Alaska Small Business Resources

Starting and running a small business requires resources. There are businesses, government groups, and nonprofits ready to help you.

We’ve compiled state and local resources as well as our own tools and guides to help you run a successful small business in Alaska.

Use our Alaska Small Business Resources guide to get started.

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Government Resources for Small Businesses in Alaska

The business resources provided by the state government are ones you’ll likely partner with first in Alaska. They're often your immediate go-to for essential information and services.

To find business resources in other states, visit our local resources guide.

Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing


This division ensures businesses are compliant with state laws and regulations. They provide necessary licensing information to small businesses.

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Phone number:
Anchorage: 907-269-8150
Juneau: 907-465-2510

Alaska Division of Investments


The Alaska Division of Investments helps businesses grow with a variety of financing and loan programs. They also connect businesses with potential investment opportunities.

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Phone Number:
Anchorage: 907-269-8150
Juneau: 907-465-2510

Statewide Business Resources

While state and local governments provide a wealth of resources, there are also many other organizations ready to assist your business. Here are some top picks:

Alaska Small Business Development Center (AKSBDC)


AKSBDC provides business advising, training, and resources to help businesses at every stage, from startups to established entities.

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Phone Number: 907-786-7201

Alaska Business Development Center (ABDC)


ABDC offers technical assistance, promotes economic development, and supports communities in Alaska to improve the standard of living in rural areas.

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Phone Number: 907-562-0335

Alaska Women's Business Center


The Alaska Women's Business Center offers a wealth of resources, including planning advice, networking opportunities, and financial guidance to women entrepreneurs at all stages of their business.

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Phone Number: 206-324-4330

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What types of resources are available to small businesses in Alaska?

Alaska offers numerous resources, including business development centers, loan programs, and tax incentives. These resources can be found in our Alaska Small Business Resources guide.

Are there specific financing options available to small businesses in Alaska?

Yes, businesses in Alaska can access loan programs from local and federal entities. These are key resources to help you establish business credit.

How can the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) help Alaskan businesses?

The SBDC offers a range of services, from business counseling to financial analysis. You can find other business tools and resources in our free online Business Center.

Are there any grants available for small businesses in Alaska?

Alaska provides several grant programs like the SBIR and STTR for small businesses. We can teach you how to get a small business grant.

How does the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) support small businesses?

AIDEA boosts small businesses through financing options and by promoting infrastructure projects. We recommend visiting our Establish Business Credit page to learn how to utilize finance capital to increase the value of your business.

What kind of support can Alaskan entrepreneurs expect when starting a new business?

Entrepreneurs in Alaska can take advantage of free consulting, training, and networking opportunities when starting a business.