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9 Best Business Cloud Storage Solutions in 2024

Looking for the right cloud storage provider for your small business? A cloud storage service allows companies to store and access their data and files securely over the internet. Choosing a reliable service is essential, as it will ensure data security, provide scalability, improve collaboration, and reduce costs.

We’re here to help simplify your decision with our review of the best business cloud storage solutions. We'll evaluate top providers based on features, pricing, security, accessibility, and more. Our goal is to help you identify a solution that perfectly aligns with your business needs.

Securely store and protect your business data with Google Cloud today.

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Best Cloud Storage for Business

In the fast-paced digital age, small businesses need to prioritize secure, accessible, and efficient data storage. Cloud storage solutions are a key part of that equation. These online services allow you to store, access, and share files from anywhere, providing much-needed flexibility for dynamic business operations.

We'll be diving deep into some of the top-notch cloud storage solutions suitable for small businesses. We're focusing on services that combine robust security with user-friendly features to streamline your processes and promote collaboration within your team. Continue reading to determine which provider is right for you.

Best Cloud Storage for Small Businesses:

  1. Google Cloud Storage
  2. AWS Cloud Storage
  3. Dropbox
  4. Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  5. Box
  6. Tresorit
  7. Egnyte Business Cloud
  8. iDrive
  9. Backblaze

Best Business Cloud Storage: Google Cloud

Looking for a secure, scalable storage solution for your small business? See what Google Cloud offers.

1. Google Cloud Storage

Pricing: Starts at $0

Google Cloud is a powerful, flexible solution for companies of all sizes, but it shines particularly brightly for small businesses. It is an online service for storing and accessing data, offering an impressive range of storage classes, pricing options, and advanced features. 

Designed for 99.9% durability, Google Cloud Storage provides businesses with secure, fast, and scalable data storage, making it an excellent choice for companies in the early stages of growth.


  • High durability and reliability
  • Strong security features
  • Scalable for growing businesses
  • Integration with the Google ecosystem


  • Can be complex to set up
  • Costs can accumulate with high data usage

Notable Features

  • Automatic Storage Class Transitions: Allows cost-effective data management by automatically moving data to lower-cost storage classes.
  • Continental-Scale and SLA-Backed Replication: Provides strong data durability and availability across wide geographical areas.
  • Fast and Flexible Transfer Services: Supports quick, efficient, and flexible data transfer, aiding in seamless business operations.
  • Default and Configurable Data Security: Ensures strong security controls that are automatically applied, with options for additional configurations.
  • Leading Analytics and ML/AI Tools: Offers powerful tools for data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive business insights.

Google Cloud Storage offers small businesses a robust, reliable, and scalable solution for storing, accessing, and managing their data. It's well-integrated with other Google services, which can make your daily operations smoother and more efficient. However, it's important to be aware of potential costs — especially if your company uses a lot of data.

Don't wait to secure your data. Explore Google Cloud Storage today and take the first step toward a scalable and secure future for your business.

2. AWS Cloud Storage

Pricing: Starts at $0

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Storage is a robust and comprehensive cloud service solution. Perfect for small businesses needing reliable, scalable storage, AWS combines superior functionality with exceptional security measures.

If your company deals with large amounts of data, requires high-speed access, and values top-notch security, AWS is an excellent choice.


  • Excellent for large data management​​
  • High-level security measures​
  • Compliance with numerous regulations
  • Superior scalability


  • Complicated pricing structure​
  • Support can be expensive​

Notable Features

  • S3 Intelligent-Tiering: optimizes cost by automatically moving data
  • S3 Glacier: low-cost storage for data archiving and backup
  • Data Transfer acceleration: speeds up transferring of data
  • AWS Backup: centralized backup across AWS services
  • Amazon Macie: uses machine learning to protect sensitive data

AWS Cloud Storage is a versatile, dynamic, and secure solution for your small business's needs. Its wide range of features and flexible pricing model caters to companies of various sizes and stages of growth while prioritizing data protection and speed of access.

Secure and access your data seamlessly with AWS Cloud Storage.

3. Dropbox

Pricing: Starts at $15/user/month (billed annually)

Dropbox is a well-known cloud storage solution that allows businesses of all sizes to safely store and share their data online. It offers a range of features, from basic file storage to advanced collaboration tools. 

