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5 Best Online Rent Payment Systems in 2024

You need a streamlined, reliable way to collect online rent payments that are tailored to you and your tenants.

We've curated the best online rent payment systems for landlords, ensuring you select a platform that simplifies collecting rent online and elevates your entire property management process.

Recommended: Baselane ranks as our top choice for rent payment services.

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Top Picks: Best Online Rent Payment Services



  • Free Platform
  • Instant Payments
  • Zero-Fee Transfers




  • Transparent Pricing
  • Customizable Leases
  • In-Depth Screening


  • Holistic Property Management System
  • Financial Insights
  • Higher Cost

1. Baselane: Best Free Rent Payment Service

Baselane stands out as a frontrunner in services that help landlords collect rent payments online. Perhaps the most attractive feature is the price tag – Baselane is free when you create a free bank account.

Baselane Logo

Key Features

Baselane stands out as a frontrunner in the digital realm of rent payment services for several reasons:

  1. Tailored for Landlords: Baselane is designed with landlords in mind. The platform addresses landlords' unique challenges by understanding the nuances of property management.
  2. Streamlined Processes: Rent collection is seamless, reducing the complexities often associated with traditional methods. Its efficient systems ensure timely and traceable payments.
  3. Integration Capabilities: Its capability to integrate with multiple banking platforms means landlords can effortlessly sync their existing accounts, saving them the hassle of manual transfers or updates.
  4. User-Centric Design: The platform boasts an intuitive design. This focus on user experience ensures that even those not tech-savvy can navigate and utilize the platform effectively.
  5. Enhanced Security: In the digital age, security is paramount. Baselane employs robust security measures, ensuring landlords and tenants can transact peacefully.
  6. Proactive Communication: With its real-time notification system, landlords are never left guessing. They're promptly informed about pending, received, or missed payments.
  7. Innovative Features: Beyond just rent collection, Baselane often rolls out new features and tools that cater to the evolving needs of landlords and property managers


  • Baselane’s wide array of rent collection tools have no monthly, ACH, overdraft, account minimum, or inactive account fees, but they do charge a processing fee (2.99%) on online rent payments. 

*Pricing at time of publication.


  • Swift and reliable transactions.
  • Easy to use, even for the less tech-savvy.
  • Enhanced security protocols ensure safe money transfers and online payments.
  • Bank account offers a high annual percentage yield.


  • A more extended setup process compared to some other platforms.
  • Limited to specific countries and regions.

For landlords seeking a blend of efficiency, reliability, and digital prowess, Baselane emerges as a top contender. Its commitment to simplifying the rent payment process while ensuring safety makes it a standout choice in online rent payment services.

Streamline your rent collection with Baselane. Efficient, reliable, free, and tailored for modern landlords.

2. Best Paid Online Rent Payment Service: Avail

Unlike Baselane, Avail is a paid subscription service. For those willing to pay a premium, Avail distinguishes itself through a blend of quality and comprehensive features. Catering to both landlords and tenants, Avail ensures a smooth, transparent, and efficient transaction experience and rental management features like access to templates and accounting tools.

Avail Logo

Key Features

  1. Structured Rent Collection: Avail offers a systematic rent collection approach that emphasizes punctuality, benefiting both parties.
  2. Broad Integration: Linking with numerous banks and financial entities, Avail is built for ease, aiming to minimize disruptions and ensure fluid transactions.
  3. User-Centric Design: While Avail provides a bevy of features, its user interface remains intuitive, catering to both seasoned digital users and those new to online platforms.
  4. Proactive Notification System: Avail keeps landlords in the loop with timely notifications on payment statuses, ensuring transparency and clarity.


  • Unlimited: $0/unit
    • Background screening
    • State leases
    • Tenant portals
    • Property accounting features
    • Syndicated listings
  • Unlimited Plus: $7/unit/month
    • No ACH Fees
    • Customizable applications and leases
    • FastPay payments
    • Property websites

*Pricing at time of publication.


  • High-security standards for all transactions.
  • Rich features that bring out its value proposition.
  • Prompt and knowledgeable customer support.


  • Being a paid service, it might not cater to those on a tight budget.
  • Some users might require a brief orientation to maximize its features.

Avail's paid service model is a testament to its commitment to delivering quality. Avail is a strong choice worth considering for landlords seeking a dependable, feature-rich online rent payment platform without compromises.

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For a transparent and efficient payment solution, choose Avail.

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3. Buildium

Buildium, a name often associated with comprehensive property management, extends its expertise to online rent payments, presenting an all-encompassing solution. With a focus on property managers and landlords, Buildium facilitates effortless rent transactions while providing various complementary tools.

Buildium Logo

Key Features

  1. Dedicated Rent Portal: Buildium’s platform offers a designated space for rent transactions, making tracking and processing straightforward and organized.
  2. Multiple Payment Methods: Understanding the diverse needs of tenants, Buildium supports a range of payment options from eChecks to credit cards.
  3. Integrated Financial Reporting: Beyond just processing payments, Buildium gives landlords insights through financial reports, simplifying monthly and yearly accounting tasks.
  4. Automated Rent Reminders: To keep payments punctual, Buildium’s system sends out automated reminders to tenants, reducing potential delays.


