Nuova Simonelli

Known for its balance between state-of-the-art features and usability, Nuova Simonelli® creates espresso machines designed for baristas. While many of its semi-automatic machines may feel more like using an automatic machine given their smart-wand technology and manual dosing, they still make great additions to high-volume, specialty coffee shops.

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To help you more easily evaluate espresso machines for your cafe, this manufacturer guide covers three main areas: general pros and cons, pricing, and overall ratings.


  • This brand builds machines that are made for high-medium volume cafes.
  • Additional, helpful features for beginner baristas can aid in the processing of learning to extract quality espresso.
  • Despite their many additional features, this brand offers lower price points than many of its competitors.
  • Soft-infusion technology allows for consistent, high-quality espresso shots.


  • Automated features make its machines “feel” less than other semi-automatic brands on the market and can detract from the experience for more seasoned baristas.
  • Baristas have less control over aspects of espresso preparation, such as temperature and dosage.


Nuova Simonelli offers machines for every budget with included features that make them worth every penny. Based on our research, both of these machines make great options for specialty coffee shops.

Aurelia II

Designed for a barista’s convenience, this machine includes built-in features like automatic backflushing and lights on both the milk wand and front of the machine for better visibility. Well-equipped for peak rush times, this machine enables baristas to create a high volume of drinks efficiently.

  • Price Range: $8,900-$10,400
  • Group Heads: Two or three
  • Boilers: Double
  • Body Material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature: Fixed (not adjustable for each group head)
  • Aesthetic: Available in black, red, or white

Appia II

Closer to the classic semi-automatic machine style, the Appia II comes with fewer features than the Aurelia II. For example, it doesn’t include surface lights for increased visibility or automated steam wands. Yet, this model does still feature manual dosing and soft-infusion technology to eliminate the need for a proper tamping technique.

  • Price Range: $3,700-$7,000
  • Group Heads: One or two
  • Boilers: Double
  • Body Material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature: Fixed (not adjustable for each group head)
  • Aesthetic: Available in black, red, or white


Value – 5/5

These machines offer a truly great value. Their competitive pricing, coupled with their unique features and dependability, make them a good deal for any business owner. Specifically for cafes with baristas of varying skill, Nuova Simonelli machines can make perfecting coffee preparation attainable for any barista.

Ease of Use – 4/5

The added features in Nuova Simonelli machines enable easy espresso production — even for beginners. The Aurelia II, for example, features LED lights on both the front of their machines as well as the steam wand to make every step of the coffee making process visible and easy. However, these features can at times detract from the coffee making process for more seasoned baristas.

Included Features – 5/5

This brand’s strong reputation stems from its unique features, such as smart wands and manual dosing, that make a barista’s job easier and more efficient. These additions are fairly uncommon in specialty coffee but can make all the difference during busy rush times, ensuring your customers are receiving their coffee in a timely fashion.


Nuova Simonelli machines make a great choice for high-volume cafes because their automatic features enable fast, easy beverage-making. These machines also can work well in slower cafes with more skilled baristas, but they may not be the perfect fit for those shops.


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