Its user-friendly interface and robust security measures make it a particularly good choice for small businesses in need of a reliable and easy-to-use storage solution.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent file syncing
  • Rich collaboration tools
  • Strong security measures


  • Limited free storage
  • Advanced features cost extra

Notable Features

  • File Version History: Retains the history of all deleted and previous versions of files for up to one year, allowing you to restore files to an earlier state if necessary.
  • Password-Protected Links: Allows you to protect shared links with a password, ensuring that only people with the password can access the link.
  • Remote Device Wipe: If a device linked to your account is lost or stolen, you can use this feature to delete all Dropbox files from that device remotely, protecting your data from unauthorized access.
  • File Requests: Request files from clients or employees, and they can upload directly to your Dropbox, even if they don't have an account.
  • Dropbox Paper: Collaborative workspace that lets your team create and share early ideas, meeting notes, project plans, and more, all in one place.

Dropbox is a solid choice for entrepreneurs looking for a cloud storage solution that is both reliable and easy to use. It offers a good balance of features and affordability that can accommodate the needs of most small businesses.

Elevate your business collaboration with Dropbox's advanced sharing tools.

4. Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Pricing: Starts at $5/user/month

Microsoft OneDrive for Business offers a fantastic solution for storing and managing files in the cloud. A product of the well-known Microsoft Corporation, it's perfect for small business owners who need a reliable and user-friendly storage option. 

Being part of the larger Microsoft 365 suite, it offers tight integration with Microsoft's other productivity tools, making it especially suited for those already using or planning to use Microsoft software.


  • Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 Suite
  • Excellent file versioning and recovery
  • Top-notch security and compliance measures
  • Offers free storage to start


  • Limited advanced features compared to rivals
  • User interface may be confusing for beginners

Notable Features

  • Real-time collaboration: Allows team members to work simultaneously on documents, enhancing productivity and coordination.
  • Files On-Demand: Downloads only files you need, saving space on your local devices.
  • Integration With Microsoft Teams: Enables file sharing and collaboration within chat, enhancing team communication.
  • Advanced Search: Helps you find files quickly, saving time and reducing frustration.
  • Data-Loss Prevention: Monitors and protects sensitive information from being mistakenly shared, adding an extra layer of data security.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a dependable choice for small businesses in need of a comprehensive cloud storage solution. Its integration with Microsoft's productivity tools, high-security standards, and flexible pricing plans make it a highly suitable option for companies of all types.

Unlock powerful storage and collaboration capabilities with Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

5. Box

Pricing: Starts at $15/user/month

Box is a business cloud storage service that stands out for its advanced security measures and powerful collaboration tools. It provides an excellent platform for not only storing but also sharing and managing various types of files in a secure and efficient manner.

Additionally, its integration with popular third-party services like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 enhances its appeal, making it a versatile solution that adapts to your existing digital environment.


  • Strong security measures
  • Seamless file sharing
  • Efficient collaboration tools
  • Excellent integration options


  • Limited free storage offering
  • Higher end of the pricing scale

Notable Features

  • Secure Link Sharing: Allows you to share files or folders securely with external parties using unique, secure links. Set permissions and expiration dates for these links to control who has access and for how long.
  • Mobile Access: Box's app allows you to access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. This is especially helpful for small businesses with remote or on-the-go teams.
  • Version History: Track changes made to a document. See who made the changes, what was altered, and when.
  • Automated Workflow: Box Relay enables businesses to automate routine processes, saving time and reducing the chance of errors. Create custom workflows that fit your needs.
  • Advanced Search Options: Search by file name, content within the file, or metadata attributes.

Box stands out as a versatile and reliable cloud storage solution. Its focus on security, along with its excellent file-sharing and collaboration features, make it a solid choice for small business owners looking to enhance productivity while safeguarding their data.

Secure, manage, and share your business data effectively with Box.

6. Tresorit

Pricing: Starts at $14.50/user/month (billed annually)

Tresorit is an easy-to-use cloud storage provider known for its high-security standards and rich feature set. It's especially suitable for companies in need of dependable data protection and efficient collaboration tools.


