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How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in Massachusetts?

The cost to start an LLC (limited liability company) online in Massachusetts is $500. This fee is paid to the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth when filing the LLC’s Certificate of Organization.

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How Much Does an LLC Cost in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts LLC Online Filing Fee: $500

The main cost to start an LLC in Massachusetts is the $500 fee to file your LLC's Certificate of Organization online with the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth.

For a look at LLC costs in every state, read our other Cost to Start an LLC and How to Form an LLC guides.

Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Massachusetts

If you already have an LLC that is registered in another state and you’d like to expand your business into Massachusetts, you’ll need to register your LLC as a foreign LLC in Massachusetts.

The cost for registering a Massachusetts foreign LLC is $500. You can register a foreign LLC in Massachusetts by filing Foreign Limited Liability Company Application for Registration. This can also be done by mail.

Optional LLC Formation Costs

There are optional fees associated with LLC formation:

LLC Name Reservation

Reserve your name for up to 60 days prior to LLC formation by filing an Application of Reservation of Name and paying the $30 filing fee. The reservation can be extended for another 60 days for an additional $30.

Business Certificate

You apply for a business certificate, also called a DBA, in the city or cities where you do business. The filings fee varies depending on the location.

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Massachusetts Annual LLC Cost and Ongoing Compliance

Starting a limited liability company (LLC) in Massachusetts involves ongoing costs that are crucial to consider when planning your business budget. 

Understanding these expenses will help you estimate the total expenses of running an LLC in Massachusetts and make informed decisions. 

Here are the primary ongoing costs associated with maintaining an LLC in Massachusetts:

  • Annual Report: LLCs in Massachusetts are required to file an Annual Report with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. This report provides updated information about the LLC, its members, and its activities. The filing fee for the Annual Report is $500. It is important to note that the Annual Report fee is distinct from the initial filing fee for the Certificate of Organization.
  • Business Certificate Renewal: Since business certificates (DBAs) are filed at the city level, renewal fees may vary. For example, Boston requires LLCs to renew their business certificate every four years for $65.
  • Resident Agent Fee: Massachusetts law requires every LLC to appoint a resident agent, known in most states as a registered agent. Should you hire a registered agent service to fulfill this requirement, your yearly fees will vary. The average cost is $100–$200.

These ongoing costs should be carefully considered when planning the financial aspects of your Massachusetts LLC.

How to Register a Massachusetts LLC Yourself

Forming an LLC in Massachusetts is easy. Simply follow the steps outlined on this page.

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Massachusetts LLC Cost FAQ

To create an LLC in Massachusetts, the principal expense is the $500 filing fee for the Certificate of Organization. This fee applies whether you file online, by mail, by fax, or in person with the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office. 

Remember that these are the foundational costs, and your business might require additional expenses such as obtaining relevant business licenses or permits.

In Massachusetts, the Certificate of Organization can be filed online, by mail, by fax, or in person. These documents, along with the $500 filing fee, should be sent to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Yes, in Massachusetts, your LLC must have a resident agent, also known as a Registered Agent in other states. This person or entity agrees to accept legal documents on behalf of your LLC and must consent to this role by signing a specific consent form.

If you decide to change your Resident Agent after the formation of your LLC in Massachusetts, your new Resident Agent needs to officially accept this responsibility. They do so by signing the change form, thereby confirming their willingness to act in this capacity.

In Massachusetts, a business certificate, also known as a DBA (doing business as) name, is used if your LLC operates under a different name than its legal name. If you intend to conduct business under your LLC's legal name, a business certificate is not necessary.

The fee to file an annual report in Massachusetts is $500. All LLCs in Massachusetts must file an annual report. 

This report keeps the state informed about your business's contact and ownership details.

Based on the given data, aside from the cost associated with filing the annual report, Massachusetts does not impose specific state compliance fees for LLCs. However, it's always a good idea to check with the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office for the most accurate and current information.

Before you file your Certificate of Organization, you should confirm that your desired LLC name is available. In Massachusetts, you can do this using the Business Entity Search and, for more certainty, the Name Reservation Search.

In Massachusetts, a Certificate of Good Standing is a document provided by the Secretary of the Commonwealth. It confirms that your LLC is legally registered and in compliance with all state requirements. This certificate can be valuable when you're looking to open business bank accounts, apply for business loans, or engage in other business transactions.

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