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5 Best Banks for Real Estate Investors in 2024

With so many banking options, how do you decide which is the best for your REI venture? 

We've done the homework, from landlord banking and rent collection platforms to commercial real estate (CRE) loans. Here’s our breakdown of the best banks for real estate investors.

Recommended: Baselane is rated as our best bank for landlords and the best overall REI bank.

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Top Picks: Best Banks for Real Estate Investors

Top Banks for Real Estate Investors 2024



  • Free Rent Collection System and Bank Account
  • Efficient Rent Collection
  • Competitive CRE Loans


  • Fast Online Access
  • Flexible Loan Offerings
  • Streamlined Digital Banking


  • Expansive Branch Network
  • Diverse Financing Options
  • Robust Rewards System

1. Baselane: Best for Landlords

Baselane, though newer to the market, is making a good impression due to its tailored offerings for this particular niche. 

Baselane allows property owners to manage all their real estate investment income with the right accounting and bookkeeping tools. You can save money on filing taxes and earn generous interest on the rent you collect.

Landlord Banking

At the core of Baselane's offerings is its specialization in landlord banking. While many banks offer standard business bank account solutions, few zone in on the unique demands of landlords and property managers.

  1. Integrated Property Management: One of Baselane's standout features is its integration of property management into the banking system. For landlords, this is transformative. Rather than juggling between multiple platforms or software, Baselane provides a unified dashboard. This dashboard facilitates a clear view of all assets, transactions, and tenant-related matters, streamlining operations and making decision-making more efficient.
  2. Dedicated Products: Baselane isn't simply repackaging generic business banking tools and offering them to landlords. Instead, it designs and provides products with the landlord in mind. These tools cater directly to the challenges and scenarios landlords frequently encounter, making routine tasks less cumbersome.
  3. High APY: You can earn a very competitive 4.46% APY.

Rent Collection

For many landlords, especially those managing multiple properties, rent collection can be a monthly logistical challenge. Baselane offers features that address these pain points.

  1. Automated Collections: Manual rent reminders, checks, and deposits are things of the past with Baselane. The bank's system facilitates automated rent collection. Once set up, funds get transferred directly into the landlord's account, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing potential errors.
  2. Clear Tenant Communication: Clarity in communication is vital for maintaining positive landlord-tenant relations. Baselane's platform eases communication about payments, due dates, and other financial concerns. This clarity can lead to fewer misunderstandings and disputes.

CRE Loans

Financing is a pivotal aspect of real estate investment. Baselane's approach to commercial real estate (CRE) loans merits attention.

  1. Competitive Rates: Everyone wants value for their money, especially when it comes to loan interest. Baselane, understanding the financial strain of high interest, ensures their rates remain competitive.
  2. Variety of Loan Options: Not all property deals are identical. Whether refurbishing a unit or acquiring a new property, Baselane offers a range of loan structures catering to these varied needs.

Pros and Cons of Baselane


  • Tailored for Real Estate: Baselane’s platform and services are specifically designed with real estate investing in mind, setting it apart from generic banks.
  • Efficient Systems: The bank’s automated rent collection and communication tools bring efficiency to property management.
  • Competitive Financing: The bank's competitive rates and varied loan options provide flexibility and financial prudence for investors.


  • Limited Branches: Being newer in the banking world, Baselane doesn't boast a vast physical presence.
  • Expansion Challenges: Rapid growth can lead to occasional system hiccups or delays as Baselane evolves.


Baselane differentiates itself by focusing on real estate investors in an increasingly crowded banking sector. Its tailored offerings, from landlord banking to rent collection and financing options, make it a compelling choice.

Apply today with Baselane – the top choice for landlords and the best overall bank for your REI business.

2. Great for Landlords With Small Businesses: BlueVine

In the world of banking options tailored for the real estate sector, BlueVine holds a unique position. Although not strictly designed for real estate, its broad range of financial services offers compelling benefits for real estate investors, especially those running small businesses. Here's an in-depth exploration of what BlueVine brings to the table for real estate professionals who own small businesses.

