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Selecting the Right Fonts for Your Business Brand

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As mentioned in the previous section, the right fonts can help frame your business’s brand. This exercise puts that into practice by selecting fonts for our example barbershop business.

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Using Your Brand’s Personality to Choose a Font

Earlier in the course, you developed your brand’s StoryBrand framework and chose adjectives to describe your business’s personality. Now, using that foundation, you can determine which type of fonts you want to use to display that personality. We’ll use our fictional barbershop to walk through choosing fonts and ensuring that they’re available to us on our preferred website building platform, GoDaddy.

Selecting the Right Fonts for Your Business Brand – Transcript

Brand fonts are a major decision for a business who wants to ensure that their brand makes customers feel how they want them to when having positive interactions with their products or services. 

In the last video in the course, we gave you a ton of information about how to apply your brand adjectives to font theory so that you can pick the best font pairing for your business. And in this video, we're going to show you how to download the perfect fonts for your business as we grab two fonts for the imaginary barbershop that we've been building throughout this course. 

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In the last video, we learned a lot about fonts and what you should be thinking about when selecting fonts for your brand. In this video, we'll first revisit the brand personality for our barbershop. Then we'll select font categories based off of these personality traits. Next, we'll look at the list of available fonts to pick from on GoDaddy’s Website Builder, which is the website builder that we'll be showing you how to build your business’s website on. We’ll pick a pair of brand fonts that match well with each other and our brand personality. 

If we look at our brand personality spectrum, you'll see there was selected the adjectives of “Modern,” “Familiar,” “Warm,” “Polished,” and “Formal.” We gave these adjectives scores of plus two, plus two, plus three, plus two, and plus one, respectively. Based on what we learned in the last video, we know that our “Modern” adjective lends itself to a sans-serif font, “Familiar” would lend itself to a serif font, “Warm” would also lend itself to a serif font, but “Polished” and “Formal” would lend themselves to sans serifs. Also, based on what we learned in the last video, we know that serif and sans-serif fonts do pair well together. So since our brand personality traits are split between serif and sans-serif fonts, and serif and sans-serif fonts pair well together, we'll likely be looking for a serif/sans-serif pairing. 

Below this video, we put a link for you to be able to download a list of all of the fonts that are available on GoDaddy’s Website Builder. Each of these fonts were selected as popular and professional fonts to be used on a small business website, and they're also available for free to download on so you can use them in designs for content other than your website. We've categorized the fonts for you based on the types of fonts that they are. 

As I look over this PDF, I think I'll select Libre Baskerville for the header fonts for our brand, and I’ll select Montserrat for paragraph text. So head over to and search for each of these fonts and download them. Once the fonts show up in my downloads folder, I can see that each of these fonts come with multiple weights, so they'll be easy to use in various situations. 

Since these fonts pair well with our brand adjectives, come with multiple weights, and are available for use in GoDaddy's Website Builder, I'll go ahead and decide that these will be our fonts for our barbershop. Now I'll install these fonts on my computer so that I can work with them when creating marketing materials later, and I'll be sure to save them in a folder where I can access them if I need them later. 

So there you have it – we now have fonts for our barbershop. In the next video, we'll continue to move through putting together our brand assets by learning about selecting brand colors. 

This video is part of a step-by-step course that provides business owners all the essential information to start and operate their business. We've provided a link where you can get access to all of the free and discounted business tools that we mentioned in this course below this video. 

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