  • Top-tier end-to-end encryption
  • Excellent collaboration features
  • User-friendly interface
  • GDPR compliant for European businesses


  • Higher price than some competitors
  • Limited third-party integrations

Notable Features

  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption: Only you have access to your files. No one else, not even Tresorit, can see your data.
  • Password Protected Links: When sharing documents, add an extra layer of security by setting passwords and expiry dates.
  • Versioning: Allows you to recover previous versions of your files up to the past 10 versions.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Add an extra step in your login process to prevent unauthorized access to your data.
  • Policy Enforcement: Set company-wide security policies, giving you more control over your data and users.

Tresorit provides a reliable and highly secure cloud storage solution, making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs. Its emphasis on security, coupled with robust collaboration features, makes it stand out in the crowded market.

Elevate your business's data security with Tresorit.

7. Egnyte Business Cloud

Pricing: Starts at $0

Egnyte Business Cloud is a top-notch storage solution designed to meet the unique demands of small businesses. Providing robust file-sharing capabilities and top-level security features, this solution is especially suited for companies requiring safe and efficient collaboration tools.


  • High-grade security features
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Impressive uptime ensures constant accessibility
  • Flexible collaboration tools for seamless teamwork


  • Limited free trial
  • Slightly higher pricing

Notable Features

  • File Versioning: Access and restore previous versions of your files, protecting you from accidental deletions or unwanted edits — a must for busy entrepreneurs.
  • Collaboration Tools: Enables real-time sharing and editing of files. This is crucial for teams that need to work together efficiently, even when working remotely.
  • Permission Controls: Ability to manage user access to certain files or folders. This ensures that sensitive data is accessible only to those who need it.
  • Hybrid System: Offers both local and cloud storage options, giving you the flexibility to choose how and where to store your files, depending on your company’s specific needs.
  • File Auditing: This lets you track user activity and file history, helping you monitor your business operations and maintain accountability among team members.

Egnyte Business Cloud sets itself apart by offering advanced security and excellent collaboration tools, with flexible pricing plans for ventures of different sizes. Although its pricing may be slightly higher, the value and utility provided make it a strong contender among business cloud storage providers.

Consider Egnyte Business Cloud for reliable, secure, and flexible storage.

8. iDrive

Pricing: Starts at $0

iDrive provides a robust and secure cloud storage provider, making it a top choice for small businesses that require reliable data backups across multiple devices. This service is particularly well-suited for businesses needing extensive online file syncing, sharing capabilities, and remote management options.


  • Multi-device backup capability
  • Real-time file syncing
  • Enhanced security with encryption
  • Scalable storage to match growth


  • Can be complex for beginners
  • No unlimited storage plan

Notable Features

  • File Versioning: Retains up to 30 previous versions of all files backed up in its servers. Ideal for small businesses that need to manage revisions and updates.
  • Continuous Data Backup: Performs a real-time backup of files on your computer. Ensures your data is always up-to-date, even if you lose or damage a device.
  • Data Encryption: Uses 256-bit AES encryption to keep your data secure during transfer and storage, an essential feature for companies handling sensitive data.
  • Remote Management: Manage backups of all your devices from a single account, a convenient feature for businesses with remote or mobile workforces.
  • Snapshots and Versioning: Provides point-in-time recovery with snapshots, a valuable feature for businesses that need to prevent data loss due to ransomware attacks or accidental deletions.

iDrive's array of comprehensive features combined with flexible, scalable pricing plans makes it an excellent cloud storage option for small businesses. Whether your venture is just getting started or is expanding rapidly, iDrive is a solution that can grow with your needs while providing peace of mind that your data is secure.

Start safeguarding your business data with iDrive today.

9. Backblaze Business Backup

Pricing: Starts at $5/TB/month

Backblaze Business Backup is a great cloud storage service for small businesses needing an easy-to-use, secure, and cost-effective solution. This platform is best suited for companies requiring unlimited backup storage combined with robust security features.


  • Unlimited data backup
  • Easy setup and usage
  • Robust security features
  • Cost-effective


  • No local backup option
  • Limited sharing capabilities

Notable Features

  • Unlimited Backup: Provides limitless data storage, ideal for large data volumes.
  • Ransomware Recovery: If a cyberattack occurs, Backblaze aids in file restoration.
  • Personal Key Encryption: Adds an extra security layer with user-defined private encryption keys.
  • Continuous Backup: Saves changes to files as they happen, providing up-to-the-minute backups.
  • Locate Computer: In case of theft or loss, this feature helps track your device's location.