Flexible Business Solutions

BlueVine's strength lies in its flexibility, offering diverse financial solutions catering to various business models, including real estate. Landlords who also run small businesses might find BlueVine the best choice.

  1. Tailored Line of Credit: One of BlueVine's prime offerings is its flexible business line of credit. This can be an invaluable tool for investors who requires readily accessible funds for opportunities that arise, from quick property acquisitions to urgent renovations.
  2. Innovative Banking Platform: BlueVine's online-first approach makes managing finances convenient. The user-friendly platform ensures that investors can easily access their accounts, manage transactions, and monitor their financial health.

Payment Processing

For those in the real estate business, managing multiple payments can be challenging. BlueVine offers solutions to streamline this.

  1. Automated Payments: BlueVine’s system allows for automated payment processing. This means incoming (like rent collections) and outgoing payments (like property maintenance expenses) can be handled with minimal manual input.
  2. Quick Fund Transfers: Speed is often of the essence in real estate. BlueVine's platform ensures that domestic and international fund transfers are completed quickly, aiding in timely transactions.

Loans and Financing

Financing remains a cornerstone for real estate investing, and BlueVine doesn’t disappoint in this area.

  1. Fast Approval: BlueVine is known for its quick loan approval process. This rapid turnaround can be crucial for investors who need funds in a time-sensitive manner.
  2. Transparent Terms: The bank prides itself on offering clear and transparent loan terms, ensuring investors are fully aware of their obligations and can plan their finances accordingly.

Pros and Cons of BlueVine


  • Flexibility: Whether it's the line of credit or payment processing, BlueVine offers solutions that can be adapted to various real estate needs.
  • Digital Excellence: Their online-first approach ensures that banking tasks can be completed efficiently anywhere.
  • Quick Financing: Speedy loan approvals cater to the often time-sensitive demands of the real estate sector.


  • Not Real Estate Specific: BlueVine’s offerings, while flexible, aren't designed exclusively for real estate, which may mean some features aren't as tailored as those from industry-specific banks.
  • Online Reliance: For those who prefer traditional banking with physical branches, BlueVine’s digital focus might pose an adjustment.


BlueVine, while not a dedicated real estate bank, provides a suite of flexible services that can be very appealing to real estate professionals who also own small businesses. Its emphasis on quick and transparent financing and an efficient online platform make it a noteworthy option. 

Potential users should weigh the pros and cons in the context of their specific needs, but BlueVine certainly offers tools that can empower investors in their ventures.

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3. Good for Branch-Based Banking: Chase

Chase’s reputation, built over decades, offers assurance. An investor, particularly those who place a premium on in-person banking experiences, can find value in what Chase offers.

Brick-and-Mortar Strength

Arguably, Chase's most distinguished feature in today's digital banking age is its large network of brick-and-mortar branches.

  1. Nationwide Presence: Chase's branches span coast to coast, ensuring that a Chase branch isn't too far away from wherever an investor's property ventures take them. This accessibility is important for those who prefer face-to-face consultations or need to handle large in-person transactions.
  2. Personalized Service: Physical branches offer the opportunity for tailored advice. Whether it's a query about property financing or seeking insights on local property market trends, the in-branch experts at Chase are there to assist.

Robust Business Banking

Beyond its branch network, Chase continues to provide a holistic business banking experience.

  1. Varied Account Offerings: Catering to the diverse needs of real estate investors, Chase presents a range of business accounts that can align with different financial strategies and management styles.
  2. User-Friendly Digital Tools: Recognizing the importance of digital in today's world, Chase complements its physical presence with a suite of online tools. These allow investors to manage their finances efficiently without always visiting a branch.

Real Estate Financing Expertise

  1. Broad Loan Spectrum: Chase's product range is tailored to suit varied investment agendas, from commercial mortgages to residential rental property loans.
  2. Competitive Terms: Given its stature, Chase can offer competitive interest rates, ensuring investors get optimal financing deals.

