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Arizona Foreign LLC

Arizona is known for its beautiful landscapes, year-round warm weather, and Southwest cuisine, as well as its affordable cost of living and low cost of managing a business. If you started a company in another state and now want to conduct business in Arizona, you’ll need to register your business in Arizona. Before you proceed, it's essential to understand the paperwork you must file to begin doing business in the state. 

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Arizona Foreign LLC Overview

Obtaining an Arizona foreign limited liability company (LLC) registration is essential to legally operate a business in Arizona when the business was created in another state. You’re not creating a new LLC. Rather, it's a type of LLC that’s an expansion of your existing LLC and gives you the ability to operate in another state. Since a foreign LLC is simply an expansion of an existing business, if you don’t currently have a legal business entity and want to begin your business in the state of Arizona, consider forming a traditional Arizona LLC.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about registering your Arizona foreign LLC.

Do You Need to Register a Foreign LLC in Arizona?

LLCs are associated with the state in which the business is registered. If you plan to transact business in Arizona, you’ll need to register as a foreign LLC before proceeding. Like many other states, Arizona defines transacting business as what doesn’t constitute transacting business. Generally, if your company has employees physically working in Arizona at a location like an office, store, or warehouse, then you’ll need to complete registration for a foreign LLC in Arizona with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC).

What Happens if I Don't Register a Foreign LLC in Arizona?

If your LLC transacts business in Arizona and you haven’t registered your foreign LLC, your business is at risk. This can create a lot of uncertainty, and you won't be able to protect your business by maintaining a presence in Arizona. Essentially, you can’t sue any individual or business for any reason. For example, you can’t file a lawsuit against a client who refuses to pay a large sum or a property company if you suddenly lose your business space. 

The Arizona Attorney General can take action to stop your LLC from continuing to conduct business in Arizona. You’ll also be liable for any related fees and may be penalized with a fine of up to $1,000. The only good news is that even if your business isn’t registered, your business transactions remain valid. That means you’ll still be able to protect yourself in court. 

How to Register a Foreign LLC in Arizona

When you’re ready to register your business in Arizona, you’ll need to take several actions. Specifically, you'll need to appoint a statutory agent, obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, and complete the paperwork for a Foreign Registration Statement.

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Appoint an Arizona Statutory Agent

A statutory agent, also known as a registered agent, is an individual or business entity that your LLC can appoint in Arizona to accept legal paperwork, documents, or official notices on your behalf. The business or individual appointed as your Arizona statutory agent must be a full-time, permanent resident of the state with an Arizona address. 

Your newly appointed statutory agent will need to sign the Statutory Agent Acceptance form, which you can submit at the time of filing the paperwork for your Arizona foreign LLC.

While anyone with an Arizona address can serve as your statutory agent, we recommend using a professional registered agent service to keep your address private and ensure someone is always available to receive any important documents.

Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing, also known as a Certificate of Existence, must be included with your foreign LLC application. This document shows that your LLC is active in your home state and in good standing, meaning your LLC is legally compliant. The state of Arizona requires you to secure a Certificate of Good Standing no more than 60 days before you file your Foreign Registration Statement. 

Fill Out the Foreign Registration Statement

To begin transacting business in Arizona legally, you must fill out Form L025: Foreign Registration Statement and submit it to the ACC. Once you have your signed Statutory Agent Acceptance form and your Certificate of Good Standing, follow these steps to complete the Foreign Registration Statement:

  1. Entity Type: Check the box next to the type of LLC you want to register: a regular LLC, a professional LLC, or a series LLC.
  2. Name in State or Country of Formation: Use the exact and true name of your LLC, including its appropriate spelling and punctuation. 
  3. Name to Be Used in Arizona: Enter the entity name of your business that you’ll use in Arizona. You can use your true foreign LLC name if it’s available and complies with the Arizona LLC naming requirements.
  4. Professional LLC Services: Complete Item 4 only if you operate a professional LLC. In that case, list the services your LLC provides here.
  5. Foreign Domicile: Enter the state or country in which you originally formed your LLC.
  6. Date of Formation in Foreign Domicile: Enter the date on which you formed your LLC in its origin state or country.
  7. Purpose or General Character of Business: Briefly describe the purpose of your foreign LLC or the type of business you plan to conduct in Arizona.
  8. Statutory Agent in Arizona: Enter the requested information about your appointed Arizona statutory agent, including their name and address.
  9. Principle Mailing Address: Enter your business’s main address where you formed your LLC and can receive mail. It may include a P.O. Box.
  10. Jurisdiction of Formation: Some foreign jurisdictions require LLCs to maintain a physical office address. If this applies to your LLC, input that street address. If this doesn’t apply to you, enter the street and mailing address of your statutory agent in the jurisdiction where you originally formed the business. 
  11. Information Regarding Designating Foreign Company of the Foreign Series: Complete this only if you’re registering a foreign series.
  12. Manager-Managed LLC: Check this box if your LLC is managed by managers, and then attach a completed Manager Structure Attachment that provides details for all managers and LLC members who own 20% or more of the company.
  13. Member-Managed LLC: Check this box if your LLC is managed by its members, and then attach a completed Member Structure Attachment that provides details for all members of your LLC. (NOTE: Choose Item 12 or 13 — not both. The ACC will reject your Foreign Registration Statement if it doesn’t include either a Member or Manager Structure Attachment.)
  14. Signature: An authorized person must sign this form, stating that all the information it provides is true.

Submit the Foreign Registration Statement to Transact Business in Arizona

Once you finish filling out the Foreign Registration Statement and all necessary attachments, you should submit it and these documents to the ACC:

  • Cover Sheet (This should include information about what you’re filing as well as your processing preferences, payment method, and return delivery option for how you want to receive the final documents, such as via email, pick up, or mail.)
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certified Copy of Your Organizational Documents from your LLC’s Original Jurisdiction of Formation
  • Statutory Agent Acceptance form

The fee for filing to register as an Arizona foreign LLC is $150. You can pay an extra fee for expedited processing, which will vary based on when you need the paperwork completed. You can pay these nonrefundable filing fees by check, money order, or cash. Alternatively, you can pay with a credit card if you file online or in person. 

File as an Arizona Foreign LLC

OPTION 1: File Online With Arizona eCorp

File Online

- OR -

OPTION 2: File Form L025 by Mail or In Person

Download Form

Fee: $150

Office Address:
Arizona Corporation Commission - Examination Section
1300 W. Washington St. 
Phoenix, AZ 85007

How Long Will It Take Before My Arizona Foreign LLC Is Approved?

While the processing time can vary for registering an Arizona Foreign LLC, it typically takes an average of four to six business days. You also can select expedited processing and choose two-hour, same-day, or next-day service.

How Do I Keep My Arizona Foreign LLC Compliant?

After the ACC approves your paperwork, it’ll send you a stamped copy of your organizational documents and a filing notice. Remaining compliant requires you to conduct your business in accordance with Arizona laws.

Foreign LLC Taxes in Arizona

The state of Arizona taxes foreign LLCs just like regular LLCs. This means your foreign LLC benefits from pass-through taxation and your LLC’s profits and losses will pass through to members’ individual tax returns.