Backblaze Business Backup may be a smart choice for small business owners who want a straightforward and secure cloud storage service. With unlimited backup and easy setup, it makes data protection hassle-free.

Enhance data protection for your company with Backblaze Business Backup.

Review Methodology

When determining the best business cloud storage solutions, we examine several key aspects to ensure we are providing the most comprehensive and applicable recommendations for your small business. The following factors are critical components in our review methodology.

Security and Privacy

One of the most important aspects we look at is the level of security and privacy a service provides. This includes encryption methods, user access controls, two-factor authentication, and the company's privacy policy. We aim to recommend services that offer high-grade security to protect your valuable information.

Storage Capacity

We consider the different storage plans offered by each cloud service, assessing both the quantity and scalability of space available. We look for providers that offer ample storage to meet the growing demands of your company.


Price is a key consideration for any small business. We analyze the cost-effectiveness of each cloud storage provider, taking into account both upfront and potential long-term costs. We aim to find solutions that provide the best value for your money.

Ease of Use

We examine the user interface and overall usability of each service, considering how easy it is for you and your team to upload, access, and manage your files. A user-friendly platform can save your business valuable time and resources.

Collaboration Features

Considering that team collaboration is a major part of many businesses, we also evaluate the collaborative capabilities of each cloud storage service. This includes features like file-sharing, simultaneous editing, and access permissions.

Integration With Other Software

The ability to integrate with other software is essential for a streamlined workflow. We investigate whether cloud storage solutions can easily integrate with common business applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, or project management software.

Customer Support

We assess the quality of customer support provided by each service. This includes response time, support channels (such as email, phone, and live chat), and the availability of useful resources like FAQs and tutorials. We believe reliable customer support is crucial for addressing any potential issues quickly.

User Reviews

We also heavily consider real user reviews in our evaluations. These insights provide firsthand experiences with the cloud storage services, covering aspects that may not be evident in product descriptions or specifications. We analyze reviews for recurring themes in strengths and weaknesses, helping us create a more well-rounded understanding of each provider.

Final Thoughts

A reliable cloud storage solution is an essential cornerstone for the success of a small business in today's digital era. It provides secure data storage, seamless collaboration, and effortless data recovery, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly and effectively. 

Remember, your data is one of your most valuable assets; safeguarding it should be a top priority. Weigh your options carefully and choose a service that not only suits your present needs but also has the capacity to scale as your venture grows. No matter the choice, moving to a cloud storage solution will undoubtedly pave the way for improved efficiency and success in your small business.

Google Cloud Storage is our top pick for small businesses, offering scalability, security, and flexibility. Try it today.


Cloud storage is a service that lets you save data on the internet rather than on a physical hard drive or server in your office. It can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Using cloud storage can save your company money because you don't need to purchase or maintain hardware. It also provides added security as your data is usually encrypted and backed up by the service provider.

Yes, reputable cloud storage providers prioritize safety and use strong encryption techniques to secure your data. However, you should ensure you use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to enhance security. Make sure to read the provider's security policy to understand their approach to data protection.

The key features to consider are storage capacity, file-sharing capabilities, data backup and recovery features, and security measures. It would be helpful if the cloud storage service integrates with the other tools you use for your small business, such as email and office applications. Some providers also offer collaboration features that can be useful for teams.

The cost of cloud storage can vary widely based on the provider and the plan you choose. Some providers offer free tiers with limited storage, while others charge a monthly or yearly fee based on the amount of storage you need. It's important to compare pricing and features across different providers to find the best value for your company.

Yes, one of the main advantages of cloud storage is that it allows you to access your files from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. You can use any device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. However, ensure that your device is secure, especially when accessing sensitive business data from public networks.

While there are many excellent cloud storage services, we often recommend Google Cloud Storage for its robust features, competitive pricing, and seamless integration with Google Workspace applications. However, the "best" service ultimately depends on your venture’s unique needs and requirements. 

When deciding, consider factors such as the amount of storage you need, the types of files you'll be storing, whether you require collaboration tools, the level of customer support, and of course, your budget. Always compare multiple services to make an informed choice.

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