not to file this report yourself, you can use a low-cost LLC formation service like Northwest.

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What Is the Alaska LLC Initial Report?

After filing the Articles of Organization, Alaska LLCs must file an initial report with the state's Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development (DCCED).

The purpose of filing the LLC initial report is to provide the State of Alaska with the most current information about your business to maintain accurate records.

Alaska makes businesses file an Alaska initial report so consumers and other businesses stay protected from fraudulent business practices, given how these reports stay in the public domain.

Furthermore, filing this document ensures that your business complies with all applicable laws and regulations governing businesses in Alaska to ensure your LLC stays in good standing.

File Your Initial and Biennial Reports

Keep your LLC in good standing with the State of Alaska by electing to have Northwest file your initial and biennial reports for you.

How to File the Alaska Initial Report

You will need the following information in order to file the Alaska initial report: 

  • Alaska Entity Number (you will need this to search for your business in the online form)
  • Business name
  • Physical business address and mailing address
  • Members’ names, addresses, and ownership percentages
  • Business phone number

This report can be filed online or by printing a copy to submit by mail or fax.

File Your Alaska LLC Initial Report

File Online, by Mail, or by Fax With the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

File Report

Fee: None

Mailing Address:
Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Fax: 907-465-2974

Due Date: Due within six months of LLC formation.

How to Verify Alaska LLC Filings and Reports

To verify your LLC’s online filings (or another business’s filings), you can use the state’s Corporations Database:

  1. Visit the Corporations Database on the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development website
  2. Search for your LLC name
  3. Click on the Alaska Entity Number
  4. Select "Filed Documents"
  5. Select the document you wish to review

Recommended Registered Agent Service:

If you operate a business out of your home, we recommend using an Alaska registered agent service, like Northwest, to safeguard your home address.

Alaska Biennial Reports

Biennial reports are required for a limited liability company to operate in Alaska. This report provides an overview of the LLC’s financial position as well as its ownership structure. It also includes a detailed list of members or owners along with any changes to their positions since formation. The report helps keep the state updated on the overall financial health of the LLC in order to protect consumers and ensure businesses remain compliant with state laws and regulations.

Filing biennial reports also allows companies to stay in good standing with the Alaska Division of Corporations, which can help your business work with creditors and open business bank accounts. 

Learn more about how to file Alaska LLC biennial reports by reading our Alaska LLC Biennial Report guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An initial report is similar to the biennial reports filed with the State of Alaska, as it verifies the LLC’s member ownership and contact information.

However, a biennial report is filed every two years, while the initial report only needs to be filed once (i.e., within six months of an LLC’s formation).

Filing an Alaska biennial report is a requirement for all businesses registered in the state of Alaska. Alaska LLCs must file an initial report within the first six months of formation. Then, they must file a biennial report by January 2 of the year following the LLC’s registration date (and every two years thereafter).

All state businesses must also renew their Alaska business license either yearly or biennially, depending on what they choose at the time of renewal. If your LLC requires professional licensing, this may add additional filing requirements.

The Alaska biennial report filing fee varies depending on the type of business being filed. The fee is $100 for domestic for-profit corporations, professional corporations, LLCs, and LLPs. If filed later than February 2, the late penalty fee is $37.50.

For foreign for-profit corporations, professional corporations, LLCs, and LLPs, the filing fee is $200. The filing fee imposed if later than February 2 is $247.50.

For nonprofit and religious organizations, the fee is $25. If paid after August 2, the fee is $30.

For a cooperative corporation, the fee is $100. If paid after August 2, the fee is $110.