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How Much Does It Cost to Start an LLC in North Dakota?

The cost to start an LLC (limited liability company) online in North Dakota is $135. This fee is paid to the North Dakota Secretary of State when filing the LLC’s Articles of Organization.

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How Much Does an LLC Cost in North Dakota?

North Dakota LLC Online Filing Fee: $135

The main cost to start an LLC in North Dakota is the $135 fee to file your LLC's Articles of Organization online with the North Dakota Secretary of State.

For a look at LLC costs in every state, read our other Cost to Start an LLC and How to Form an LLC guides.

Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in North Dakota

If you already have an LLC that is registered in another state and you’d like to expand your business into North Dakota, you’ll need to register your LLC as a foreign LLC in North Dakota.

The cost for registering a North Dakota foreign LLC is $135. You can register a foreign LLC in North Dakota by filing a Certificate of Authority Application.

Optional LLC Formation Costs

There are optional fees associated with LLC formation:

LLC Name Reservation

Reserve your name for up to 12 months prior to LLC formation by filing a Reserved Name Application and paying the $10 filing fee.

Trade Name

File a Trade Name Registration and pay the $25 filing fee to create a name other than your legal LLC business name.

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Ready to Start Your North Dakota LLC?

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North Dakota LLC Ongoing Fees

Maintaining a limited liability company (LLC) in North Dakota involves ongoing costs that should be considered when managing your LLC's finances. 

Understanding these expenses will help you plan your budget and ensure the financial stability of your LLC. Here are the primary ongoing fees for a North Dakota LLC:

  • Registered Agent Fee: North Dakota requires every LLC to have a registered agent. The registered agent serves as the official point of contact for legal documents and official correspondence on behalf of the LLC. There is no ongoing fee associated with the Registered Agent role unless you choose to hire a registered agent service.
  • Annual Report: LLCs in North Dakota are required to file an annual report. The annual report fee is $75.

North Dakota does not have any additional specific state compliance fees for LLCs. However, there may be other applicable fees based on your LLC's specific operations, industry, and location within the state.

How to Register a North Dakota LLC Yourself

Forming an LLC in North Dakota is easy. Simply follow the steps outlined on this page.

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North Dakota LLC Cost FAQ

To establish an LLC in North Dakota, a $135 fee is required to file the Articles of Organization. This fee does not include other potential costs, such as those for hiring a registered agent or registering a trade name or fictitious name.

In North Dakota, the Articles of Organization are filed with the Secretary of State to officially register your LLC. This process can be completed online. The fee for filing the Articles of Organization is $135.

Yes, it's required to have a registered agent for your LLC in North Dakota. A registered agent is responsible for receiving and managing significant legal and tax documents on behalf of your LLC. They play a crucial part in ensuring your business complies with state law.

In North Dakota, your LLC can operate under a trade name or fictitious name, which is different from the official name registered with the state. This can be beneficial for your branding or operating strategies.

North Dakota requires LLCs to file an annual report to keep the state informed about important information regarding your business. The filing fee for the annual report in North Dakota is $50.

An LLC formation service can make setting up an LLC in North Dakota much easier. They manage the paperwork, offer registered agent services, and ensure you meet all state compliance requirements. By using such services, you can save valuable time and focus more on other crucial aspects of launching and running your business.

You can check the availability of your desired LLC name in North Dakota using the Business Search tool provided by the state. This ensures that your chosen name is not already being used by another business entity in the state.

In North Dakota, a Certificate of Good Standing is a document that validates your LLC's correct registration and its good standing with the state. This certificate might be needed for situations such as applying for business loans, negotiating contracts, or registering your business in other states.

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