All Buildium plans come with online portals with accounting, maintenance, task, violation, and communication capabilities for residents, board members, and owners. 

  • Essential: $52+/month
    • $5 per eSignature
    • $99 bank account setup fee
    • Ticket support
    • $40/month property inspections
    • Tenant screening
    • Free marketing website
    • $1.25 per incoming EFT transaction
    • $0.50 per outgoing EFT transaction
    • 2.99% per credit card transaction
  • Growth: $166+/month
    • Unlimited eSignatures
    • Property inspections
    • Five free bank account setups ($99 per account thereafter)
    • Enhanced tenant screening
    • Live phone support
    • Waived incoming EFT transaction fees
    • Performance and business analytics
  • Premium: $479+/month
    • Open API
    • Buildium Rewards
    • Priority Support

*Pricing at time of publication.


  • Holistic property management features.
  • Secure and traceable transaction history.
  • Customizable payment terms and conditions.


  • Might come across as feature-rich for those seeking a payment platform.
  • Subscription fees can add up for smaller property managers.

Buildium’s robust online rent collection service is just one facet of its property management software. For landlords and managers seeking a system that does more than just process payments, offering insights and complementary features, Buildium is a solid choice in the market.

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Empower your property management with Buildium's comprehensive suite. 

4., a known name in rental listings, has tailored its platform to meet the unique demands of hosting online rent payments. Prioritizing user experience, offers landlords and tenants a blend of simplicity and functionality. Logo

Key Features

  1. Direct Deposit to Landlord: allows for direct bank deposits, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring landlords receive their payments promptly.
  2. Flexible Payment Schedules: Catering to different rent arrangements, supports varying payment schedules, from monthly to custom plans.
  3. Transparent Fee Structure: prides itself on clear, upfront fees, ensuring no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises for its users.
  4. Tenant Credit Reports: Beyond just payments, allows landlords to view TransUnion credit reports, assisting in tenant selection.


  • does not charge a monthly fee, but they do charge $24.99 per tenant for screenings and background reports. Additionally, they have a 2.75% credit card payment fee.

*Pricing at time of publication.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Option to report rent payments to credit bureaus, benefiting tenants.
  • Reliable customer support.


  • Limited to the US market.
  • Payments can take a few days to process, depending on the bank.’s approach to online rent payments is grounded in user-centric design and functionality. By addressing both the needs of landlords and tenants, has carved a niche for itself, offering a dependable, streamlined, and transparent rent payment solution.

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Transform your rent collection process with's streamlined and user-centered platform.

5. PayRent

PayRent stands out as a digital-first platform dedicated solely to easing the rent payment process. Designed with modern landlords and property managers in mind, PayRent provides an efficient and secure avenue for handling monthly rent collections.

PayRent Logo

Key Features

  1. Scheduled Payments: Tenants can set up automated payments, ensuring punctuality and reducing manual intervention. 
  2. Landlord Dashboard: A centralized hub for property managers to oversee all transactions, tenant status, and payment histories.
  3. Multi-Channel Support: PayRent facilitates payments through credit cards, eChecks, and bank transfers, offering versatility to tenants.
  4. Immediate Notifications: Instant alerts keep landlords updated on payment statuses, providing real-time insights into the collection process.


  • Pay-As-You-Go: $0/month
    • Unlimited units
    • $5 per bank transfer
    • 3.5% plus 2.95% credit card fee
    • Rent reminders
    • Scheduled payments
    • Rent payment controls
    • RentCred Loans
    • Four to five-day funding
  • Do-It-Yourself: $19/month
    • 25 included units ($3/unit thereafter)
    • $2 per bank transfer
    • Automatic late fees
    • Rent collection enforcement
  • Go-Like-A-Pro: $49/month
    • 10 included units ($3/unit thereafter)
    • Free bank transfers
    • Multiple property portfolio management
    • Dedicated account management


  • Mobile-optimized platform for on-the-go management.
  • Strong security measures, including bank-level encryption.
  • Transparent fee structure for all parties involved.


  • Transaction processing times can vary.
  • Might require a learning curve for non-tech-savvy users.

PayRent's commitment to refining the rent payment experience shines through its intuitive platform and features. For landlords and property managers prioritizing simplicity, security, and real-time insights, PayRent offers a modern and dependable solution.

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For real-time insights, upgrade your rent collection with PayRent's intuitive platform.


Many property owners and tenants use Zelle for collecting rent payments and for paying rent due to its instant transfers between bank accounts. However, it's essential to have clear rental agreements and maintain records of transactions, as Zelle is primarily designed for personal use.

The "best" app can vary based on individual needs. Factors like transaction fees, ease of use, and additional property management features should be considered when choosing. Popular choices include Baselane, Buildium, and PayRent. 

Yes, Venmo can be used to receive rent and pay rent online. However, it's designed for personal transactions among friends and family. If using Venmo for online rent collection, ensure you have detailed agreements and keep records of all transfers. Always use the "goods and services" option for added protection.

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