Pros and Cons of Chase


  • Unrivaled Branch Network: For those who value in-person interactions, Chase's nationwide branch network stands out as a top asset.
  • Holistic Banking Experience: Chase combines the best of both worlds – traditional branch banking and digital tools – ensuring comprehensive service.
  • Extensive Business Credit Cards: Chase offers investors valuable rewards, cashback on property-related expenses, and flexible financing, enhancing their investment potential.
  • Dependable and Trustworthy: Chase's longstanding reputation brings a level of trustworthiness and stability.


  • Potential Monthly Fee Requirements: Some of Chase's services and accounts come with associated monthly maintenance fees, so it's essential for investors to familiarize themselves with the bank's fee structure.
  • Not Exclusively Real Estate-Focused: While Chase offers a broad range of services beneficial for real estate investors, it is a universal bank and not solely tailored for real estate.


For an investor who seeks a blend of traditional banking bolstered by a vast branch network and the conveniences of modern digital tools, Chase emerges as a strong choice. Its nationwide presence, backed by a comprehensive range of financial services, positions Chase as a bank well-suited to support the needs of today's investors.

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Choose Chase for unparalleled in-person services tailored for investors.

4. Bridge Loans for REI: Axos

In today's evolving banking landscape, Axos Bank has distinguished itself as a forward-thinking financial institution. Its digital-first approach and specialized financial products make it a strong choice for a real estate investor. One of its most prominent offerings, which gives Axos a competitive edge, is its bridge loan program.

Bridge Loans: Bridging Financial Gaps

For real estate investors, timing is often a critical factor, and Axos's bridge loans stand out as a vital tool in this respect.

  1. Quick Access to Funds: Axos’ bridge loans are designed to provide immediate capital, allowing investors to seize time-sensitive opportunities or manage property transitions without liquidity constraints.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that every real estate deal is unique, Axos offers customized terms for its bridge loans, ensuring they align perfectly with an investor's specific needs.
  3. Competitive Interest Rates: Despite being short-term, the interest rates on these loans are competitive, ensuring investors aren't overburdened financially.

Digital-Driven Banking Excellence

Axos Bank takes pride in its fully digital model, which ensures a smooth and efficient banking experience.

  1. Around-the-Clock Access: Given its online nature, Axos offers 24/7 platform accessibility, allowing investors to manage their finances whenever and wherever they choose.
  2. Innovative Features: The digital platform incorporates various features, from instant fund transfers to financial analysis tools, all tailored for the tech-savvy investor.

Property Financing and Beyond

In addition to its standout bridge loan offerings, Axos has an extensive suite of financial products geared toward real estate.

  1. Diverse Mortgage Portfolio: Whether residential properties or commercial ventures, Axos’s mortgage products cater to a broad spectrum of investment needs.
  2. Digital Efficiency: Leveraging its online model, Axos often provides quicker loan approvals than many traditional banks, making it especially useful in the fast-paced world of real estate.

Pros and Cons of Axos Bank


  • Bridge Loan Mastery: Axos's specialized bridge loan offerings set it apart, offering timely financial solutions to investors.
  • Digital Convenience: The online-first approach ensures seamless, hassle-free banking experiences from anywhere.
  • Adaptive Financial Products: Axos's product lineup is frequently updated, ensuring it remains in tune with the dynamic needs of investors.


  • Lack of Physical Branches: For those who value in-person banking interactions, Axos, being an online-only bank, might seem limiting.
  • Customer Service Limitations: While Axos offers digital customer service tools, some users might miss the traditional, personalized customer service touchpoints.


For an investor operating in a dynamic environment, Axos Bank offers a compelling mix of specialized products, digital convenience, and adaptive solutions. Its bridge loans position Axos as a frontrunner, bridging financial gaps and ensuring investors don't miss lucrative opportunities.

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Axos is your best partner for seamless bridge loan solutions.

5. Branch-Based Banking and SBA Loans: Wells Fargo

In the banking sector, certain names are synonymous with longevity, reliability, and reach. Wells Fargo is unquestionably one of those names. With its expansive branch network and track record of aiding businesses through Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, it occupies a unique niche, especially for a real estate investor.

Brick-and-Mortar Advantages

One of the standout features of Wells Fargo is its impressive network of physical branches.

  1. Nationwide Accessibility: With branches spread from coast to coast, Wells Fargo ensures that investors have convenient access to in-person services, regardless of their properties.
  2. Personal Touch: Nothing quite replaces face-to-face interactions. Whether it’s intricate loan discussions, depositing large checks, or seeking insights on property market trends, Wells Fargo’s branches offer a level of personalized service that many digital platforms can't replicate.

Leader in SBA Business Loans

Wells Fargo's dedication to businesses, and by extension, real estate investors, is evident in its robust SBA loan program.

  1. Top SBA Lender: Wells Fargo stands out by consistently being among the nation's top lenders of SBA loans. With their favorable terms, these loans can be invaluable for an investor, particularly those just setting foot in the industry.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Recognizing that every real estate project has unique financial needs, Wells Fargo offers customized SBA loan solutions, ensuring investors get the right fit for their ambitions.

Comprehensive Financial Offerings

Beyond its standout features, Wells Fargo provides a range of services beneficial to investors.

  1. Property Financing Portfolio: From commercial properties to residential real estate loans, Wells Fargo has a diversified product range to cater to different investment agendas.
  2. Integrated Banking Services: Wells Fargo’s platform is designed for a holistic banking experience, from managing accounts to navigating through different financial tools seamlessly.

Pros and Cons of Wells Fargo


  • Unparalleled Branch Presence: For investors who prioritize in-person interactions and consultations, Wells Fargo’s vast branch network is an undeniable advantage.
  • SBA Loan Champion: Their position as a leading SBA loan provider makes them a prime choice for an investor who’s seeking financing.
  • Full-Service Banking: With a wide range of services, investors can find nearly all their banking solutions under one roof.


  • Past Controversies: Wells Fargo has had its share of challenges, and potential clients might weigh these when making decisions.
  • Fee Structures: Certain services and accounts come with associated fees. Investors should familiarize themselves to ensure optimal cost management.


For an investor eyeing a blend of traditional banking advantages and robust financial offerings, Wells Fargo emerges as a top pick. Their deep-rooted experience in the real estate sector and their lead in SBA loan offerings position them well.

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Get personalized in-person banking and leading SBA loan offerings with Wells Fargo.

Our Review Methodology

Our structured methodology ensured that this review remained impartial, insightful, and tailored for real estate investors.

1. Research & Data Collection

We researched primary and secondary resources to initiate our review. We analyzed financial reports, user testimonials, and bank-specific offerings to create a thorough initial data set.

2. Real Estate Relevance

Each bank was specifically assessed for what may be relevant for a real estate investor. Key products, such as specialized loan offerings and property-related financial tools, were spotlighted to understand how each bank caters to this niche.

3. User Experience

We emphasized user experience considerably beyond the hard numbers. We evaluated both online and offline touchpoints, understanding the convenience, accessibility, and responsiveness each bank provided to its users.

4. Comparative Analysis

Banks were weighed against each other based on their services, costs, benefits, and pitfalls. This comparative framework ensured we recognized standout features and identified areas of improvement.

Best Real Estate Investment Banks FAQ

Business savings accounts and business checking accounts segregate personal and business finances, ensuring clearer accounting, fulfilling legal requirements, and presenting a professional image to clients and vendors.

The best bank for real estate investing offers competitive rates, diverse financial products, digital tools, and specialized services catering to specific investment needs, such as Baselane, Chase, and Wells Fargo.

A dedicated business checking account is best for rental properties, allowing streamlined management of rental income, expense tracking, and simplified tax reporting.

Yes, investment banks often have real estate divisions that facilitate property-related transactions and investments and provide advisory services for clients.

A real estate investment bank specializes in offering financial services, advisory, and transactional support specifically related to property markets and real estate assets.

As a real estate investor, you should seek banks that provide tailored loan options, efficient property management tools, competitive interest rates, and expertise in the real estate sector.

Business savings accounts are beneficial for companies to securely store excess funds, earn interest, and manage future investments or unexpected expenses, ensuring financial stability and disciplined financial management.